Best News Website in USA of 2020 to get today’s latest news headlines

Best News Website in USA to get today’s latest news headlines is mentioned here. People like to use best news websites in USA to stay updated about latest American news. There are some best news sites in USA available on internet that can help you to come across today’s news headlines in English and other languages. The benefit of using top news sites of USA is that they only deliver absolutely correct current news update.

Top 10 News Websites in USA

Here are the best news websites in USA that you can use to know about today’s latest news headlines. Millions of Americans use these best news sites in USA to stay updated about current news updates.

1. CNN

A site where breaking news and much more is provided to person for free. It provides news information in the most amazing manner. In this way they attract the reader to visit again on their website. The CNN website has been around for quite some time. It has claimed a standard in the world.

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People from all across the world come to trust the facts and information on this site and hence giving the readers a sheer reading experience. This is a company that started out in the USA and since then it has been really popular amongst its followers.

2. The New York Times

The New Your Times provides its readers with a really nice database of breaking news, articles and much more content than other news sites which are just out there to make a lot of money and leach out their readers.

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This site is free to use for the people. It provides user the best news insights. The website is really nice for the people who want a fast up to date readership time when they are free or want to catch up with the news.

3. The Huffington Post

The website is a one stop destination for anyone who wants to catch up on the daily news and the gossip in the city. This site is really genuine and has a lot of authentic journalists that are working around the clock to make it a better site.

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The admin keeps website updated for the readers to keep coming back for more. Hence, this is a really popular site in the USA. It receives a lot of visitors that come and refer to the news on this great site.

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4. Fox News

Could be said as the news that is send directly by the fox. But I’m just kidding, this is a site that gives the best updates about the various types of news that is going on. They provide the citizens with insights on the news, breaking news, highlights and major news headlines.

best news websites in USA

This makes it one of the best news websites to refer to in the USA. The information that is given on the site is accurate and to the point. Making it a really nice way to engage with the daily affairs in the country USA.

5. USA Today

A really nice website that provides its readers with the best insights on the different news that takes place in their neighborhood. Thus making it really useful. As the site also encourages the people to check out the local news in their newspapers apart from their international news headlines.

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It even caters the local people that are interested in the news that is possibly increasing the visits on their site every month. The site is a nice and really reliable place to refer. Anyways, the best part is that it is free and the best.

6. Reuters

Reuters is a news site that gives out the various types of news including the local one in the country of USA. It is a safe and reliable site to actually refer to as the journalists are all real and heavy trained in their line of work.


Making it really easy and accurate in finding the specific piece of news that a person is looking for hence portraying a good read in the U.S. market. If you haven’t checked this site yet, you should head there immediately, hence outing this site on the list due to its amazing stat’s on news.

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7. Politico

This site was launched in 2007, hence making it come along for a while now. The site is very limited and though it is useful. It only covers the simple topic of politics and nothing else.

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Politico website is limited to one type of news but still worth the information.

8. Yahoo News

This site delivers with only the latest and the best type of news available in the USA. This is a news search engine that have made a lot of progress throughout the years.

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Due to its amazing work “Yahoo News” has become one of the most trusted and used news sites in USA. From breaking news to other type of celebrity gossip, making it really cool to refer.

9. NPR News

A really good site to refer for any time of news related article’s or even the different type of values that are given to the people. Hence, it is the way in which people function and get their information, coming to this site is relatively much better than the others.

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It provides only the best and accurate information to the readers out there. As, if a journalist doesn’t provide the right information to anyone. Then he or she may get influenced wrongly and anything bad may happen in society.

10. Los Angeles Times

It is one of the best news websites for local news to be caught up on. This site is one of the best news sites that provides its citizens with the most trendiest and happening news in their city.

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That’s why it is so popular among the people. Users can use this website daily for knowing about the current happening.

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