Sites like 99Acres for 2020 : 10 Best 99Acres Alternatives of 2020

Sites like 99Acres are some best real estate websites. You can use the best 99Acres Alternatives in replacement of 99acres if you are facing any trouble using it or if the website is not fulfilling your needs. Many people use some other similar sites like 99acres for buying and selling rental properties like home, land and offices. You can also rent a house, apartment and rooms using some other sites like 99acres mentioned below.

10 Sites like

When it comes to buying or selling a property it can get very tricky as there are people waiting to cheat you or take advantage of your innocence. But we have arrived at a time where we do not have to rely on third parties to rent or lease a property anymore. As population is expanding at a rapid rate, hundreds of online websites are making their way into the market thus making our job easier and simpler. Nowadays you can use these websites to avoid any unnecessary complications, dodge any brokerage fee, find a suitable property in the locality of your own choice and lots more. I have made a list of 10 such websites that are similar to which you can use to start hunting for properties for sale right away. Here are the best real estate property sites like 99acres mentioned below.

1. Nobroker

When you buy or sell a property through a broker you pay a significant amount to the middle man between you and your customer. This unnecessary expenditure can be avoided if you use this website.

sites like 99acres

It identifies your concerns and carefully reads the information that you have provided only to find out the seller for you. This means there is a direct link that is created between you and the buyer/seller depending on your requirements.

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2. Magic Bricks

Magic Bricks is one of India’s leading real estate management websites that can help you buy or sell a property, no matter of what kind. The website uploads clear images and provides a detailed research on the kind of property you are interested to buy.

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Apart from this, Magic Bricks has an exceptional search engine that brings information to you about any property in any city within a blink of an eye. Moreover it can also help you calculate your EMI and check your loan eligibility.

3. Housing

One of the best ways to know about properties for sale is by using this website. You can rent bachelor friendly flats, experience a great nightlife and also find places which is easily commutable. Housing also helps you to find properties that have been recently added to the list.

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It also has a reputation of a stable and correct database that keeps shows you only authentic properties. It can also be used if you are looking for buying properties outside India.

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4. Common Floor

Next in line is this website that can also serve your purpose without having to worry about brokerage or any unnecessary charges. If you are looking for renting or buying a house or property in top tier cities of India, Common Floor can be very useful.

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However finding properties in tertiary tiers might not be very effective. You can browse from a given set of types of apartments including child friendly apartments, office related properties or even luxurious properties.

5. Nestaway

Nestaway is pretty effecting when you are looking for a new house or when you are relocating. The website offers tireless service to almost all major cities of India and is one of the websites that will help you look for your desired apartment or house type, whether you are a boy or a girl living alone or you want to move in with family.

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You can choose from a series of shared rooms, full houses and even private rooms depending on your purpose.

6. Property

Once you register on this website you start getting updates about any property that you have set your eyes on. People use India Property for mainly one reason. It has got an absolutely amazing database that is saturated with authentic property updates.

other similar sites like 99acres

Even if you are a resident of a small city India Property can be very effective in helping you look out for a property on sale. With wallet friendly apartments and the chance to talk to the seller directly via a given phone number is reason enough to check out this website.

7. Sulekha Properties

This is one such website that will make your job easier. Sulekha is only helpful when you want to look for properties, apartments or houses for sale in a specified location in your city. Sulekha is thus very effective when looking for local properties in and around your city.

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However it is only useful if you are from a relatively smaller city like Nagpur or Lucknow. Get budget friendly houses and good deals here on Sulekha Properties.

8. Makaan

Makaan is one of the oldest real estate websites that has won fame in and around major cities in India. However it does not mean that Makaan does not cater to small cities or towns.

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The site has a brilliant database which keeps track of any update from your chosen property. Registering is free of cost and you can follow up with your clients whenever or wherever necessary.

9. Nestoria

The website uses an effective search engine that will search for builders, properties, estate agents, etc. However, this is not the site for you if you want to directly sale or lease any property.

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Instead, Nestoria provides a link between you and the seller or buyer so that you can have a talk directly with the concerned person. Nestoria is also effective if you want the help of an estate agent to assist you in your venture.

10. Roomster

You can use Roomster to look for properties or apartments anywhere in India as it has a broad database to look anywhere for any kind of property.

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It is also beneficial for people who want to live alone to cut down expenses. “Roomster” helps single men or women to look for houses which can also be shared with other people looking for a home.

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