Best scooty to buy in India in 2020

Best scooty to buy in India is mentioned here. India is the second-largest populated country with approximately 1.3 billion people. Now just imagine these 1.3 billion people having at least one car in their home so that means approximately 1 billion cars. Of course not with such population it’s not important that everyone can afford to buy a car, also many cities and villages are still under development so it’s not possible to take cars inside such places, therefore, the population living in such places depends upon two-wheelers. The most affordable and easy to drive in the category of two-wheelers are Scooters.

As there is always a tough competition in the market for everything, each company offering their best features in their product to attract as many customers as possible, it gets tough for the customers to make out a choice. Scooters have been used in India for a very long time, in fact, there are certain scooters which now come under the category of antiques and her preserved in museums. Scooters are very much easy to handle, whoever knows how to ride cycle can very well drive a scooter. the gearless motor vehicle is very easy to operate.

We have a list of a few of the best Scooters in town, to make it easy for you to which one to buy.

10 Best scooty to buy in India

Here are the best scooty to buy in India mentioned below:

1. Vespa

The looks of the Vespa in its exceptionally vibrant colors are what make anyone falls in love at first sight. Vespa is all about looks, with a great performance and runs well on-road as well. It can be driven by men or women, the range in colors is sober yet much contrasting. It has a very unique design with its sitting, the handle and the front lights with those rear view mirrors having the style of the ’90s. The most fascinating thing is the Vespa Connectivity feature which is added into it- it’s connected to services like are of emergency in nature, or finding your ride, etc.
This scooter takes care of the passenger providing with the very own cute little helmet in the match with the color of the scooter. Vespa is all about looks, such as looks that you won’t ever get tired of looking.

2. Honda Aviator

The Aviator is a scooter that doesn’t make you feel like it’s a scooter when you ride, the moment you accelerate the scooty its power can be felt. It’s one of the most powerful scooters that Honda has ever launched providing tubeless tyres and giving out key features of opening the seat with 4 in 1 lock system. The design of the seat and the cover gives a much classy look. It is not heavy, easy to handle. Aviator has limited colors in its stock. This scooty is good for off-roading purposes as well. Hence, if a traveler go for this one!

3. Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra Group is known for its toughness and power. The same has been applied to their launch of Gusto. The only Scooty having its seat open from the front side and not the back, also an adjusting seat height feature, which allows you to increase or decrease the height of the seat as per your convenience while driving it out. This scooty has a heavy body and gives a nice mileage even in heavy city traffic. Gusto has their keys with that like of cars with a remote providing a flashlight and alarm button with noise and a soundless blinkers button. This scooty is tough and much stable, runs quite smoothly. Best for girls having small height as they can adjust the height according to their height.

4. TVS Scooty Pep Plus

The perfect scooty for girls, extremely lightweight, extreme girl looks and design with much vibrant colors and patterns. This scooty is perfect if you have to buy it for a young school/college going girl, the stylish design with patter together blend in really well. It gives quite good mileage, however, you cannot take it on long routes as it’s not that comfortable to ride. It’s best when it comes to going to places which are near to your home. The main reason that it is light in weight is that it is not a full-grown scooter.
This scooty was designed keeping in mind to promote women riders on road.  It is structured this way that the seat itself has a low height so whether if you are tall or short it will be comfortable for both. Universal size is considered in designing this model.

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5. Honda Activa

Initially, there was Activa, which had a really heavy body and did not provide that much power. Well, Honda Activa 125 is an upgraded version of the Activa which gives more of boot space, along with power, and changes in the design of the scooter. The old scooter has a much basic design but this one is with classy and much stylish cuts in a different range of colors. It is not that heavy as that of the previous version and gives a good mileage in the long run. Its price range varies according to the specifications in each model. It can be driven by men or women both. It gave a tough competition to Mahindra Gusto 125 and Suzuki Access 125 by its looks.

6. TVS Jupiter

If you need a lot of boot space then this is the best one to go with, this scooter has a unique feature, the opening of its petrol tank nob is not in the boot space but at the backside of the scooty above the tail light. This scooty has the longest seat fitted on its body, along with providing a full leg space in between the handle and the seat. This scooter is super smooth and comfortable while traveling, doesn’t make you feel as if you are tired. Comparing this vehicle to the Planet Jupiter as the name of the Scooter suggests, just as planet Jupiter has a big size the same as the vehicle providing an ample amount of space.

7. Yamaha Fascino

This Scooter is seen a lot with the young generation. The many unique colors in this vehicle add on to its design which is made in contrast to giving out a retro look.  This scooter runs fast even on slow acceleration. Yamaha is mainly known for its bikes, among its categories for scooters Fascino is one such exception that is admired by almost the majority of the people in the market.

All the colors which are launched in this particular product are very eye-catching and this is the reason that the youth is liking it out as well. It is medium-weighted not much heavy nor to light. However, it gives a bit lesser mileage then TVS Jupiter.

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8. Honda Dio

The launch of Honda Dio is especially for Girls, this scooty has slim sleek body design giving out a good boot space and power. It doesn’t have a much girly look in its colors but still, the colors are much vibrant enough to enhance the design of the scooty giving it a girly look. This has a remote key seat opener and has been popular in exporting it to the foreign markets.  However, the maintenance cost of the vehicle is quite high but that depends upon the user how they drive it out.

9. Suzuki Access

This scooty has a very basic design as similar to other scooters in town. If you don’t have a lot of expectations from your scooty then this one can be the right choice as it is just a scooty having the necessary features with a bit stylish design and fulfilling the purpose of a two-wheeler. It is quite expensive when compared to other motor vehicles providing the same service but the body of this scooty the material used is much strong. It is much stable because of the heavy body.

10. Hero Maestro

After the launch of Maestro within its vibrant blue color, Fascino came in giving tough competition, however, the two-wheeler is much powerful and smooth as well in the long run. It is fuel-efficient, gives a tough competition to Honda Activa. The body is neither too heavy nor light can be handled easily without any trouble to the user.

So, the above are the 10 best Scooties available and seen on road more frequently in India. But before arriving on any decision it is always better to have a test drive and see it for yourself so that you don’t regret your decision later. It’s a matter of money, choose wisely!

Remember not to just go upon the looks when you drive but do think of the other specifications it shouldn’t be tough for you to drive it, your safety is above all. Make sure that you are not too small for the type of scooty you go for, cause then this turns out to be a disaster at times.  Always wear a helmet when on a two-wheeler, hoping that the above 10 suggestions help you choose the right one for yourself.

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