10 Best Flight Search Engines of 2020

Best flight search engine websites are mentioned here. Travelers often use some best flight search websites to book flight tickets online using internet. When it comes to travel then some people love it and others hate it. But they have to travel to keep their life going. They travel by means of road, sea and air. Air travel is generally costlier than other ways of travelling because of its maintenance. After all it is the medium to travel, like if a train takes 16 hours to reach somewhere, then the flight will only take one and a half hour to reach that destination. The flight ticket booking is a big concern as people puts lot of efforts in getting cheap flight tickets. Now, we can easily book flight tickets online on some best flight search websites. Many best flight search engines also provide good discount deals on flight booking to their customers. Some private airlines also have their own portals to book online air tickets. So, now almost everyone takes ticket by online means, the rate of booking tickets from airport is almost negligible as compared to online ticket booking.

10 Best Flight Search Engines

Millions of people use some best flight search engine websites that helps them to book flight tickets online. You can use these best flights booking websites to book a flight ticket now. Below are some of the best flight search engines as follows:

1. Travelocity

Everyone knows Expedia, this best flight search engine website is owned by Expedia company. That’s why, this flight booking website, generally shows Expedia air flight results with different deals and facilities. This website is very well designed. On the other hand, Travelocity doesn’t take flight booking charges from customers for booking round-trip flights in the same airline, this additional feature is considered very beneficial for frequent flight travelers.

flight deals

On Travelocity website, you can rate your travel experience on a rating scale from 1 to 10, which makes it clear that you are not going to board on a bad flight.

2. Expedia

Expedia is owner of website discussed above i.e. the Travelocity website. Everything is quite similar but there is little bit difference in deals and schemes. Because it is a website that provides complete travel solution such as train, bus, sea and online hotel booking, holiday packages and more.

flight search

This website provides different deals, like for your arrival you can book hotel at cheap prices. The other benefit is that, Travelocity doesn’t charge any boarding fees for round-trip flights in the same airline as it is beneficial for the airline too.

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3. Trip Advisor Flight

Trip advisor is very popular among best online flight ticket booking websites because of it’s simple flight ticket booking system and interaction with user. This flight search engine provides different discounts to frequent customers. So, if you need to book flight tickets online frequently, then you can try this website to get flight tickets at lesser fares.

best flight booking site

This flight search engine shows flights on the basis of ratings and air fares. So, it is much easier to compare between flights of different airlines.

4. Book It

This website is quite easy to use as it shows results in charts. You can easily scroll and can check the best deal for you, with prices clearly mentioned for each booking. Otherwise, its flight finder also has various filters for narrowing your search results if you have specific needs.

best flight booking website

You can also search for flights according to your budget on this best flight search engine website. However, it charges a booking fee for booking flight tickets through it. The display of results on this website makes it easier to compare the flight fares.

5. CheapOAir

CheapOair is a website like One travel website. It is very much similar as expedia and Travelocity website. CheapOair is owned by FarePortal Inc. Somewhat, similar to bookit in case of design of the web page as both of them shows air fares in charts. It becomes easier to compare things when available in list form.

best flight booking portal

CheapOair have starting tickets from almost $35 ticket charge. As the name suggests, it provides cheap tickets for air travelling. Although it takes booking charges similar to other flight ticket booking websites while booking flight tickets from it.

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6. One Travel

OneTravel uses a calendar interface rather than charts to show the flight charges for different dates. It is quite beneficial in comparing the fares for different dates of different airlines too. So, if you are going to tourist place for travelling and you aren’t in hurry to go on a particular date then this website can easily tell you the best date on which you can go to minimize your travel expenses.

best flight booking offers

You can spend the saved money on other activities. One Travel website charges steep service fees of up to $35 per ticket.

7. Travel Zoo

This website is very different with it’s creative point of view. The website has formed portals by keeping some things in concern that people usually uses to travel in holidays. Thus, this best flight search engine have applied a creative feature by which a customer can easily book next month, next week’s tickets, with available offers and deals according to destination by either month or by season.

best website to book flight tickets

These features makes Travel Zoo website very easier to use.

8. Google Flights

This website is owned by Google. It is absolutely free of ads and other distractions. This is also based on the same concept as One Travel website, as both the websites have same line-up design of calendar.

best website to book cheap flight tickets

The flight finder of Google flights checks for the less fare flights for same destination and shows air fares on calendar according to dates. This website provides great deals that you won’t find on any best flight search engine websites.

9. Kayak

It is one of the greatest metabase flight search engine to book flight tickets since year 2000. This website provides facilities similar to Google flights but the website does contain ads. The website has very good flight searching system that provides complete information of flights for the flights.

best site to book cheap flight tickets

You can keep track on flight fares of future flights and immediate flights. This is a helpful feature for booking immediate flights. You can travel at cheap prices if your travelling date is flexible.

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10. Momondo

You’ll love to use this best flight search engine for flexible date’s flight booking. The reason that I am explaining this website on the last position is not that it comes last in the list, but it is up from other top websites because of its simplicity. This flight search engines searches flights of minimum fares from thousands of sources and they provide a guarantee that you will not find flight fares of lesser price in comparison to this website on any other top flight booking website.

best site to book flight tickets

Momondo does not charge any booking fee for round-trip flights. It always, however, gives you the option to surface Expedia, Travelocity, and other flight booking sites’ results, so you can compare right away with one click.

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