Sell My House : 10 Best websites to sell house online

Best websites to sell my house online are mentioned here. Food, clothes and shelter are the three most important thing in a person’s life. Sale and purchase are an integral part of the real estate. People may want to buy or sell their homes at every hour of the day. With the ever increasing population, the demand for houses is touching sky. Just like buying a house is extremely difficult; selling a house can sometimes be a bigger headache. So to avoid such a tedious procedure and reduce your pains, this article has listed ten of the best websites that might help you sell your houses online at a desired price.

10 Best Websites to Sell My House Online

The best websites to sell house online are mentioned below:

1. 99Acres

Launched in September 2005, this website has done extremely phenomenal in helping people to buy and sell their properties online. It is available in enumerable locations and works as a medium to help people list their properties on the website for sale/resale and then get featured.

sell my house fast99Acres also gives tags and some special mentions to each seller to show their responsiveness, reliability and their properties. Their pictures are not deceptive and they try to attain a good customer response. They also have a mobile application available on ‘Google Play Store’ and ‘IOS App Store’.

2. Magicbricks

It is another online portal that is doing well in its business. MagicBricks tries to help its sellers and buyers by doing an extremely detailed research on the properties that are uploaded on their websites. They have a filtered search engine and are functioning in every corner of World.

sell house fastThey have a unified vision with an extremely qualified personnel. This website is also one of the most useful website to sell your houses online. They are the part of the trusted ‘Times’ brand and eventually have a huge brand name to look up to. You can also find them on the android and iPhone app stores.

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3. Facebook

This is indeed a very old yet useful way of selling your property online. There are numerous groups that are made every second for every region of the country to sell houses. It is somehow the easiest way to put on display, the property that you want to sell.

sell my homeIt is free of cost and has a worldwide range. It helps you connect to the buyers on a real time basis without any discrepancy.

4. Quikr

Since 2008, Quikr has been an aid for the purposes of buying and selling almost everything including homes. Quikr is used for buying and selling your used items such as books, mobiles, cars etc. This portal also has a mobile application and is prevalent in almost all the major cities. This is a best website to sell house online.

how to sell your house fastThey have introduced a chatting feature which helps you interact and clear all the doubts of the buyers. They are one of the most feasible option when dealing in buying or selling property and real estate for commercial or domestic purposes.

5. OLX

OLX is just like a worldwide market. Founded in 2006 and based in the United States, OLX is functioning in as many as forty five countries. It allows its users to post free advertisements about their products, services or homes.

how to sell a house fastTo sell your property on this website you just need to login and be a user of this website. It is extremely easy to use and operate. It helps to make online payments and also has a real time option to contact the buyers.

6. Housing

Started in 2012, has done excellently well in such a short span of time. It is a best website for selling house online. It  allows you to sell your homes without any extra add on charges. It is working in more than forty cities. They are an extension of the proptiger company and like other websites they also have an application for your mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

sell my house fast for cashIt has strong and focussed staffs that manage the website quite well. Their website is easy to operate and makes selling quite convenient. They are well trusted and have good customer feedbacks.

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7. Sulekha

Sulekha is doing wonders in remote areas. They function in many cities and are concisely location based. As a seller, you might want to deal only with the people living in or around the place where you are selling your property.

sell house minimises location based problems and shows precise results relating to the particular place you want to sell or buy property. They have great deals for both the buyers and sellers.

8. Real Estate

Real Estate is regarded as one of the most reliable and considered as the best website to sell property online. It is omnipresent in every twenty nine states. It is a very old yet most trusted website to deal with Real Estate. It is prevalent in the business for more than twenty years now.

sell house onlineThe website is highly rated and has as many as one lakh daily users to sell or buy property. Another advantage of “Real Estate” is that it is extremely user friendly and easy to operate.

9. NoBroker

NoBroker is one of the most well known and used website. The reason of its popularity is the elimination of the brokers and the middlemen. This website allows the buyers and sellers to freely communicate and decide upon their terms and conditions themselves. Brokerage is the biggest obstacle in the process of buying or selling any property. However, NoBroker has solved this problem by completely eradicating the problems due to brokers.

sell my house for cashDue to this new technology, lakhs of new customers have registered to use this website as a medium to sell their houses. It is a dream come true moment for all the sellers and buyers who were not able to sell or purchase homes due to high brokerage.

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10. NestAway

NestAway is an excellent example of how a startup can be excellent and so useful. NestAway was founded in 2015 and since then it has been one of the most famous websites to deal in buying and selling houses. It is found in almost all major cities and has a new way of selling and buying homes.

best way to sell a houseIt is very famous among the youth and women. It also has been approached by foreign countries to help them find a house. Using this website ensures a worldwide approach and might also get you buyers apart from your nation.

The motive of this article is to list the ten most useful and well known websites to help you sell your house. While selling your house can be very difficult in such a competitive era, these websites can help to make your procedures a little easy and less tiresome. Technology has been a blessing as now instead of going to various places to register your house to sell, you can do it in just a matter of few clicks.

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