How to become a Model in 2020?

How to become a Model? : Here is the answer. Everyday millions of people across the globe aspire to become a model and hence dream of entering the glamorous world. Some of them may desire to become the next Kim Kardashian or gracing the cover of Vogue, while others may feel like following the footsteps of David Beckham. However, little do they realize the pain and hard-work that goes behind the process of doing so. Here is a line of caution to youngsters: I am not advising you to stop dreaming. After-all,  Dreams make our life worth living. They provide us with a reason to live for.

modelIn a nutshell, Dreams make us push hard every single day. There is a constant goal in your mind that you strive for. Who knows, maybe one day, we can inspire a lot of people like us.

It is just that I want you to realize that accomplishing this task is not as easy as it seems to be. You may have to face a lot of rejections and heartbreaks. So the key to success in this lucrative world is to never lose focus of your goal. You will have to be patient and be well aware of the fact that nothing comes easy. You have to pay a price for it not just in monetary terms but also in terms of the amount of efforts you may be required to put in. Hence, first and foremost, it is essential that you mentally prepare yourselves for the challenges that lie ahead.

Become a Successful Model

There is no denying the fact that once you become a successful model, you will be earning a handsome amount, but it requires a lot of compromises to be made before that. It needs your commitment and dedication. From having the perfect body type to just the right height, there are endless number of things to be taken care of.

become a modelA key takeaway- The Modeling Industry is looking forward to 3 crucial and much needed characteristics in their fresh arrivals: Discipline, Effort and Perseverance. Therefore, listen to your inner conscience and then take a well informed decision. Just introspect for a few moments and then decide if modeling is really your thing. Ponder upon your strengths and weaknesses and then reflect upon what is the thing that will make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd in this industry.

Types of Models

Before you begin the promising journey of becoming a model, it is important to know which type of Modeling will suit you. These are mentioned below:

types of models

1. Runway Models

In the fashion world, a runway/ramp is a narrow platform where models showcase their clothing attire and accessories. Runway Modeling demands a level of confidence that cannot be matched. The desired height for female runway models is atleast 5 feet 9 inches, while that for males is atleast 5 feet 11 inches.

Runway Models

2. Plus size Models

This is an area of modeling that is gaining wide popularity these days. Many designers are now thinking of serving the plus size market. Plus size models are required to possess certain desirable traits like good skin, confidence, health, hair, teeth and nails.

plus size models

3. Fitness Models

Advertisements in newspapers and magazines often use fitness models (who have less fat and weigh more due to more muscles). Basically having a good physique and attractive features are the key requirements.

fitness models

4. Glamour Models

There are no well defined body requirements for Glamour models (who often make appearances in lingerie modeling, music videos or calendars). Those who seek glamour models focus on the sexual appeal of an individual.

Glamour models

5. Promotional Models

Promotional Models must have the ability to attract customers towards a particular product or brand. These models can be commonly seen in shopping malls, clubs or trade shows.

promotional models

6. Alternative Models

Alternative Models Do not follow any conventional ideals of beauty and prefer doing punk, goth or fetish photo-shoots.

alternative models

7. Parts Model

A parts model is employed for a particular attractive body part (it can be hands, lips, legs etc.)

parts models

How to become a Model?

After having gained a better understanding of the modeling world, it’s time to get a hang of some essential requirements for becoming a successful model. Let’s understand each of them in detail:

1. Have a knowledge of your Market

First step involves knowing your market well. What is the type of models that modeling agencies are looking for? Do I fit in the market? How can I polish my skills? How can I make my presence felt in the market? ….etc. are a few questions that you need to address.

how to become a male modelFor example, in the area you reside, some fashion trends may be more popular than others. For instance, promotional models for magazines may be more sought after than runway models. If the need arises, you may have to travel in search of agencies that are looking for models just your type. You have to make your own space!

2. Finding a Good Agency

Next step involves building a strong online portfolio so as to be in the good books of some top rated modeling agencies. Modeling agencies even have ‘open-calls’ where they look for fresh talent. So be ready with your portfolio.Keep it in mind that most of these agencies are looking forward to see the ‘real you’. Modeling agencies simply hate overdone looks. So avoid pretending to be what you are not and hence show your true persona. Don’t fake it.

how to become a fitness modelFor instance, at, you can apply with numerous well known agencies.You can even submit your portfolio via social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram these days.

3. Learn to use the social media to your advantage

Try to get some professional photographs clicked so that your social media feed is not just filled with your selfies. Be aware of trending hashtags and use them wisely. This will help you get attention from some modeling agencies.

how to become a plus size model

4. Developing and Honing your skills

Since the competition is cut-throat today, it is vital to have skills that help you stand out in the crowd. Ability to pose like a pro and walk with utter confidence are a few areas where you will be judged.

how to become a teenage modelYou can master these skills either by enrolling in a professional modeling course, taking YouTube tutorials, scanning fashion magazines like Vogue or Cosmopolitan or binge watching all episodes of America’s Next Top Model. Try working harder on shining among the stars!

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5. Master your Facial Expressions

It is really very important to start taking baby steps in the direction becoming a supermodel. Try posing in front of the mirror or have your friend shoot your photographs. It will be a great help in making you used to the camera.

how to become a model without an agencyRemember: Seldom do you get a perfect shot in one go. You need to put in a lot of effort and energy from your side as well. Both the photographer and the model make combined efforts to produce a masterpiece.

6. Try to take Rejections in a good stride

Surviving in a competitive industry like this can be a lot more difficult if you don’t learn to ‘Let Go’. It is very important to not lose your mental and emotional balance if you face rejections. Learn to deal with them.

how to become a model with no experienceAfter-all, rejections are a part and parcel of any field you decide to enter into. Make sure your rejections shape you into a more better individual for tomorrow.

7. Keep Learning

As it is well known that ‘Learning Never Stops’. So, every single day try to be a better version of yourself. Grab the opportunity of learning new skills daily. Work harder on making yourself better, better and better!

how to become a glamour model

8. Health and Fitness

It’s time to bid adieu to salt and sugar and bring yourself into the fitness mode. You will have to avoid all the fried stuff and strictly adhere to the beauty regimen.

how to become a successful modelYou must learn to put yourself in the habit of keeping your body well hydrated, avoiding smoking and alcohol, going for regular manicure/pedicure/hair appointments, exfoliating and washing your face every morning and before going to bed, practicing Yoga (for mental well being), working out daily and following a strict diet plan.

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9. Don’t give up on your Values

You don’t have to sacrifice your moral values for becoming a model. Avoid falling a prey to drugs, greed, alcohol, rape or sex trades. It is important to keep your family and friends updated with all that is going on in your career life. They may stand strong and support you during your tough times.

how to become a female model

10. Be Professional

It is very important to stick to timelines and targets assigned. You will have to show your dedication and commitment towards work. Be prompt in responding to “calls” and “e-mails“. Treat everyone with respect and be courteous. These little things will go a long way in shaping your career.

how to become a professional modelSo this was a glimpse of the appealing modeling world that many of you may eagerly look forward to. Hope this article turns out to be beneficial and now you have understood that “How to become a model?”. Thank you!

Author: Manasvi Nagpal

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