Best Freelancing Sites in India of 2020

Best freelancing sites in India for beginners are mentioned here. Freelancing is a concept of the west. Whereas in India, Freelancing is still considered to be a part-time job. In India, freelancing was not accepted as a good thing but with changing time, it is becoming home to many people of the young generation and people now prefer to choose work from home jobs and do freelancing.

So, if you are planning to do freelancing for some time then go ahead and I hope that you find success in whatever you do. To help you out, I am bringing to you a list of 10 Best websites for freelancing that can help you to find freelancing work in India.

10 Best freelancing sites in India for beginners

In India, freelancing is growing very fast. Below are some of the best freelancing websites in India that might help you get your hands on some of the best projects and help you grow in your field. The below mentioned best freelancing sites in India for beginners are known as the stepping stones for any person who wishes to pursue freelancing as his/her carrier.

1. Freelance India

It is one of the top freelancing websites in India for more than a decade now. This site helps you get a job in one of the best companies in our country. Freelance India helps you find genuine jobs in various categories and also helps freelancers to create their own google listing.

freelancing websites in India

You have the option of opting for free as well as paid membership and the type of work/job that you will get, largely depends on the type of membership that you have. Its only bad point is that this website is quite difficult to use and the user might sometimes get confused as to how to go to the next step.

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2. 99designs

The name itself suggests about the type of internships that you might get from this website. 99designs should be your direct go to, if you are planning to work in designing as a freelancer. You can get all type of works in designing, like t-shirt designs, graffiti, designing websites and many other projects.

best freelancing websites in India

There is no guarantee that your work will definitely be chosen. You will be given a task, you will complete it and submit it and if it is that good, your work would be selected and only then would you be paid.

3. Freelancer

If you wish to find a new start-up and help it grow and have a dream of being behind the growth of a new start-up, then you should definitely try Freelancer turns out to be the best and the most popular freelancing websites in India.

best freelancing sites in India

This website is very easy to use and has an attractive and defined design that helps you know about different works that are about to come, as per you talents and preference. As a new person to freelancer, it might be difficult for you to find a few first works, but as you grow, you will find more work easily.

4. Guru

Guru is also one of the most used online portal where you can register yourself and find some works for which you are the most capable individual. It is the best freelancing portal for seasonal freelancers, who could work for a season and then rest.

best freelance sites in India

You can easily get work on the basis of your past experience. This website takes past experience to be the most important criteria for getting any further job opportunities for you. At guru, bid system is followed, and payment is made as soon as possible. Guru is one of the best freelance websites in India.

5. WorknHire

It is one of the best freelance sites in India that does not give much experience to your academic scores, but helps you get some projects on the basis of your experience as well as how fluent you are with your software and your work.

best websites for freelancers in India

This website brings clients as well as contractors under the same place and you just need to create your profile and keep on searching for the work that deems fit for you. This website caters to Indian clients only. You need not worry about the payment for any project as it uses a secured method of payment.

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6. UpWork

This website is among the most reputed websites and helps you get projects of famous and well established contractors and companies. You can get any type of project, such as designing, marketing, finance, etc. This website can get you any type of work regardless of whether you are a novice or you are a great experience holder.

best websites for freelancing in India

This website does not give great significance to experience as that is what separates a novice from an experienced person. You can easily find high paying projects in any field that you desire to work in.

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7. LocalShout

Local Shout is a website that helps people in getting work from home jobs or work that they can even do in their city or district, whether it be a village or any big city. Local shout has many easy works and projects that even a student could do and hard projects too that require great qualification.

best sites for freelancing in India

This wide variety of work helps people to find any type of work that they could do and earn some money too. Localshout is one of the best platform to advertise your requirement and freelance websites. This website has been the direct go to of many freelancers in remote areas.

8. PeoplePerHour

People per hour” means it requires some freelancers to work for them on per hour basis and so, payment will also depend on the number of hours worked and productive work done. You can easily find different projects from all the types of firms, such as big companies, MNCs, small firms, new start-ups, etc.

best sites for freelancers in India

It is trusted by thousands of small businesses globally and has provided projects to about 15 lakh freelancers of our country. This website is good for people who are looking forward to work only for a limited number of hours of the day.

9. Toptal

This is a slightly professional website which only experienced and qualified freelancers could use. It has minimum qualifications and experience necessary as per different fields. The projects that you get are of high- pay as well as require a lot of determination and skill, that’s why they have a big and mandatory screening process, which you must clear, in order to be a part in any project from this website.


You also get to take part in Toptal community events and meetings and that helps you in overall improvement of your skill and qualifications.

10. Narrato

Narrato is a website that promotes new as well as experienced writers to write their thoughts and feelings in the form of articles and then the Narrato company will see whether you are talented enough to be hired as a writer for writing articles for them on different topics.


It is a great platform for the people who wish to start writing stories, novels and books and can start by practicing under some great novelists and writers and then publish their own writings. This website has been used by many famous writers in their starting stage and still continues to offer a practice platform for new and upcoming writers.

I hope that this list would be of some use to you and I wish that you may find some great gigs from these websites.

Thank You!

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