10 Best Hair Salons in Imphal

Hello everyone, in this article I will tell you about the Top 10 best hair salons in Imphal. Everyone wants to look good. It becomes essential for everyone to look more handsome than everyone else in their surroundings. So you decided to groom yourself. Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle or simply a haircut, salons are of upmost importance in any city or locality, they are a basic necessity.

Don’t worry about service we provide you with the best in class, you can choose any hair salon you want, you will feel highest satisfaction from all. So it doesn’t matter in which area of Imphal you are living, you will get best services at all of the salons listed below. So choose any one of the salons for your any grooming purpose, you won’t be disappointed. So what are you waiting for let’s get started.

Top 10 Best hair salons in Imphal

 1. Hat Professional, Beauty Salon

This salon has served lots of people since their establishment. They are known for their superbly professional stylists and great consistency. They have now mushroomed all over Imphal and are super popular amongst the masses. So if you are from Imphal or in Imphal you can’t ignore this salon. They provide you with the best facilities and this is the salon you want to go first.

2. Perfect Spa & Salon

Located in Dingku road, Imphal this salon provides you with the services you can’t even imagine. Their goal is to change the face of hairdressing for a sustainable future for the next generation of passionate, artistic and articulate hair stylists. You can just come here, tell the stylist what you want and just watch them work their magic. Their services will do the talking.  So don’t skip that one.

3. Premjit Hair Salon

 After their establishment they have grown a lot in the industry of hair salons. They are renowned not only for a team of experienced staff, that have a flair for garnishing their rigorous training with a personal touch, but also for their luxurious interiors, comfortable ambiance, and use of only the best quality products. They use only high-quality colour and styling products to ensure that your hair is both beautiful and healthy. This might be the salon you are looking for.

4. Brand New Beauty Parlour

This salon the new in industry and doing a great job towards success and gathering a lots of fame in a short period of time. It was a place one could go for very personalized services. This salon paid more attention to a client’s personal needs and wants. From nothing to almost 100 styling’s a day, they have worked on everyone need and requirements. Mark this one in your list if you are looking for a great haircut. You will be highly surprised by the results. So don’t wait more and get your desired haircut done.


One of the most popular salon not only in Imphal but in whole India too. You can enjoy the best hair treatment using methods that were created by the passionate, world renowned stylists. So if you have been thinking about getting your hair coloured or shortened but are afraid about how they might turn out, then just head to this place and let their scissors do the talking. You will get the best facilities available and won’t feel disappointed.

6. Dazzle Salon & Spa

Dazzle Salon & Spa is known as one of the best hairstylists in Imphal who understands all kinds of hair types and hair woes. As their names their work id good too. They will serve you with their best in class services and facilities they have and you won’t regret on choosing this salon. Their facilities will shock you once you get into this salon. So don’t wait more and get your hair treatment done.

7. Pamper Spa

Located in thangal bazar, Imphal Pamper Spa will provide you their best facilities. They have served lots of people in category of hair salons. What I am saying is that you can expect nothing but great hair experience at this place, so book an appointment right away. They have best features at a reasonable price. Their features are at a whole new level and you will be quite amazed by their services. So book your appointment and get started.

8. Theba Hair Cutting Salon

Situated in Haorokchanbi Leirak Sagolband, Imphal. It is the most swanky boutique hair salon has opened its doors to the public in the heart of the city. They have satisfied a lots of customers and the number keeps on increasing day by day. This salon is specially designed to offer a full-spectrum of impeccable hair-care services to both, women and men. While one could indulge in hair styling services, there’s also a range of nail therapies for the finishing touches.

9. Eliza & Chaoba

This chic and stylish place nestled in Paona Bazar, Imphal is not only an exquisite salon but also a speakeasy fashion house. They specialize in hair colouring techniques, different types of haircuts and lots of other features too. With experienced staff they will provide you the world class facilities. Don’t ignore this salon because they have something special you won’t forget. I will not tell you anything more about this salon, just went by yourself and see the magic in action and let their scissors do the talking.

10. Jenny Beauty Parlour

After its establishment in the city they have gained lots of popularity in the city and served many happy customers with their best in the class services. They will give you the best hair treatments and they specialize in hair treatments like colouring, haircuts etc. So don’t hesitate in choosing this gym and get your haircut done by the professionals at a reasonable price. So I have provided you with the best hair salons in Imphal and now it’s up to you to decide which one is best.

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