Weird facts about Pakistan


This article is written by Indian students so forgive if find any mistakes related to grammatical or any other type.

We all know that India does not ache the good relations in every respect but the main reason that we all agree to hate Pakistan is the terrorism that they support to have a full control on other countries.This terror is all responsible for the worst kinds of situations that they face in their own country too.The weird facts about Pakistan are as follows :

1 ) The most weird fact is that they are responsible for all kinds of terror that the whole world is facing.And the outcome is also the harsh one

2) Pakistan is not able to developed there country just because of the support that they had on terrorism and on the terrorist .

3) Worst case in the thoughts that they had for the women.They are not allowed to become whatever they want to be because of the rules that the country had.

4) The atmosphere that they make for their own country is just the worst that’s country can create for their nation.

5) They are supporting the terrorist which are the main culprits of the terrorist attack which was happened in Mumbai in India

6) Even the education system for the girls is not at that point which encourage the girl child , this is the weird  fact too.

7) They do not respect the propel for them the revenge in try name of community is all that matters.

8) Thing to notice here is that the educated youngsters is also against the India  and they never want peace between the two nations.

9) Basic survival over there for Indians is possible and the reason is the hated nature for Indians.

10 )  If they need a change first they need to change the attitude that they had for the terrorist party and the courage that they did to them.

11) The overall development of the country is also not there because of the rules and regulations that they had for there country.

12) Special observation is that they need a drastic change in their constitutional rights which should ensure some powerful rights to the women.

13) Danger is in the name of the Pakistan because of their  careless steps and the support that they give to the Mumbai terrorist

14) Special treatment is also given to those people who are being a part of terrorism which indirectly shows the political system that they share

15) Being a different country from India but many Hindu stays there after the partition because they don not want to leave their home but still they do not have values for India.

16) Thing to notice in Pakistan is that beside the girl education the women who is married also does not get the assurance of being a free women.

17) Pakistan has their different laws and rules but I don’t think that they help their citizens specially the women to fight for their rights

18) The divorce procedure in Pakistan is the worst we can have for the women. The triple talak  is the law that they use.

19) Women are not at all safe there in having the rights. A husband can divorce his wife by saying just 3 words.

20) Weird laws and regulations which discriminates between the genders is the worst situation that Pakistan is in right now.

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