Best Websites For Reading Education Related Articles in 2020

Best websites for reading education related articles are mentioned here. With the advancements in technology, students have been blessed by numerous articles, e-books and more flooded over the internet. However, through this article, the main aim is to list ten such websites that might help you to read articles that might be extremely helpful in such a competitive era. Education is not only about learning and cramming your textbooks. It is more about understanding the concepts, knowing things that are going on in the world and being well aware of the current affairs and other things that might be important. One must always try to be updated with the new happenings going around him. Below are ten websites that you might visit to read certain articles.

10 Best websites for reading educational articles

Here are the best websites for reading educational articles mentioned below:

1. NY times

NY Times is an American newspaper. However, it is the most reliable and well read newspaper around the globe. It was started and founded back in 1851 and has won more than hundred prestigious awards and received several recognitions.

education sitesThey are available online and offer a subscription of just a dollar per week. They have great content on the current happenings in the world and has articles on various topics such as education, health etc.

2. Business Insider

Business Insider is another American based newspaper portal that has a good readership value. Its readers are from various parts of the world such as Singapore, Unites states, China etc. It was launched quite recently in 2009 and has done well in the past.

best articles on education.jpgIt has a decent alexa rank and is also very famous in educational category. Its website has many columns such as technology, science, business, politics etc. It is a very trust-able and well read news website in the world and also has great articles relating to everyone’s interest.

3. The Independent

The Independent is a news website from London. It has various comments, features and articles relating to the education criteria. This website post about 12 articles daily and are very well read. They are available worldwide and offers free reading.

recent articles on educationIt is one of the most trusted source of information in the United Kingdom and are constantly used to read articles about every topic including education, politics etc. The website also has videos and other agendas that are considered much important in the day to day lives.

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4. Business Standard

Business Standard was founded by the ABP Groups in India. It is one of the most circulated newspapers in the offline world. It has a circulation to nearly lakhs of people. The website is one of its kind. Their website offers business news that is considered an inevitable part of the education system.

latest articles on educationThe website shows live fluctuations of the stock markets of the world. It is available all throughout the world and is also available in regional language such as Hindi. They have an online newspaper and also cover other important articles of the world. The website shows each article chronologically and it rated well by Alexa and Google.

5. Times Now

The Times Now was forst started as an English news channel in India owned and operated by The Times Group, and further expanded as an online news reading portal. It has won many awards and recognitions and in 2016, it was India’s most popular and most viewed English News Channel.

articles on education issuesThe website gives latest updates and news of happenings around every category such as politics, education, business and has a worldwide reach. It also shows regional news and the website is available in regional languages such as Marathi, Hindi and Tamil.

6. The Chronicle

The Chronicles of Higher Education is a newspaper and an online website that is widely used in the Washington. The website broadcasts world news, information based on technology and other important topics.

educational articles for students to readIt also presents jobs for college and university faculty and students to work as professionals or interns. However, a free subscription is required to read some articles online.

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7. Education week (edweek)

Working since 1981, the Education week has compiled several articles on topics useful for children from kindergarten to class twelfth. They have numerous educational articles and are serving extremely interesting articles.

best education related websitesIt provide both news articles and educational knowledge. This website also provide useful materials on journalism and other courses. They publish approximately thirty seven publications and issues.

8. Edsurge

Edsurge is a news website that has news articles ranging from kindergarten to higher education levels. Its website is divided into columns such as technology, news, research etc. The website also provides information regarding vacant jobs and events going around the world.

best educational websites for kidsCompanies who require employees can also post up their vacancies and requirements online on Edsurge. It has a different podcast section that lets you read breaking news and helps in gaining educational knowledge.

9. The Guardian

The Guardian is a British newspaper that was founded in 1821. The online website serves as a blessing in the technological world and helps us go through the newspaper online. It has various attributes and columns such as sports, political, breaking news and lifestyle. The website also lets you publish your own opinions or work as a contributor. As a student, the website is beneficial in providing extremely handy news information at a click.

best educational websites for studentsThe website also provides opportunities to job seekers with its columns and also has a separate column for recreational activities such as holidaying etc. It also has a mobile application and a section for crossword and Sudoku games. It is an amazing website for both students and adults.

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10. The Indian Express

With more than a hundred million dollar revenue, The Indian Express is one of India’s finest newspaper. It’s website is available across the globe and has the potential to provide you with daily business, non-business worldwide news broadcasts.

best educational articles for teachers to readThe Indian Express is functioning since 1932 and is a beneficial asset for the country and the people who need immediate news. It gives a humongous details about the economy as well.

Through the above mentioned ten websites, the article aims to deliver ten such news portals that might be helpful in gaining access to the educational and worldwide news through the technology. I hope that my article has been able to serve your purposes of finding the right website to read articles online.

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