Sites like Internshala for 2020 | 10 Best Internshala Alternatives to apply for internships in 2020

Sites like Internshala are mentioned here. In this article I am going to tell you about some best internship sites like Internshala that you can use to apply for internships. Sometimes students don’t get much response from internship providers on Internshala. So, they look for some Internshala alternative sites similar to Internshala where they can apply for internships easily. Many other sites like Internshala allow users to apply for internship programs in top MNC’s.

10 Sites like Internshala

As soon as you pass out of college a lot of responsibilities keep building on top of one another. Having a job becomes an essential part of your daily social life. However going through an internship program becomes vital as training is absolutely important before you are ready for a whole new life. Previously searching for jobs would be a hectic task as people had to run from one place to the other and spend lots of money in the process. Today a number of websites make your job easy and you can easily apply for internships and jobs while sitting in front of your laptop or PC at home. Here are sites similar to Internshala that can help you to find and apply for internships.

1. Indeed

Indeed is one of the fastest job searching websites available on the Internet in today’s world. Recruiters from all over the world post ads about vacancies. You can filter your options based on your requirements and look for jobs based on salary structure, location and job type as well.

sites like internshala

Indeed has a brilliant search engine that only displays authentic profiles and is used by many leading companies in the world so as to build a wider network.

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2. LinkedIn

It can be said that having a profile on this website is more useful than having an account elsewhere. The reason for saying this is that the website is used by people from all professions.

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It is a great platform to interact with new people daily who can help you in your process of finding a job. Numerous leading companies have their profiles on LinkedIn.

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3. Idealist

When you are searching for jobs or internships online it is best to rely on some of the oldest websites in the market. This is because they have been catering to job seeking people for a prolonged span of time. Secondly, an old website is generally more known to people.

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You can use Idealist to look for interesting internships online. It can also serve you if you are looking for non-governmental sectors for a job.

4. Glassdoor

You can rely upon Glassdoor when searching for an online internship or a job because of its intelligent interface. The website shows individual reports for individual jobs namely CEO approval report, salary reports and much more.

websites like Internshala

Glassdoor can also help you if you are concerned about the various types of interview questions and reviews about any company.

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5. Internships

This particular website has an immense database of various kinds of internships that suits your profession. You can apply for internships from home and alongside keep in touch with your Facebook friends who have registered on the website for internships as well.

Internshala Alternatives

The site allows work on several virtual positions. It is also very helpful in keeping track of the jobs that you have applied for.

6. Absolute Internship

Many of us are interested in opting for internships outside our country. This should be kept in mind that applying for internships abroad gives you exposure and helps in learning new facts about other countries as you interact with students from all over the world.

Internshala Alternative sites

Once selected for the internship, you pay a certain amount and you are ready for a fresh start. Absolute Internship was launched keeping in mind the students who have the thirst for knowledge and want to travel in search of education.

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7. Let’s intern

If you are looking for internships based on a preferred industry or even based on location, Let’s intern is probably one of the best sites to check out. The website covers more than 40 different industries and also caters to students in search of internships from remote areas.


You can also get a detailed information about each and every kind of internship program. The quickest way to do so is by registering on the site.

8. Hello Intern

Whether you want to start working with a company, a startup or any non-profit organization, Hello Intern can be an interesting place to explore. The website has partnered with other leading companies to offer better and outstanding search results for its users.

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Hello Intern also introduced an exchange program recently where one Indian intern is allowed to travel to a different country in exchange for an intern from the same country.

9. Indian Internship

While most of us dream of going abroad and land a job there, some of us want to stick to our motherland. Indian Internship respects the perspective and has hence created an amazing platform for students who are interested in working under Indian companies.


This website has an enriched database that accounts for almost all kinds of industries including science, pharmacy, business, etc. The website also displays results based on the educational qualifications that you have got.

10. Twenty19

Twenty19 is an online internship providing platform. It lets you choose from a vast array of internships available in various leading sectors. Moreover, the website offers a great CV making service that will strengthen the foundation of your profile.

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Apart from that you can take part in various fests and competitions that are held in college campuses. With Twenty19 you can also opt for several online courses at the cost of a minimal fee.

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