Best Freelancing websites in USA of 2020

Best freelancing websites in USA is mentioned here. Freelancing is a stage when the person is not doing a fix job and does short time duration jobs and earns money through them. Freelance work is a new culture and has not spread across the whole globe, till date. The Freelancing has a whole lot of benefits and doing a job is quite tiresome and also a conventional career. It is something new and interesting too. So, people now-a-days prefer to work as a freelancer rather than doing some 10-8 office job.

But, doing work in freelance manner requires patience as well as a lot of efforts. So, I present to you the list of 5 best websites that help you get freelancing work in USA, as per your qualifications and preferences.

5 Best freelancing websites in USA

Here are the best freelancing websites for beginners in USA that they can use to find freelance work online. Many employers post freelance jobs on them to hire freelancers. So, it becomes easier for freelancers to accept the offering of job on the below best freelancing sites in USA.

1. Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is a fairly well presented website that does not require much effort to do your registration and then you can easily find the best jobs and projects for you. This is a very well-curated website, which not only helps you find freelance jobs, but even some flexible gigs.

freelancing sites in USA

You will get a detailed and sorted list and its arrangement will be as per your qualifications and the type of work that you are wishing to do. You can also get notifications on certain new and upcoming gigs that you might be interested in.

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2. Angel List

Angel List is the best website if you wish to join a new start-up and help it grow further. People usually prefer joining start-ups as the work load is less and they get the chance to learn a lot too. An employer can post ads about people who could do your job too.


You can get deal-by-deal investments which is good for your portfolio. Students also learn a lot from family offices, institutions as well as financial professionals who are a part of it.

3. Simply Hired

Simply hired makes available millions of job opportunities for you at the click of a button. This website is a great opportunity for new individuals to work as they don’t require much experience and believe in giving a chance to freshers. You can search jobs and projects by category as well as workplace.

freelance jobs in USA

Freelancers can even opt for work from home and you won’t have to physically go anywhere else. Employers post jobs for free, this option is at the top right corner of the home page. This makes it easier for start-ups too, to find people who could carry out the given task easily.

4. Fiverr

In Fiverr, every job starts at 5$ and hence it gets its name from this feature. It might sound low for now, but this website can have a pay grade of even 5,000$ and maybe more. You can easily choose the categories of projects that you might be interested in and are qualified enough to do those types of gigs on “Fiverr“.

best freelance websites in USA

You can even set filters on the pay scale, working hours, flexible work, etc. and enjoy the benefits of doing freelancing work. It is also a fast way to build up a great portfolio.

5. CloudPeeps

Its tagline is “Search and hire talented independent professionals”. This is a website that is very good for new start-ups to find freelancers and interns to help them do their work. If you have a great portfolio and think that you have enough experience to start something bigger now, Cloudpeeps might be the best option for you.

best freelance sites in USA

They have projects that are exclusive by nature, so, it is hard to get the project but if you are capable enough, then you would be easily selected.

These were some of the best websites that could help you to find some freelancing work and projects as per your preference as well as qualification and experience. There might be any other site that might have worked out for you, but these are the ones that are best as per me.

I hope that this list would be of great help for you, and you would be able to find the best projects for you that help you learn and grow as well.

Thank You!

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