Best websites to search jobs in India in 2020

Best websites to search jobs in India are mentioned here. My readers often asks me to tell about some best job sites in India. So, I am writing this article about best job portals in India to find jobs in India. Often, we are told by motivational speakers-

“Follow your dreams. Follow your passion.”

However, many people rarely do so. Due to burden from family, peer pressure, multiple job rejections and piled up bills, people tend to end up with jobs that they don’t feel like doing but have to due to the multiple reasons discussed above.

best job sites in india for freshersMost of us do not realize the power of our dreams. Many of us give our dreams a back seat just because we are afraid to face the world and let them know about our abilities. This is a very serious error. It is a big mistake that can make our life lifeless!

Remember one thing- Dreams make our life worth living. They provide us with a reason to live for.

According to Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet and playwright,

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”

In a nutshell, Dreams make us push hard every single day. There is a constant goal in your mind that you strive for. Who knows, maybe one day, we can inspire a lot of people like us.

Swami Vivekananda very rightly said,

“Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is achieved.”

So, it is very important not to give up until the very last moment.

Feeling frustrated? Feeling like giving up? Or Do you have a job that you hate? Do not worry. Because today, I will be discussing about the 10 best websites to search for your dream jobs in India. These websites enable the young, tech-savvy Indian population to search for numerous lucrative job opportunities. Hence start by believing in yourself and you will feel closer to your dreams and accomplishment of success.

10 Best Job Sites in India

Here are the best job sites in India mentioned below:

1. Monster

Going by its tagline, “Find Better”, this website is surely not gonna disappoint you. One of the top rated website for job seekers, this website filters jobs for you according to the skills you possess.

job portals in indiaFor example – Accounting jobs, Online Marketing jobs, Teaching jobs, Banking jobs etc.

2. Naukri

Launched in March 1997 by Sanjeev Bikchandani, is one of India’s oldest and leading job portal. You can search for your desired job according to different categories like- jobs by top brands, domains, location, featured companies etc.

job sites in indiaMoreover, it is a free job portal and you don’t need to pay anything out of your pocket while applying for jobs in India through this website.

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3. Times Jobs

This website was launched in 2004 by the Times Group and allows you to browse through jobs in various fields and categories like- Information Technology, Manufacturing/Engineering, Banking and Finance, Sales and Marketing jobs in India etc.

best job sites in india

4. Shine job portal was initiated in 2008 by ‘The Hindustan Times Group’. Look up for various job opportunities according to categories like Location, Skills required, Designation, Industry, Education. One of its biggest advantage is that it offers free career advice and career help also.

best job search sites in indiaMoreover, with the payment of a subscription fee, this website helps you build up an attractive Resume.

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5. LinkedIn

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, then you can easily connect with innumerable professionals within the industry or corporate world irrespective of your location.

best job portals in indiaYou receive a pop-up notification whenever any employer goes through your Resume or wishes to be in touch with you.

6. Job Sarkari

Do you aspire landing up in a Government job? Or Are you looking for a secure future ahead and wish getting a Government job? Then, Job Sarkari website will take you one step closer to your dream.

job websites in indiaUndoubtedly, having a government job offers you various incentives and perks that you may not get in a private job. This website provides you latest updates on the vacancies in different government organizations.

7. Upwork

A lot of people (especially women who cannot take up a 9 to 5 job) prefer jobs that offer flexible working hours. Then, is the best website to look up for.

top job sites in indiaYou can make handsome money depending upon the assignments you take up per day. Moreover, Upwork is absolutely free. It just requires your hard work and commitment.

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8. Freshersworld

If you are a fresher looking for a job, then ‘Freshersworld’ is one of the most suitable job portal for you.

top job portals in indiaYou can register for free on the website and receive alert notifications regarding latest jobs in the industry as per your choice.

9. Careerjet

This is another search engine for jobs in India. You can look up for various job options spread across almost all the industry sectors. It’s time to build a successful career!

job search sites in india

10. Glassdoor

It was launched in 2008 with the sole motto of ‘helping people everywhere find a job and company they love.’ One of the biggest advantage of registering with ‘Glassdoor’ (apart from the fact that it is free) is that it provides you with real time insights about the company from their current employees. So, you can get to know everything about the company you are applying to.

best job websites in indiaFor employers: Best free job posting sites in India

I would like to end by quoting Confucius,

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in life.”

So friends, these were a few essential websites that I could recommend for enthusiastic job seekers.


In a world that is highly competitive today, it is imperative for job seekers to build up a strong Resume and keep themselves abreast with the latest trends in the fields of their specialization. Good communication skills, ability to work under stress, team spirit etc. are a few skills that employers are looking for in the fresh arrivals. Make sure you are an updated version of yourself!

Hope you meet the stiff competition. Best of luck.

It would be great if you find this article helpful. Thank you.

Author: Manasvi Nagpal

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