10 best websites to apply for internships online

Best websites to apply for internships online are mentioned here. Many College students have asked me to tell them about some best websites to find internships near them. Well, I always find internships near me using some best internship websites. I am going to discuss those best internship sites here with you. So, kindly read this article till end. During summer, in many colleges doing summer internships is a mandatory task. Whereas some colleges, also make students bound to do winter internships as these activities are a part of their curriculum. There are some best internship search engines available on internet that can help you in finding paid internships and unpaid internships both. First, of all we will discuss about some benefits of doing internships during studies.

What is an internship?

Internship is generally a time frame in which work experience is provided by an organization for a limited period of time. Usually internship is provided by a third party organization which recruits interns focusing upon a particular industry group. Typically, Internship is a sharing of services for experience between an intern and an organization which provides broad aspect to intern that whether he/she still wants to pursue in that industry after real life work exposure

Types of Internships on basis of payment

  • Paid Internships: Paid internship are generally offered in professional courses where proper salary is offered by organization to intern and sometimes after successful completion of internship, organizations even absorb those interns as employee. There are some top websites that provides information related to paid internships that are discussed below.
  • Unpaid Internships: Unpaid internship are most famous kind of internships where Think Tanks offer real life work exposure to their interns for providing them brief idea of that industry without any salary.
  • Partial Paid Internships: This is a type of internship where a stipend is paid to the intern in return of his services offered while working for a limited period of time in an organization for gaining real life work experience.

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Benefits of doing Internships
  • Provides opportunity to explore career path.
  • Develop particular skills for a focused industry.
  • To gain real life work experience.
  • It Boosts confidence.
  • Helps in networking in particular field.
  • It enhances the skills required in CV of the person.

10 Best Internship Websites for College Students

The list of internship websites for students can help them to find the right internship for getting perfect knowledge. There are many top internship websites available on internet. But here are the best sites to apply for internships mentioned below:

1. Let’s Intern

The list of top internship sites starts from the first best website for internship that is “Let’s Intern”. To give application for internship program is quite easier for students on this website. There are many best companies to intern for students who post internships every year on it. It is one among the best internship sites for college students.

best websites to find internships

Some of the best companies for summer internship for MBA students includes Uber, Jugnoo and Nearby and etc. So, if you are pursuing a management degree then there are many companies offering summer internship for MBA students on this website. The website is popular for providing opportunities of best marketing internships for students. Although, this best internship search engine also provide internships in different streams too like political internships and industrial engineering internships, etc.

2. Nearby Me 2

To checkout the list of internships for college students according to city and country here is the another best website. Nearby Me 2 is a very popular website among best websites to find internships. All students who are looking for internships whether paid internship program or unpaid internship program can use this website.

best sites to find internships

The website is very popular for providing best business internships for college students every year. This internship finder website offers internships in different streams like sports management internships,hotel internship and business administration internships, etc.

3. Internshala

It is very important to complete internships for college students. I have seen many students who have done undergraduate internships and graduate internships in their career and are now doing job in reputed companies. Internshala is the best place to find internships on internet. Fashion stream students can find fashion internships on it.

best place to find internships

This website is very much popular for offering information technology internships and graphic design internships. An accounts student can search for accounting internship on this website in few seconds. So, you can get an idea that how much fast this website is for finding internships for college students.

4. Internships

The best internship websites list is incomplete without “Internships.com”. Whether you are looking for IT internships, medical internships, sports internships or journalism internships, etc. It is a great website that provides information about latest internship vacancies in some of the best companies worldwide.

best way to find internships

So, it doesn’t matter from which stream a student belongs as this website offers information of summer internship program of different companies in every career stream.

5. Absolute Internship

Absolute internship is among the best sites to find internships mentioned here. I know you are looking for internship program that can help you in learning skills and knowledge relevant in your field. Well, the best way to find internships is to visit this best internship search engine website. If you don’t know how to find internships? then you can read the last paragraphs of this article. Teachers can also find internships for college students on this website. So, that they can refer internship opportunities to their students for their bright future.

how to apply for internship

The work from home internships concept is also trending nowadays where students can do internships from home. Many companies publish work from home internship opportunities for students. I would like to tell psychology students searching for psychology internships that there are many psychology summer internships published on this website. You can visit to this website and apply for internships online now.

6. Indeed

It is a leading local internships searching website. Law students can do legal internships for getting knowledge about law of different nations. MBA students often search for marketing internships on this internship search platform. Some MBA students also do MBA in other fields like finance and Human Resource. So, they can also search for summer finance internships or accounting internships here.

how to find internships

“Indeed” is among the best summer internship websites that offers information of internship programs in different fields. Like science students can easily search science internships as well on this website. And if I talk about more narrow specialization then biological students can search for biology internships as well.

7. Glassdoor

The best internship search websites can help to find paid internships for college students. High school students do high school internships to add more value in their CV. You can know how to apply for internship on best internship websites by reading the last paragraph of this article.

internship finder

A student can search different kind of internships according to field like public health internships, design internships, human resources internships and architecture internships etc on this best internship search site.

8. LinkedIn

Doing summer internships for graduate students is something that helps them to gain exposure of knowledge in their career field. These are some best internship websites for college students where students can easily find best companies to apply for internship. The companies providing internship for MBA students often visit to this professional website.

internship websites

LinkedIn is among the best internship portals that connects professionals from all over the world. There are many summer internships for engineering students published on this website. So, an engineering student can easily apply for engineering internships of their field. Whether student belong to Mechanical engineering, Computer Science engineering, Electrical engineering and automobile engineering etc.

This platform is equal for all. It offers information of internships in different educational areas like information of economics internships and law internships for undergraduates also.

9. Internship Programs

The online internship opportunities have opened the door of making career more bright from home for the students. This website provides information of online internships for undergraduates and college students both. By getting international internship opportunities a student belonging from backward areas can also now dream for working in other nations.

best internship websites for college students

I always use these best internship posting sites to find internship opportunities near me. Because I know that these websites have sufficient resources for finding the right internship for me. You can apply for international internships on these top internship websites anytime. These top websites can search available internships for college students in fraction of seconds.

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10. Summer Internships

To find summer internships for international students it is a great website. This internship finder enlist all internships for high school students published on it by some best companies. Students often ask me “where to find internships for college students?” Well, my answer for them is to visit “Summer Internships”.

best internship sites for college students

Some students who don’t want to go outside home for doing internship can apply for online internships also on this website. As this website also publishes information of online internship for engineering students. So, other educational field students can also search for internship in their career field on this top website. It is very popular for providing information of summer medical internships and hospitality internships for students.

How to find internships for college students?
  • Visit to any of the best internship website discussed above.
  • Register on the best site to find internship for college students. You can sign up by email or by using social networking website account on them.
  • Select your location on the website. You can select city and country.
  • Choose your educational degree and field of internship.

These best internship sites will automatically enlist all internship opportunities available for you. I hope now it’s clear for you how to find internships for college students.

How to apply for internship?
  • Check out the internship offers published on the best site to apply for internships.
  • Read about the company offering internship.
  • Understand the interns responsibilities and check the stipend provided for doing internship. An internship can either be a paid internship or an unpaid internship both.
  • Click on apply for internship. If you want to do the internship published on the website.
  • Fill the internship application and click on submit application.

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