10 Best Websites to Check Live Train Running Status in India in 2020

Best websites to check live train running status in India are mentioned here. Indian Railways is one of the busiest railway corridors. More than half of the population of the country uses the railway networks as a mode of transportation. The Indian Railways is also one of highest contributor to the nation’s economic growth and development. The revenue generated from the Indian Railways accounts to more than half of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. Since, most of the people use the railway networks, they must want to know the train statuses at every hour. To help them check live train statuses, train schedule, arrivals and departure delays, this article has ten such websites that you might use to help yourselves to get the live train running status.

10 Best Websites to Check Live Train Running Status in India

Here are the best websites to check live train running status in India mentioned below:


The Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) that manages the Information and Technology department, launched the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) website. Users can now get real time information about expected arrivals and departures and the train delays.

irctc train running statusThe website also shows real time train running status. It shows exactly where their train is running. The last destination and the next station at which the train will be, the website shows that as well. The CRIS came up with a mobile application to bring more ease to all the travellers. It is the best website with a great accuracy.

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2. Erail

Erail is a private website that is not owned by the Indian Government or the Railway authority. However it uses various sources to provide real time train running status. The website also lets you book tickets and see where the train that you are looking for is running.

train running status on mobileThe websites lets it’s users check train schedule, fares and other necessary information. The website also has a mobile application but only for the android users.

3. NDTV (RailBeeps)

NDTV is an Indian news channel. However, NDTV has expanded its horizons to a lot of dimensions. The RailBeeps website and a mobile application is one such expansion of the same. The NDTV website also shows a real time live running status of the trains that are a part of the Indian Railways.

current train running statusIt is one of the fastest website to check the live status of your trains. This website gives platform details, schedules and fares of the trains. It is one of the most reliable website as well.

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4. Confirmtkt

Confirmtkt.com was founded in 2014. The website is used for booking tickets, checking PNR statuses, schedules and fares. The website shows and advice its customers to book or not to book when the tickets are not confirmed.

current train statusIt works on a mathematical algorithm and is not managed by the Indian Government. However, its predictions are usually trusted and reliable and the information it provides regarding the live status is quite reliable.

5. Indian Railways

This website is one of the most widely used after NTES. The website give away a lot of information regarding the Indian Railway System. It shows PNR statuses, live train status and helps you in doing other tasks related to the railways.

indian railway running statusThe website also lets you to enquire about the platform number, check seat availability, check timetables of all the functional trains etc. It is an extremely reliable and trusted website that is used by day to day commuters.

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6. Etrain

Etrain is another private website that is not owned by the government. The website makes into this list as all information that is uploaded on the website regarding the active trains and their live statuses along with their schedules and fares are updated regularly.

train running informationThe website maximizes its reach and tries to avoid any discrepancies regarding all train queries. They have a responsive customer service and customers can contact them through their website anytime.

7. Running Status

This website lets you check the real time train schedules. It helps you with the stations the train will be going to or has been to. It has various columns related to ticket queries, trains that are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and diverted trains. The website is also available in Hindi and also has full detailed information about rescheduled trains as well.

train running status

8. Rail Enquiry

Available both as a mobile application as well as an online website, railenquiry.in serves all your enquiries regarding the railway networks. The website is easily accessible and extremely easy to use. The home page of the website has all the options that you might need to enquire.

railway enquiryThe website shows the train running status, PNR status, the seats, ticket prices, train schedules and routes.

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9. Rail Yatri

Railyatri” is a website for all your train journey needs. If a person wants to book tickets, check available seats, look about the food served on their train journeys or any other sort of problems regarding the tickets or the train. It shows the live train status and its scheduled arrival and departure information. Apart from all this, it also has a section named “Railwisdom”. The Rail wisdom lets you plan your journey wisely.

train statusThis section tells about important information such as waiting lounges, pick up and drop facilities, the walking distances between a spot to a platform and many other necessary details. This is a very precise and trustworthy website of the Indian Railway. It also has merged and acquired by IRCTC, which makes it even more responsible and reliable.

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10. Train Status

This is the most precise and accurate website to check train status. This website only gives you a real time live running of the train. The website is made solely for this purpose. This helps to avoid any confusions or any problems. It gives you a live status of the train number that you put up in the search bar.

live train statusThis is the only website that shows only what you ask which is the live train running status. The website doesn’t show any sort of seat availability or prices. It is aimed for the sole purpose of checking where the train is or where will it be.

Through the article we hope that we have eased out your tedious process of finding a website to check the train status in real time. All the ten websites mentioned above are going to be helpful in some or the other way. The websites are not ranked by any preferred order. They are put across as suggestions that you might consider.

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