Massage Parlor Near Me : 5 Best Websites to find a massage parlor near me

Are you looking for a massage parlor near me? The best websites to find a massage parlor near me are mentioned here. The working class population craves for just the perfect kind of therapeutic massage (which is an art of rubbing and kneading the body using hands) in order to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul and to enhance their overall sense of emotional and physical well-being. In our fast paced chaotic lives, hardly do we find time to relax our body muscles and relieve us of high stress levels. Amidst all this pressure and tension, getting a therapeutic massage is the ultimate bliss.

Benefits of Massage

Not only does a massage boost our energy levels, but also prevents our body from producing a dangerous stress hormone,Cortisol (which contributes to severe problems like headaches, digestive problems, weight gain, sleeplessness). Our body starts producing unhealthy levels of Cortisol under stress, nervousness and a tense environment. This is what makes taking out some time for yourself and your personal well being all the more important.

best massage places near meAnother benefit of a massage is that it can help lower blood pressure, thereby putting you at a lower risk of heart attack, stroke or kidney failure. With the help of a regular massage therapy, the blood circulation in your body improves as damaged, stiff and tense muscles are provided with rich blood supply that is needed to accelerate the healing process. Workaholics often complain of back, neck and muscle pains because of their wrong standing/sitting posture. Getting proper massages on consistent basis helps alleviate this pain, spasm or tense muscles in the hips, neck and legs. Our strenuous work schedules are making us sleep deprived and have even contributed to an increase in the intake of poor nutrition foods.

massage near my locationThis indirectly has effected our body’s immunity system and its ability to protect us from infections. A regular massage therapy has the solution to this problem as well. It improves the body’s ability to deliver nourishment, thus keeping the immune system strong.

Types of Massage

After having a basic insightful into the numerous benefits of a therapeutic massage, it is now time to understand about the different types of massages before you move ahead. Here s the list:

1. Swedish Massage

This type of full body massage is suitable for those who are new to massage, experience a lot of tension and are sensitive to touch. It generally lasts for 60-90 minutes.

2. Hot Stone Massage

Quite similar to Swedish Massage, a hot stone massage helps in alleviating pain, improving blood flow and easing muscle tension. For this type of massage, the therapist makes use of heated stones in addition to their hands.

Hot Stone Massage

3. Aromatherapy Massage

This massage aims at improving the emotional well being of an individual by reducing stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression.

Aromatherapy Massage

4. Deep Tissue Massage

It is a preferable massage for individuals who suffer from chronic muscle problems like soreness, injury or imbalance.

Deep Tissue Massage

5. Sports Massage

This type of massage helps increase flexibility and prevents sports injuries.

Sports Massage

6. Reflexology

Those who wish to relax and don’t feel comfortable being touched on entire body, This type of massage is the best option for you. It focuses on pressure points in your feet, hands and ears.


7. Shiatsu Massage

It is a Japanese massage that aims at promoting your mental well-being. It relieves you of headaches, anxiety and depression.

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8. Thai Massage

This type of massage enhances your flexibility and blood circulation. It is also the optimum kind of massage if you wish to boost your energy levels.

Thai Massage

9. Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is suitable for women during pregnancy in order to relieve them of pregnancy body aches as well as stress.

10. Couples Massage

You can go in for this massage with your partner/friend/family member. You only need to choose the type of massage you would like to receive (be it Swedish, HotStone or any other) and then both of you will receive the same massage in the same room.

Couples Massage

11. Chair Massage

This type of massage is for the busy bees who find it extremely difficult to leave their work desks. A chair massage is basically a quick one that focuses on your neck, shoulders and back.

5 Best Websites to find a massage parlor near me

After choosing the massage that is just the right one for you, it’s time to book your appointment. Listed below are 5 best websites to help you find a massage parlor near you:

1. VLCC Wellness

VLCC is the ultimate solution to all your beauty and grooming needs. You can easily go through all its offers and discounts on the website’s homepage and then book your appointment by clicking the tab ‘Book’ on the top.

massage places near meYou need to fill out some essential details like your full name, mobile number and email-Id. Then you need to select your city, nearby centre, a particular category (in your case you will have to choose ‘Beauty and Grooming’) and which type of service you wish to avail (select ‘body massage’). Click on ‘Submit’ to proceed further.

2. UrbanClap

It was founded by Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan and Raghav Chandra in 2014. With UrbanClap, you can avail full body massage services at your home. You can easily book your appointments to get therapeutic massage by 4+ star rated professionals with over three years of experience.

massage parlor near meUrbanClap believes in the ideology of ‘Customer is the king’ and hence consider customer satisfaction as their top priority. They send only background verified and UrbanClap trained therapists. Whether you wish to get your massage done by male/female therapists can be chosen by you at the time of booking only. You can even view latest customer reviews before availing these services.

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3. Omega Spa

Omega Spa- Body Massage Parlor allows you to avail several body massages according to your liking starting from Rs.700 onwards. You can visit their website and find their contact number in order to book your appointment.

massage center near me

4. Apex D-Spa

It has multiple centres in different cities to make you experience the power of body massage. It remains open throughout the week from 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM. Swedish Massage, Balinese Massage, Foot Reflexology Massage and De Stress Massage are a few of its popular massages.

full body massage near me

5. Just Dial

Another popular online platform to look for a massage parlor near you is JustDial. You just need to enter your location and in no time the entire list of such parlors nearby your residence will be there in front of you along with all the exciting offers, discounts and exclusive packages. You can sort your results according to popularity, location, distance or ratings.

massage near me open now


It is very essential to take out some time from your dull and monotonous lives in order to take care of yourself and your needs. With technology growing at such a pace, it is not at all difficult to book your appointments with massage parlors. Your experience will be something out of this world. You will feel as if you are transported to an altogether different world away from your hectic lives. Do not hesitate at all from taking out some ‘me-time’. Afterall, it is becoming a necessity these days.

I sincerely hope my article motivates you to go on a self-need trip. Go book your appointment at a massage parlor now! Trust me. You need it.

Author: Manasvi Nagpal

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