Best Matrimonial Websites : Top 7 Matrimony Sites of 2020

The best matrimonial websites are mentioned here. Marriage is considered to be a sacred union not just between two hearts but between two souls. It is about being with that one person who can understand you, your emotions and feelings, stands by your side when the entire world stands against you and most importantly, never lets you down. Therefore, it is very important to get to know each other before you take a major step like marrying someone and spending the rest of your life with him/her. Afterall, marriage merely does not involve physical union. It is a pious relationship that stands strong on five crucial values: Trust, Faith, Love, Commitment and Understanding. They are the five pillars of a healthy relationship.

Incase any of these values are missing, everything begins to crumble down like a pack of cards. You start feeling frustrated, unhappy and completely devastated. Hence, mutual understanding between two individuals is very essential so as to lead a happy, successful and prosperous life ahead. Your marriage becomes a success not only through finding the right mate, but also through being the right mate. There are various financial benefits of marriages as well. It may come as a surprise to many, but yes, it is true. For instance, in countries like U.S.A., spouses do not have to pay estate tax. If a married couple jointly files tax return, they can save on their taxes. Moreover, Social Security, Medicare, Disability and Veterans benefits can also be transferred to spouses.

8 essentials of perfect marriage

I would now like to discuss about 8 essential ingredients for a perfect marriage recipe. Read on:

1. Love/Commitment

When you are no longer afraid of making a commitment for your partner, you have found the true love of your life. Once you decide to support your partner no matter what happens, you are a step closer towards building a strong relationship with your soulmate.

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2. Patience/Forgiveness

It is important to realise that nobody is perfect and everyone is bound to make mistakes sometime or the other. However, patiently working out a solution to your problems together with your partner will give you peace of mind. You will be more happy and content. Having a forgiving heart solves half of our worries.

3. Time

Do not forget to spend some quality time with each other. This will provide you both with an opportunity to discuss your problems with each other. Going out together for a dinner-date once a while is an excellent idea.

4. Sexual Faithfulness

Sexual Faithfulness in marriage is not just about our bodies. It involves complete devotion of your eyes, mind, heart and soul to sexual fantasies about your partner.

5. Humility

An essential building block of a successful marriage is the courage to admit your mistakes. This is what will help your relationship move forward. So, stay humble!

6. Honesty and Trust

If you are not honest in your relationship and cannot trust your partner, your relationship will be fragile.

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7. Communication

Success of your marriage requires you to communicate often with your mate. It is lack of communication that paves the way for troubles brewing up in relationships. Try to bridge this gap as soon as possible by discussing various issues be it related to grocery lists, kids’ schedules, your own dreams, hopes, aspirations, fears and anxieties. Afterall, communication is the key to a happy marriage.

8. Selflessness

Do not be selfish and try to think only about yourself. Try to take care the needs of your partner. It will help you understand her better.

Top 7 Matrimonial websites

Having had enough discussion regarding marriages, it’s now time to discuss about top 7 Matrimonial websites. Here is the list:

1. Jeevansathi

This website was founded by Sanjeev Bikchandani in the year 2004. This website claims to offer 100% manually screened profiles. You can search for your life partner by location, community and profession.

matrimonial websitesThis website allows you to register for free and create your profile by providing personal details like Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Height and Country Name, career details like qualification, occupation and income, social details like Marital Status, Mother tongue, Religion/Caste etc. also allows you to browse through its special listing of profiles that have been verified by their agents through personal visits.

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2. BharatMatrimony

This is another popular website to look for your ideal match. It was founded by Murugavel Janakiranan in 1997. You can begin the search for your perfect life partner with a free registration on the website and create a profile for yourself/your son/daughter/brother/sister/relative/friend.

matrimony sitesBharat Matrimony’s relationship managers have helped thousands of their members find their soulmates. You can even grab the best deals and great savings on all wedding related services such as wedding venues, caterers etc.

3. Shaadi

Shaadi is an online platform for matchmaking and matrimony that was founded by Anupam Mittal in the year 1997. This website just brings people together. They believe that love unites them! You can easily begin the search for your special someone by signing up for free.

best matrimonial siteYou can then start a conversation by becoming a premium member. With the help of this website, you can look fir your future partner under different categories according to mother tongue, religion and community.

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4. Vivaah

Vivaah is one of India’s fastest growing free matrimonial sites. You can browse matrimonial by profession, community, caste, keyword, photo-club and profile ID. Client safety and customer satisfaction is their top priority. This website is well known for providing best results.

free matrimonial sites with contact numbers

5. Community Matrimony

CommunityMatrimony is a very popular website among its clients that assists them in searching for the best match. All you need to do is register yourself up for free and then avail their efficient services. You can even download their mobile app so as to accelerate the search process. This website has specialization in offering elite matrimony facility.

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6. Lifepartner

This is one of the most trusted websites by millions across the globe where you can browse for matrimonial by Community (e.g. Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi etc.), Religion (Hindu/Parsi/Sikh/Christian/Muslim/Buddhist/Jain) and Country (e.g. NRI, India, USA, Canada, Australia etc.). You can begin your partner search by registering for free.

top 10 matrimonial sites

7. M4Marry

It is Kerala’s biggest matrimonial site only for Malayalam all over India. You can easily register by providing some essential details like contact number, name, address etc.

free matrimonial sites without paymentYou can also avail some interesting services of the website like horoscope checking, free photo adding etc. If you wish, you can become a premium member by making a nominal fee payment.

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With the advent of technology and widespread digitization, searching for your perfect life partner is very easy as there are numerous matrimonial websites for your help. You just need to register yourself, create your profile and then even go out to meet your prospective mate in person. It is really a great opportunity to get to know each other before a major decision concerning marriage is taken. Your entire life will be dependent upon this very important decision. Hence, it is essential to make sure you do not commit any error that may turn out to ruin your life in future. So happy searching!

I hope you find this article useful. Thank you.

Author: Manasvi Nagpal

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