10 Best Lawyers in Gandhinagar for Legal Advice

Lawyers are the efficient service providers in our society. They help people to resolve their problems by suggesting them legal remedies. People deal with problems like marriage issues, divorce, property issues, land disputes, consumer protection, succession and many more on day to day basis. They are in the trap of laws when trying to resolve them on their own. This is when lawyers come to their rescue. Lawyers give suggest them a legal course of action which they can use to gain the compensation. With so many lawyers all around, there is a confusion about which ones are the best. So here we have compiled the list of Top 10 best lawyers in Gandhinagar. So here you go:-

Top 10 Lawyers in Gandhinagar


Advocate Jagdish Roy parishes is indisputably the best lawyer in Gandhinagar with his outstanding experience of more than 22 years, he surely deserves to top this list of top 10 best lawyers for legal advice. With his bachelor’s in economics, he went on further to pursue LLB which makes him efficient in both legal and financial matters. He has practiced in district court of Gandhinagar and all courts of Ahmadabad. He has specialized in property laws, civil litigation, corporate laws and criminal laws.


Advocate Shailesh Jain is a well known lawyer in Gandhinagar. Having practiced in family courts, civil courts, metropolitan courts and high courts, he has a good hold of his field for more than 18 years now. He is well versed in English, Gujarati and Hindi which helps him to interact with all types of clients efficiently. With fair knowledge of commerce and law, he has helped his clients to resolve many issues like divorce, property issues, family disputes, inheritance, civil issues, criminal issues and a lot of other problems.


Advocate Paresh Parekh is one of the most distinguished lawyers in Gandhinagar . He is an expert in land related matters, family law, civil cases, drafting of agreements, vetting of documents, corporate laws and a range of other matters. With his proficiency in English, Gujarati and Hindi, he has won the hearts of clients through his communication. He has been in this legal fraternity for more than 15 years now.


Advocate Naval Langa is at number 4 in our countdown of the top 10 best lawyers for legal advice in Gandhinagar. He has specialization in service, property rights, land disputes, corporate laws, taxes, banking and finance and many other laws. He has given his service to his clients for more than 17 years in a row now. With his masters in commerce, he has fair idea about the business related inside matters which are also of help while suggesting a legal course of action to the clients out there.


With more than 16 years of experience as a lawyer in Gandhinagar, advocate Dharmendra Kumar Parmar has definitely made to our list of top 10 best lawyers for legal advice. He is a commerce graduate and holds the degree of LLB which is a perfect combination for company related affairs. He has practiced in Gandhinagar district court, metropolitan magistrate court and other subordinate courts in Gujarat. Family law, property law and criminal law are his specialties in his field of work.


Advocate tanu oza is a famous lawyer for seeking legal advice from in Gandhinagar. She had enrolled with the bar council of Gujarat in 2006. Since then she has been judiciously practicing in the district court of Gandhinagar and Gujarat high court. Her specialty is her legal content writing, essay writing and editing of the legal manuals. Her legal services include cyber crime, criminal defense, family law, corporate law, consumer protection and everything that comes in law.


Advocate Dharmesh Gurjar has claimed his stake in our list at number 7. He has been doing legal practice in the Gujarat high court since 2009. He offers services for real estate disputes, family issues, divorce cases, court marriage, consumer protection and a wide range of other services. With his reasonable price and quick legislative services, he has impressed his clients. He deals with the client’s needs with utmost care and meets every expectation of theirs successfully.


Advocate Sunil K Parikh has been one of the most sought after lawyers in Gandhinagar. He is a considered a legal maestro. He has an expertise in academic laws, building laws, civil laws, criminal laws, property laws, family laws and many more such laws. With good command over English, Hindi and Gujarati he has been successful in understanding and advising his clients in the language in which they feel comfortable. He works with a very result-oriented approach which breeds good results for his clients. He is well acquainted with his field of work which is reflected in the excellent quality of service that he provides.


Enrolled in the year 2008 with the bar council of Gujarat, advocate chiragbhai Patel has emerged as one of the best lawyers in gandhinagar. He is a skillful and intelligent lawyer who gives out very logical solutions to his clients. He is expert in the fields of vetting and drafting of agreements and various documents, tax matters, civil matters and many more. He has very good arguing and negotiating skills which give him an upper edge in his field of work.


Advocate girish Patel is an emerging lawyer in gandhinagar.he completed his law in the year 2008 and has been practicing since then. He can very well handle the cases of divorce,criminal,crime,cyber crime,family,cheque bounce, drafting of agreements, legal content writing and such other cases. He has command over both national and regional languages that are Hindi, English, and Gujarati which helps him to communicate in an effective way with his clients.

So today lawyers are required for everyday problems that one is dealing with. Their role has grown in importance exponentially. May be it family dispute, corporate affair, consumer right, divorce matter, matrimonial aspect or anything under the sun, one need to seek advice from the expert lawyers who can guide them really well and suggest a legal course of action that they should take to resolve their problems. With complex rules and regulations, the lawyer is the only person for rescue from legal trap.

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