How to attract High School Girls?

How to attract High School Girls? : Here are the best ways to attract high school girls. School life is the best life, where you have all the fun and sometimes some break downs. But you learn from each and every moment and that becomes your memory for life. We used to cry at the first and at the last day of school. First day, because we don’t want to join the school but on the last day because we don’t want to leave our friends and school. Well from that stage our life begins, and we stand somewhere to go further.

From making friends to girlfriends,  From a dull student to a bright student, our school life ends.  We are immature to handle relationships in school life but that’s really fun handling such things. Hiding from our parents and teachers and still bothered to make our life better. So here are few ways where you can attract girls in your school.

How to attract High school girls?

Here are the 10 ways to attract a high school girl mentioned below. So, read the following points to know “How to attract a high school girl?”.

1. Maintain hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene means how you care of your body. A well hygienic body is a result of a healthy of body. Wash your hands before eating and after playing any sport. Take bath twice a day, one before going to the school and the other one before going to the bed. Wash your hair and comb them nicely to look fresh. If you don’t brush your teeth, you’ll start having cavities. So it is important to maintain hygiene.

how to attract a girlEveryday you come in contact with a lot of germs, to prevent the diseases be hygienic. Take bath daily, wash hands before eating, when you sneeze, when you touch pet animals.

2. Make an eye contact

You can make a conversation with your eyes. You can catch up the emotions through the connection of your eyes. When we make an eye contact with someone, we get to know about their expressions and emotions. While making an eye contact with the girl, you’ll seek her attention and will create a close bond with her.

how to attract a girl in school without talkingWhile discussing on a topic, try to make an eye contact with her instead of looking somewhere else. This will help you to seek her attention.

3. Talk to her

Girls are usually shy; they do expect a guy to speak to them. Ask her about her interest and start discussing on them. If she loves dogs, you can also tell her about your friend’s dog, ask her about her hobbies, you can also talk on any event coming up in your school like sports event, any dance competition etc. Find your common interest and start discussing on it.

how to talk to girls in high schoolWhenever, you see you the girl you like step ahead and start talking. Make sure you don’t talk on serious or emotional topics as they’ll result in boredom.

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4. Make her laugh

Girls like guys who have a good sense of humour. Being funny is not an easy task, you need to be creative in thinking and enhance your brainpower. Girls prefer man who are fun loving and makes them happy at every moment. Make her day special, this may include complimenting her or making her smile. A good humour will definitely boost up your connection with her.

how to get girls in high schoolMoreover, a good comical aspect will increase the attraction towards you. A good sense of humour will attract her as usually girls choose guys who have good sense of humour than guys with normal personalities.

5. Be kind

Girls like guys who are kind in nature and are sweet. Kindness is an act of love and respect shown by one. Be kind to your teachers, your friends and with your parents. When you are kind with others, it gives a positive impact on our life and some positive vibes in our life.

how to attract a girl in schoolTreat others well and you will be treated well by them. Kindness plays an important role in building connections. So being kind will definitely attract your girl towards you.

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6. Be yourself

Every girl can recognize your nature, if you act tough or show off sometimes. Just be yourself, don’t over do anything. Do not compromise yourself, you’re all you have. You may cooperate but do not compromise. There is a difference between them. Don’t pretend to be someone else, be genuine. Trust your intuitions, it happens for a reason.

how to make a girl like you in schoolIt may come in any form, like gut feeling, dreams, signs from the environment etc. This will let you make better choices in life. Your gut feeling will help you in making smart decisions. Be what and who you are.

7. Join sports

Girls like sportive boys. Choose your favorite sport, start practicing. This will not only attract girls but will built your self confidence and self esteem. Girls like guys who have athletic body and shape. Sports will reduce your stress and boost your stamina.

how to get a girlfriend in middle schoolSpots initiate you to make healthy decisions like no to smoking and drinking as they will reduce stamina and confidence. And girls usually rejects guys who drink or smoke. So try not doing this, as they are dangerous to health and you’ll lack in this point.

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8. Be an amazing human

It is good to have a great personality but sometimes girls like guys who are knowledgeable and kind to others. Try to be impressive and attractive person by showing her your knowledge in different fields.  Be aware of the different cultures of different people. Educate yourself as much as can.

how to propose a girl in schoolControl your temper and try to let go it. Be honest and help others, it really hurts when someone close to you lies to you. So be honest and try to make other happy.

9. Compliment her

Whenever someone praises us, how do we feel? We feel confident. So like praising, Complimenting someone will also make them happy and confident. Compliment on her beauty and her dressing sense. As girls are shopaholics and admires if someone appreciates their dressing sense. Giving compliments will make her feel confident and secure.

how to get a girlfriend in high schoolCompliment on her personality, make her feel different from other girls. This will really help you in impressing her as well as attract her towards you.

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10. Ask her to study together

Take initiatives to talk to her, ask her if you both can study together. You can discuss each other’s problems in maths or science or in any other subject. This will give you a chance to spend time with her and you’ll come to know whether she is interested in you or not.

high school girlsThe way she’ll react and act will let you know her behavior towards you. Be polite and don’t ask stupid questions in between. You will be able to learn things faster than studying alone. I hope now you have understood that “How to attract high school girls?”.

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