Best Websites For Reading News Articles in 2020

Best websites for reading news articles are mentioned here. Gone are those days where newspapers were the only source of information. All thanks to IT reforms, taking over the world in every aspect of life and covering tiny parts of information as well. I still remember those golden days when I was small and my parents used to mention that to increase your vocabulary you must read news articles from the newspaper. Well, it is true that reading news articles from the newspaper did help in improving my vocabulary and as I grew old it became a habit of reading out the newspaper.

Reading is one habit that should be inculcated in everyone from childhood. Reading Newspapers is just not limited to getting to know the happenings around you but also the very words, the mannerism in which they have written that particular article helps a lot. We cannot carry out Newspapers everywhere; moreover, the amount of paper used somehow harms the Environment as well so it’s a good option to switch over to reading news online on websites. Just as we had many options in types of newspapers, here too is the same scenario.

To make it easy for you to which website to browse for good news articles here are the shortlisted websites.

10 Best websites for reading news articles

Here are the best websites for reading news articles mentioned below:

1. BBC News

This website is the most desired one among many people. It covers all genres in news and happenings around the world. BBC News is very well aware of how to protect it’s Brand Name when there are so many competitors. However, the news updates with breaking news are a bit slow in comparison to the other websites but the uses of words in highlighting the news in their articles are very well understood.

news articles todayBBC covers weather forecast, culture, sports, entertainment & TV around the world. BBC is one website that has been trusted worldwide by people and in fact, many other news websites take the news courtesy from BBC as well.

2. CNN News

CNN is a tough competitor to BBC, both of them provide easy to understand articles and are honest views about it. CNN posts out spontaneous news of the happenings around the world much updated and regular with its news giving.

news articles for kidsCNN has coverage in international news and videos from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

3. Google News

The biggest search engine on the internet is “Google” stretching its arms in the world of news and providing the exact news of that particular area is what google aims at and has been successful in doing so as well. Google is one website which is user-friendly with no hassles at all and giving just the entire news in search of just one keyword.

recent news articlesI believe this is how an online news website should be, and the only search engine which gives out the best possible result automatically gains a lot of trust of the people who wish to go through the news articles on the Google News.

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4. YAHOO News

Yahoo news is just as google news, provides up with the news according to the interest of the people. They notify the audience on their recent posts to attract attention. This website is a personalized one news zone which provides up informative articles only on those matters which excites out its users.

current news articlesThis website tends to provide with deep information on the article posted by them with much easy language.

5. REDDIT – World News

This website is growing its Brand Name on very high speed, providing news on international relations, and latest breaking news before any other websites posts about it. This website is very much active in spreading out the news.

short news articlesThey post up their news from different communities which provide with the data and according to the user’s choices they are free to choose the different communities.

6. NDTV – World News

It is most trusted news website known for its quick coverage even on petty matters providing news headlines from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, America and much more. NDTV focuses on maximum useful content and a minimum amount of fake news.

interesting news articlesNDTV has its categories sorted and nothing looks like in a piled-up manner. The use of English under this website is easy to be understood and in fact, can be translated well as well.

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7. Global Issues

Just as the same suggests, the whole world is filled with some of the other kind of problems within itself, this website gives out articles on those issues covering international relations, Human Rights,  Economy, Trade, Globalization, Poverty etc around the world.

national news articlesThese are the main issues which are always mentioned in every day’s headlines. Such news websites help in increasing the knowledge about the surrounding and the problems that can at a time largely affect one another.

8. CNBC World News

CNBC is best known for giving out the news of business, so if you have a 0.1 interest in business and handling out one and shares etc, then this website is perfect for that genre. Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America are all under the chart of having the market news as well as financial policies of these countries.

best news sitesSome people just have interest and love to read about the market and shares ups and downs and all this is fascinating to them, in such case this is the best website then.

9. Buzzfeed World

This websites buzzes like bees and updates it feed with the entire buzz that is active around the world. Giving a name to news as Buzz is an attractive thought as it will make users browse on the website to just check out what it is exactly about.

best news websitesIt gives short news but true news and is up to the mark with no unnecessary elaboration of the news.

10. TOI

Don’t judge a book by its tittle is what this website is about; it doesn’t have only the news of a nation but all over the world. TOI articles have a bit high vocabulary which at times is difficult to understand but that are dictionaries for to be used and not to be preserved. TOI gives much honest news and believing this out the same policy is adopted for the world news.

top news articlesNews shouldn’t be just for news sake but should have a weightage when provided. There are many websites which post on useless news not even in concern of the population of the world for providing any knowledge but still are posted. Reading boosts up confidence in oneself. As it helps in increasing the vocabulary, this allows the person to grow internally and builds up a lot of self-confidence.

In today’s world, if one is not able to speak for themselves or even express it out how they feel then I am not sure if survival is possible for such a person. Not saying that they cannot live their life, but yes living a life of an introvert is not called as living a life. To survive one must be able to stand for themselves either by hook or crook. And this habit of reading news adds on life values, moral values and at times there are certain instances which can be related to what was read in some articles previously.

The above mentioned websites can really help in increase your general knowledge, Vocab and communication skills.

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