Best Refrigerator Brand in India

Best Refrigerator Brand in India is mentioned here. A refrigerator is an essential thing for the completes of a kitchen as it stores and preserves the food items freshly. In the busy life a refrigerator holds an important role in saving valuable time of your family’s daily life. Every household prefers the best refrigerator brand in order to have the best features and qualities. There is a big battle going on the Indian market  to produce quality refrigerators with extra facilities to attract the customers. Brands have an important role while buying a refrigerator, because it ensures the quality and durability of the product. A good brand provides customer care service in order to make sure their customers comfort. In this article we are discussing about the top 10 refrigerator brands in Indian market for you. Let’s check it out,

10 Best Refrigerator brands in India

Here are the best refrigerator brands in India mentioned below:

LG “Life’s Good”

LG is a South Korean based electronic manufacturers that have an excellent hold over Indian market for a long time. They have always tried to introduce new features and technologies at a considerable cost for their customers. They always ensure that their product ensures Quality, value for money, innovative features, durability etc…. That’s the main reason why they are still strong among the other brands for a long time. They have several type of refrigerators at considerably low cost which includes single-door, double-door, side-by-side refrigerators and mini-refrigerators. LG Company have introduced several facilities including adjustable shelves, Inverter Linear Compressor, InstaView, Door-in-Door, Water and Ice Dispenser, Multi Air Flow, Hygiene Fresh, Multi Digital Sensors and also some models with built-in stabilizers.  This company also provide a twist ice-maker tray that makes the removal of ice cubes easier. In short, they make sure your life’s good as their tag says.

2. Samsung  “It’s more than a fridge”

Being one of the strongest corporate power in electronics industry, the south Korean based brand provides good quality refrigerators with latest technologies and facilities in Indian market. They have a strong Indian market of refrigerators as their other products have. Samsung refrigerator makes feel you the facility of extra storage capacity more than any other brands does.

By the introduction of several latest technologies like temperature control for freezer and fridge, they become widely preferred refrigerator brand in the country. Other features such as adjustable shelves and bottle racks, deodoriser, water, and ice dispensers, digital Inverter technology, ice tray that can be twisted, etc… make it a preferred model. As money worthy equipment for it cost with excellent quality, features and customer care services they are the most growing brand in Indian market now-a-days.

3. Whirlpool “Every day, care”

It is an American company that provides wide range of better class refrigerators worldwide. Undoubtedly they have their own market in India also. They always focus on new innovations, the ease of use, better design and features to make some excellent quality products. They have made some remarkable innovations in refrigerators, like the ability to optimize temperature based on analysis of food items and outside temperature, Uniform cooling by flexi-vents and anti-bacterial filters that ensure cold and fresh air in all sections of the fridge.  Whirlpool refrigerators have some other features like ice twister, deep-freeze for ice-creams, no crystallization of water, etc…

4. Bosch “Invented for life”

Bosch is a internationally reputed brand that originated in Germany, that have a strong influence in Indian market for electronic equipment. Bosh refrigerators provide excellent storage space and easily arrange shelves that help you for the efficient arrangement of the food items. The major facility they provides is the all round circulation of cold air within the fridge and frozen food only in the freezer. Other facilities like filter, natural lift shelf, bottle grid, multi airflow-system, big box, active warning system by temperature increase, fresh sense, energy efficiency etc. This makes it a preferred brand.

5. Godrej “Bright Life”

Godrej, the most favorite home brand of Indians, is one of the most powerful competitors in the Indian electronics market. They have stolen the hearts of many homes in a short period of time by providing excellent comfort features such as energy efficiency, low cooling loss, thick insulation, deep bottom chill tray, door lock, large capacity vegetable tray and sturdy glass shelves. They have become a hot topic in the refrigerator market by introducing zero ozone depletion and the lowest global warming potential, which also making their products environmentally friendly.

6. Hair “Inspired Life”

Chinese products have always had a good market in India, especially for low-cost electronic products. There are often complaints about the quality of their products even though the rate is cheaper. But Hair offers good quality refrigerators to consumers at low prices, which makes them a great choice in that market. Their one-hour cooling technology and bottom mount refrigerators have a strong impact on the Indian market. They provide energy efficient refrigerators in the market with convertible technology, adjustable humidity control, dual twist ice trays, stabilizer free operation and excellent storage.

7. Siemens “Ingenuity for Life”

German company Siemens is another major brand in the Indian market. They offer the best technology and quality refrigerators available in the Indian market. With Hyper fresh technology, they ensure that food items stay healthy and healthy for a long time. One of their great features is that they provide an indoor digital LED electronic panels with controllers that allow the user to set the optimum temperature for stored food. They also offer great storage capacity, bottom freeze and top freeze facility etc… They ensure the value of your money through the quality of their product, although it is not a profitable choice.

8. Electrolux “Design a Better Life”

This Swedish multinational has a good Indian market as it offers refrigerators with the latest technologies and attractive design. They are famous for Triple Door and French Door Fridges. This brand offers advanced technologies such as Intelligent Cooling and Temperature Drawers so that you can choose the temperature of each food item in addition to the usual conveniences. It is a top priority brand in this area as they ensure quality products at affordable rates.

9. Panasonic “Let’s live life better”

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational company with a strong market in India for electronic equipment. The most important function of a Panasonic refrigerator is the ECONAVY sensors that can detect and analyse the use conditions and to maintain optimal cooling. They also provide uniform cooling functionality, powerful air filters, adjustable glass shelves, moisture control facility and excellent storage. As with any other electronic device, Panasonic has a good word from customers for their refrigerators.

10. Videocon  “Experience change”

Videocon is a home-based brand with innovative products and facilities that are suited to Indian conditions. Since they have different types of refrigerators, they have recently been able to find their own place in the Indian market. They offer customized glass shelves, air filter, LED light, accessible arrangements, energy efficiency and extreme cooling etc… You can consider this home brand when buying a refrigerator as it offers durable quality products and customer care services nationwide.

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