10 Best websites to check plagiarism online for free with percentage

Best websites to check plagiarism online for free with percentage are mentioned here. Online Plagiarism Checker is very useful for checking content plagiarism to avoid content theft and create unique content. Many times writer even don’t copy pre-published content. But then also, some best plagiarism checking websites shows that the content is plagiarized. It’s because content written on similar topics by the writers before also includes similar content. It is advised that to plagiarism should not be more than 10%. So, that 90% of content created by you is considered as unique. It is always great if 100% content is unique and natural.

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Online Plagiarism Checker is important for creators and students

There are hundreds and thousands of content creators and writers who are struggling every day to create the best available content for readers and other audiences. As more and more people are coming forward to put efforts in creating content. There always remains a possibility when a person replicates the work of another author or copies the author’s style of writing. This is mostly done by students and inexperienced writers who adapt to certain measures when they run out of words or have to submit any paper in time.

This whole process of replication or copying can be understood as plagiarism. Plagiarism is thus illegal as it can easily destroy the career of any writer rest assured the originality of the content is absolutely lost. In this article We are going to discuss about 10 best websites that can be used for checking plagiarism for free with having percentage calculating structure.

10 best websites to check plagiarism online for free with percentage

Following is the list of top websites to check plagiarism for free with percentage. Millions of people use these  best online plagiarism checking websites to check for plagiarism in their written content.

1. Dustball

Remember to try this website as it provides the service of proof reading and also checks grammatical mistakes to improve your stock of words. Dustball can be used for free as it readily allows you to copy and paste any paragraph to check for plagiarism.

online plagiarism checker

The website also allows the user a premium plan which removes all limitations to the number of articles to be checked each day.

2. Plagiarism Check

The interface of this 7 year old website is absolutely amazing. Thousands of journalists, writers, scholars, etc. use this website to get their work done in no time. Plagiarismcheck.org uses advanced technology to perform its error checking and proof reading functions.

free plagiarism checker for students

Its algorithm performs many functions like checking any writing for exact matches, substitution of words with synonyms, transformation from the active to the passive voice and many more.

3. Duplichecker

This website presents a number of ethical and useful tools that can be used while checking for plagiarism. It includes binary tools, web management tools, SEO backlink tools and other tools. Apart from this, Duplichecker allows you to upload any file of any format for checking mistakes and errors. Thus, this makes your work a lot easier.

best plagiarism checker

Apart from checking of plagiarism, this website also helps you with grammar checking and reverse image checking.

4. Quetext

Once you register yourself on this website, Quetext allows you upload an infinite number of files that are to be checked for plagiarism. It also lets you save your edited work after each session.

best free plagiarism checker for students

Quetext has an amazing reputation to allow maximum number of words while examining of plagiarism. With the help of this website you can check data ranging up to 50 pages at a given time. Explore Quetext today as it is preferred by thousands of scholars all over the world.

5. Viper

By following few easy steps Viper plagiarism checker can scan your document absolutely for free. It has a user friendly interface. The website can scan your document against thousands of articles online to give you a detailed report about your document.

plagiarism checker

After uploading your file on it’s server, You can get a lot of information by drawing comparison of your file with other documents available online. It provides detailed information of the sources where it finds similar content. Viper salutes your hard work and is always available to make your job easy.

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6. Copy Leaks

Copy Leaks uses the help of its AI to check errors and phrases in your document. The website makes sure that the work you submitted is authentic. It keeps the originality of your content secured forever.

plagiarism detector

Even business professionals are using this website as Copy Leaks can be trusted to bar any infringement issues and for protection your copyrights. This website also provides add-ons for MS Office and Google Docs.

7. Unicheck

It is one of the best websites to check plagiarism in the world. Unicheck is trusted by more than one thousand academic institutions all over the globe. The website promises its users to guarantee the best results for any kind of similarity with other documents.

plagiarism checker free online

Unicheck uses advanced technology and intuitive design to not just check for plagiarized content, but also checks for authentic content. The website also performs in-depth analysis for business related articles.

8. Copyscape

You can understand advantages of using Copyscape only while using it. The website allows you to run a free plagiarism scan of your document and displays the result very quickly.

plagiarism detector online free

The most interesting thing about Copyscape is that it runs a scan daily on the Internet to look for contents that might have been copied from your document. It also sends you regular updates about how to increase your vocabulary once you register on the site.

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9. Plagium

Plagium is one of those best plagiarism checkers that are very easy to use. It provides a hassle free interface. A user has the privilege to do a quick search of plagiarized content absolutely for free.

plagiarism website

Other than this, a user can avail the benefit of deep search option which allows the user a refined search of articles all over the internet. Plagium displays the results of replicated content after carrying out a thorough comparison of different texts.

10. Plagiarisma Checker

Plagiarisma checker can scan articles written in more than 150+ different languages. One of the best facilities it offers is that it allows the user to do a URL check, this lessens our burden to a significant extent. Plagiarisma checker also allows you to upload files directly from Google Drive.

best plagiarism checker for research papers

So, above discussed are the best websites to check plagiarism online for free. I hope you liked the article!

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