Car rentals near me are here : 10 Best Websites to rent a car at low price

Hello everyone! After plenty of discussion with my friends I realized that the best way to spend your weekend is to go out for short trips along with your friends or family. A road trip can nourish your mind and relieve you of your stress. One of the most preferred options is to rent a car and head out for an amazing time. Even if you cannot have an access to any car rental store nearby you can easily book a rental car via the Internet. Here, in this article we are going to talk about 10 best websites to rent a car at low price. You can use below mentioned best car rental websites to rent a car at low price anytime you plan to travel. Keep reading to know more.

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The reason behind describing about these top websites to rent a car is that our readers often ask us to tell about some best car rental websites that they can use to find a car for rent at low prices.

10 Best Car Rental Websites

Here are some best websites to rent a car at low prices. You can rent a car from your nearby location using the below mentioned best car rental websites. I usually find cars for rent near me using these top 10 car rental websites.

1. Auto Europe

This website is available to all users in Europe who are willing to go on a trip to spend some good time in between their busy schedule. Auto Europe not only let you rent cars at very low prices, but also provides good facilities to be provided by the company.

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For example: You can compare car rental cost price with other companies or websites before confirming your journey. Apart from it, you can also cancel your ride 48 hours before pick up. Auto Europe would not charge you any booking fees if you cancel the ridee. They provide good customer service also. Enjoy traveling with Auto Europe today!


Germany’s most popular online car rental portal can fulfill your needs of travelling by a rental car. You have to choose a car from the premium cars as choosing a car is the first step. Second thing is that, Sixt let you roam around anywhere with less limitations than other car rental services. With Sixt you can enjoy cashless payment as once you register on the website you become eligible to carry out all transactions directly with your bank account.

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No matter if you are going to the airport or going to pick someone up from a place nearby. Sixt is available for providing you their services as they are serving customers from more than 100+ countries.

3. Payless Car Rental

To rent a car from Payless you should keep few things in mind. They don’t let you rent any car unless you are 25 years of age and have a valid driving license and a credit card. If your age is any less then you might have to pay an extra surcharge amount that counts as a huge drawback. However with Payless you get full freedom to enjoy driving off to anywhere you want without worrying about mileage.

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Payless serves over 120 locations in the United States and is popular for its wide range of cars. Whether you are going for a business trip or a family trip, you are able to choose from flashy sports car to spacious minivans.

4. Alamo

Alamo is among the best car rental portals in the world of Internet, Alamo has a huge collection of travel stories, guides and advice to inspire you and your family for travel. Here you can choose a car from a wide variety of cars and can pay really cheap prices while renting a desired car.

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The benefits include free e-mail signup, privilege to compare and plan your trip, modifying and cancelling your existing reservations. Alamo offers good discounts when you sign up for the first time, so make up your mind and travel hassle free!

5. Thrifty

Thrifty can be the website you are looking for when you have already visited to some top car rental websites but did not get any expected results. This best car rental website offers you a special program called the “Blue Chip Program” which allows you to directly visit the counter and book your ride without signing up on this website.

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Do not worry about the booking fares as they are extremely cheap. You might also get a good 20% discount on your base fare. You can modify your existing reservations. Moreover, you can also choose a car with having Wi-Fi and GPS facilities from available luxurious cars for rent.

6. Expedia

To travel with Expedia is fun! This is a website that offers hotel stay packages and flight tickets along with renting a car. This means you get save from doing additional labor. You can enjoy your trip relying completely on Expedia as their customer service is well known throughout the world.

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If you are already a member of this best car rental company then you can enjoy extra discounts on both hotel and flight fares to make your trip memorable. Sign up on Expedia now to make your trip worthwhile.

7. Hotwire

This website is worth being mention here. Hotwire offer convenient pick up and drop locations. It also provides precise details about the cars that you get on rent from this top car rental website. Enjoy the freedom of traveling with this most popular car rental services available online. Your rides with them are assured by company policies for you.

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This car rental company believes that a happy customer is the best customer so you don’t have to make any compromises. The company that rents out the cars will only be revealed after a successful booking. Just enter your location, date of journey and car type and you can book a rental car anytime.

8. Rental Cars

With Rental Cars a person can connect to numerous renowned brands worldwide like Avis, Hertz, Budget, etc. You can also check the customer reviews so as to learn about their authenticity. Rental Cars provide cars for all programs and purposes like business trip, pick up, rent a car for reaching airport, etc.

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Their drivers are certified license holders for a minimum of 12 months so you don’t need to worry about your safety. Your ride is always covered by insurance so that you have a wonderful experience while traveling with them. Rental Cars can sometimes ask for your passport or any other ID for verification before the start of your ride.

9. Auto Rentals

Sign up with Auto Rentals today as on this website you can compare the best car rental deals available on the Internet. The website keeps you updated about the daily cost of car rentals plus the overall cost including taxes and surcharges.

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However, Auto Rentals is still one among the most popular car rental websites as they offer cars for rent at low prices. Stay connected with the website with the help of the mobile app and they will notify you whenever there is a running flash deal. Auto Rentals allows you to connect with renowned car rental companies worldwide and it is very secured by customer care policies.

10. Kayak

Kayak is like other online car rental portal allows immense discounts on last minute travel. If you are planning for a trip with the family or friends, Kayak can be very useful. The Kayak website have multiple filters to specify your ride details, it also displays the results on the map.

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Moreover with the help of Kayak you will be able to keep a track of any price surge or flats on rent depending on your location.

So, these are some top websites to rent a car online from home. You can use these top websites to rent a car at the cheapest prices easily. We have also described about many other top websites by category that you can visit for different purposes.

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How to rent a car?

  • Visit any of the best car rental website discussed above.
  • Do free sign up on them.
  • Create an user account on the top car rental website and fill complete details.
  • Check for discount car rental deals and offers running on the website.
  • Choose your location.
  • Select the car model.
  • Check the car rental price and your budget.
  • Contact the car rental company or agency by clicking on contact us option.
  • Rent a car from them by knowing car rental policies, refund policy and car availability.

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