10 Best Lawyers in Shimla for Legal Advice

With so many legal issues popping up every now and then, the demand for legal lawyers is surging super high. The law and order in society today is stricter than that at any other times. The legal advice may be required for family disputes, family issues, business deals or any other issue. The lawyers can help you to sail through this issue seamlessly. There are so many lawyers all around that one gets confused as to whom to consult. So here we have compiled a list of top 10 lawyers in Shimla for legal advice. Here you go:-

Top 10 Lawyers in Shimla


Advocate Anshu Bansal is indisputably the best lawyer in Shimla. With an experience of more than 24 years in his fields, he has righty topped the list of top 10 best lawyers in Shimla. He has been practicing in district court Shimla and Himachal Pradesh high court for quite a long time now. Presently he is the senior advocate in the central government. He specializes in fields like civil law, family law, and service matters and drafting of agreements, etc. identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the whole issue, he gives the best possible legal advice to his clients.


Advocate J.S Rahi is one of the most experienced lawyers in Shimla. He has been practicing in the district court Ludhiana for more than 20 years. He is an expert in consumer law, banking law, probate, divorce law, succession and other matters of concern. Enriched with knowledge, he gives quite practical and legal advice to his clients to resolve their issues. He is also socially aware and helps under privileged people to safeguard their rights.


Practicing since 1993, advocate Nawal Kishore Sahu has a vast legal experience. He has been aiding people in different fields like litigation, marriage, criminal defense, and motor accident and other agreement drafting and stuff. He has been practicing in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi high court and other district and tribunal courts. Litigation work like Court Crafts and final arguments are his strengths. So if you want legal opinion, Advocate Nawal Kishore Sahu is the best choice.


Advocate Rakesh Manta is a well-renowned lawyer in Shimla. He has been serving in district court Shimla and Himachal Pradesh high court for more than 22 years. Family law, alimony, divorce and civil litigation is his cup of tea. He is also a member of the Himachal Pradesh bar association since 1995. He understands the client’s needs and provides solutions accordingly which are result-oriented. With his client-friendliness and his logical skills, he is one to look for for the assistance.


Advocate Akshay Thakur comes at number 5 in our list of the top 10 best lawyers in Shimla. His specializes in consumer protection, labor service, first motion petitions for different types of divorce cases, alimony matters and lots more. Being a consistent and precise lawyer, he has provided his clients with the best possible solutions to resolve their issues. He does the SWOT analysis- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of the client’s case to comprehend it thoroughly. He is one of the best lawyers to seek advice in Shimla.


Advocate Kartik Kumar claims his stake at number 6 in our list. He has been working for more than 13 years in district court Shimla and Himachal Pradesh high court. He has very practical and result-oriented approach towards his work. He is professionally dealing in medical negligence matters, copyright, patents, trademarks, landlord matters, arbitration matters, matrimonial related stuff, drafting of various agreements and many other civil matters.


Advocate Bhuvnesh Sharma is next in our list. He is associated with the high court of Himachal Pradesh for more than 28 years now. He is adroit in the revenue, administrative, civil and criminal matters. He is currently a member of the mediation team. His services include making a will, arbitration, marriage counseling, divorce, reconciliation, drafting of various agreements, memorandum of understanding, etc.he is a quite popular lawyer in Shimla and deserves this place in top 10 best lawyers.


Being in this field for more than 20 years, advocate B. Nandan Vasishta is a master of his field. Legal advice runs in his blood. With a background in sociology, he truly comprehends what the society needs. He has practiced in district court of Shimla and other high courts. He believes that one needs to totally understand the client’s profile and needs before one can pour out solutions to him. This all makes him the one of the most trusted lawyers in Shimla.


Advocate Y.K Thakur has had 22 years of practice at the Himachal Pradesh bar council. He completed his LLB from Himachal Pradesh University in 1993.he is well-versed in many languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi, pahari, etc which helps him to deal with different types of clients efficiently. His area of practice includes land revenue law, criminal law trial and appeal, civil writs, accident claims and lots of others. His courts of practice include district court of Shimla and Himachal Pradesh high court.


Advocate Sanjay Sharma has his own law firm called Sanjay and Sanjay advocates located in Shimla since 2001 he has practiced in Himachal Pradesh and all subordinate courts over there. He has risen to fame due to a variety of cases which we won successfully and which were actually even reported in the media. He is the master of administrative law, banking and law practice, arbitration and conciliation, family law and corporate law. So one can definitely go to advocate Sanjay Sharma to seek expert legal advice.

Shimla is a host to number of expert lawyers. They all have their own set of peculiarities and specialties in the field of law. One needs to research about the lawyers which will rightly cater to their needs and provide them with the best possible legal advice.

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