Internship in India : 10 Best Websites to apply for Internships in India in 2020

Best websites to apply for Internships in India are mentioned here. Many times students are free during their college days and weekends and even during seasonal breaks too. Now, if they would wish to go for some learning then they won’t be able to get any. So, there is a system of internships that lets the students learn some stuff related to corporate world and also about what they could use in real life.

These internships are a great way for even those students who don’t have any great qualifications, to learn a lot about how to do a particular work in real life too. These internships let you learn to replicate your theoretical knowledge into practical form. So, let’s discuss about the 10 best online websites to apply for internships in India.

10 Best Websites to apply for Internships in India

Here are the best websites to apply for internships in India. Many students use these best internship websites in India to find summer internships and winter internships. You can also use these best websites to apply for internships online in India.

1. Internshala

It is a website that is currently at the top of this market. The registration procedure s simple and can be done by anyone very easily and you just need to fill all of your qualifications, strengths, interests and everything that you are good at. This procedure might take a few minutes more than the other websites but the procedure is worth it. Then you get to choose from a list of all internships, whether you wish from a one for Work from Home or in any city too.

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This is by far the best website that can get you internships of any kind even without having great experience in that work.

2. Hello Intern

Hello Intern is a straight forward website that expresses its use in its name itself. This website is a direct go to for many people who don’t have any sort of experience in their field and this internship that they wish to go for will be their experience in the first place. For many people who don’t have any sort of experience in their field and this internship that they wish to go for will be their experience in the first place.

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You can find companies of all categories, NPOs , MNCs, Big or small firms, old or new start ups too. So, you can choose which firm to choose from the list of all the companies that can offer you the work in which you are actually interested in.

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3. Frapp

You can join frapp and explore a world full of opportunities. This is the website’s tagline which is very expressive in itself. The internships here are great also because they offer great stipend and offer you a side job that can help you earn a lot more than other websites. You can also choose for internships with film actors/actresses, singers, models, etc.


This website helps you get a chance to become better at your field and also learn a lot and improve. You can also get options of whether to join a long term internship or short term, whether at office or only work from home. This website has all the options.

4. LinkedIn

You must be shocked to know that LinkedIn also provides a chance to join internships regarding many different fields. But before you join any internship, or go for it, you must update you LinkedIn profile to make sure that you could get all the necessary notifications on time and if any other necessary thing.

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And the best part is that along with finding and joining internships, you could actually be able to make more contacts in the market and many potential employers will be able to see your work and profiles which will be good for you for any future avenues.

5. Nearby Me 2

This is one of those websites that is not used the most, but its selection procedure is very good, and you can get internships on the basis of your qualification and experience. This is very good, as finally, you would be able to earn something on your own and on the basis of all your knowledge that you have gained since your starting.

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This website has creative internships to an extent that you won’t even believe, you could actually find internships of all the different categories.

6. Glass Door

This is a website that can be used to find internships as well as jobs of similar categories and of different varieties where you could do what your hobby is and then turn it into your passion and profession.

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You can actually find great job opportunities providing you with suitable packages as per your qualifications and the company size. You have the option of checking for better job opportunities by privately comparing different jobs with similar pay grade.

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7. Indian Internship

It is a website the purpose of which is explicit in its name itself. This website is one of the most used websites for finding internships. Indian Internship website is making efforts to be better than Internshala too, but still crawls upon its dream.

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This website can provide internships to people from all backgrounds and provide them the most suitable jobs and internships. There are internships available for engineering, management, science, diploma, commerce and finance and all other categories.

8. Let’s Intern

They offer excellent internship programs for experienced as well as people who are just beginners. This website is extremely useful and a well-equipped website that lets you create profiles on the basis of your qualifications and work experience and then find suitable job and internship options in the country.

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You can easily find the best company and the type of internship you wish to do, on the basis of your skills, hobbies, interests and the city you live in. you can even go for work from home type of internships If you wish for an internship of some different city.

9. Angel List

This website is majorly for those companies that are a new startup in the market and lets them get interns all throughout the country and also saves money for those companies in their crucial years. This website is among the biggest startup networks of the whole world. If you are wishing to work with a startup, then this is the best website for your purpose.

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You can also create easy profiles and then you could surf for the best companies that could get you the opportunity of working in the field. A lot of startups even provide you the option of different job categories too.

10. Twenty19

Twenty19 is much more than just an internship website. This website not only helps you to find the best suitable internship or job opportunities for you, but even offers you details of courses that you can take up, to grow as well as learn much more than what you actually know about your field. This website even lets you get into one day or one week internships for certain events that are for a day or maximum to a week. You can take part in such contests which would definitely let you learn about events and contests.

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So, our list of best websites to find internships in India ends here. These are some of the best websites that you can actually use, in order to keep learning new skills in your life. This list can get you to know more about your dream job.

I myself have used one of these websites and have done internships in the past. So, these sites must definitely be your direct go to if the topic of joining an internship comes into your mind. I hope that this list would have been useful to you.

Thank you!

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