How to get a girl’s attention?

How to get a girl’s attention? : The best way to get a girl’s attention is mentioned here. First of all lets us understand what is attention? : The attention means a special care or consideration, things done to express an interest in or please someone, its an erect position taken up by a soldier, with the feet together and the arms straight  down the sides of the body.

How to get a girl’s attention?

To understand “How to get a girl’s attention?” read the points mentioned below:

1. Eye contact is important

Eye contact is very important in any kind of relationship but when we make a eye contact with the opposite person make sure you smile. Avoiding eye contact can make a impression like your shy, not confident, or it can also make her feel as your hiding something. So eye contact is important if you avoid it may give her opportunity to about u in negative way.

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2. Help someone

Helping her or someone who are near to her can make a good impression about you, this shows that your caring and emotional person because now a days people think only about their comfort and are not willing to take effect and trouble of helping some strangers.

3. Don’t hide your feelings

Never her your feelings with her show her not only happy side but also show your emotional side because now a days boys are afraid to show their sensitive side. So to get her attention towards you then you must show her your emotional side.

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4. Talk about her

In a conversation talking about her can make her feel good and special she can understand how important she is for you and she can also change her behavior or attitude if you don’t like.

5. Notice the small changes

Once a girl likes what she sees then she does the following things

  • She is more open with you to being opened.
  • She will give you more opportunities to meet her and start talking to her
  • Playing with hair
  • Getting close to you or sitting or standing near you.
  • Starting conversations with you or asking you more questions to talk with you.

how to get a girl attention in chatIf she does the things then making her attention towards you is more simple and easier.

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6. Be attentive

While talking to her be more attentive towards her listen carefully whatever she says to you and then ask her a lot of questions then you can know about you that what she thinks and by asking her questions that you are genuinely interested in her. Give her time to speak to answer your questions and if she don’t talk or talk more then don’t feel bad, give her time to express her feelings.

how to get attention of a girl

7. Don’t treat her in a crude way

Don’t treat her like a object, don’t shout at her you must keep your sound in a basic, thin before you speak negatively because she notice everything when she is treated in a lower way.

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8. Dressing

Dressing is also important to make attention towards you, dress a little more formally and smell good enough to her.

how to get her attention through text

9. Create a spark with real conversation

Women look at the way you start the conversation speak about what you have in common this is the easiest way to start a conversation, make sure you never avoid her conversation, Be curious and show her you want to know her thoughts.

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10. Hold her attention

While you both message or talk then keep going. People can be busy, forgetful and distracted. But if she has a time then she won’t forget about you.

how to get a girl's attention on instagramKeep her asking about her life, interests, and your similarities and differences. When she ask you question, respond, and then relate the question back to her, “How about you?” to keep the conversation going.


  1. Be careful not to place all your hopes on a single girl; because when things does not done then it will make you feel more painful, if things don’t work out with a particular girl then simply move on.
  2. Don’t panic if you do something embarrassing. Because lot of girls like an awkward guy, especially if you are able to recover.

How to get a girl's attentionDon’t let any prior bad experiences prevent you from seeking the opportunities which are available to you. I hope now you have understood “How to get a girl’s attention?”.

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