Fun Facts about India

10 fun facts about India

India is the country of wonder, and having amazing magic inside. India has incredible history. India is known as “Incredible India” because of its beauty. Let’s have a look on some amazing fun facts about India.

  1. Almost 40% people in India are vegetarian.

fun facts about India

Vegetarian food is prepared so perfectly in India that thousands of people across from the world come here to explore the taste of Indian food. Spices are added to the food to add some extra flavor in the taste.

  1. India is 2nd most populous country in the world after china.

fun facts about India

The population of India is in billions. After China ,India is known as most crowded country in the world.

  1. India is the birth place for most of the religion.

fun facts about India

Hindus , Jainism, Buddhism, Christian , Sikhs , and Muslim, many religion took birth on this country.

  1. Discovery of the zero.

fun facts about India

“Aaryabhatta “is the men who was  born in India, discovered zero.

  1. Algebra and geometry.

fun facts about India

Algebra and geometry is given by the India.

  1. India have the largest Rail Network in Asia

fun facts about India

Indian Railway have the largest employement in the world.

  1. India doesn’t have National language.

fun facts about India

There is two official language in India which are Hindi and English, among all other 18-20 languages.

  1. World’s largest film industry.

fun facts about India

India has world’s largest film industry “Bollywood”.

  1. Largest Consumer and Producer for the Mangoes.

fun facts about India

India is the largest consumer and producer of Mangoes in India. Hence it is officially India’s National fruit.

  1. World’s second largest English speaking country is India.

fun facts about India

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