What are some causes of headaches? : 10 Major causes of headaches

What are some causes of headaches? : The 10 major causes of headaches are explained here. Due to stressful lives and hardcore work schedules, ‘health factor’ often tends to get ignored. In the stride of winning a rat race, competing to be the best and proving our capabilities, we forget that we must give ourselves a priority first. The need to take out some time for our mental, emotional and physical well-being is of utmost importance today. Good health is the key to your happiness and success.

The sooner you realize this fact, the better it is. Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, Chronic Respiratory Diseases and Diabetes are a few lifestyle diseases which are known to be the leading cause of deaths today across the world. Have you ever given a thought to the fact that why these diseases are becoming more prevalent today? If not, it is time to think and reflect. These lifestyle diseases are emerging primarily due to the way people are living their lives today.

Lack of physical activity, adopting unhealthy eating habits (i.e., moving towards fast food and fried stuff, which may tickle our taste buds, however it harms our body in more ways than we can count) or being alcoholic, drug or smoke addict are all contributors of poor health. The harmful ways in which these habits impact our lives and well being are innumerable. This is the reason why your health demands so much important to be paid to it. However, rarely do we pay attention to that.

what can cause headaches everydayIn performing day-to-day chores, completing urgent tasks and assignments and fulfilling other responsibilities and obligations, it is our health that takes a back seat. The immediate consequences of neglecting health may not be reflected in younger years, but they are likely to cause much troubles during old age. You tend to be a liability for your near and dear ones which further gives birth to our enemies- anger, frustration, stress and anxiety. Therefore, leading a healthy life is important, not only for your self esteem but for the society as whole. You are able to render more productive services to the nation, its economy as well as the society. By stating fit, you lead a long, happy and a more meaningful life. Now this requires you to put in some efforts and start making some smart decisions for you and your body.

First and foremost, it is crucial to have a positive attitude towards everything that comes your way. Imbibe positive vibes to gain inner strength.Trust me, it’s gonna boost you with loads of energy. Next thing to keep in mind is to take some time out for physical fitness. Try to exercise daily for atleast 40 minutes. Do not forget to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Lastly, it is essential to get a regular body checkup to make sure everything is fine and there are no health related issues propping up.

what causes headaches in the back of your headFor instance, we often tend to neglect headaches (that generally tend to occur due to the swelling of blood vessels, which cause the nerves to stretch and fire pain signals), thinking that they are perfectly normal. However, these headaches may point out to some serious health ailment which can get worse if ignored.

What are some causes of headaches?

Read on further to find out about 10 causes of headaches that lead to uneasiness and hence demand immediate attention.

1. Tension Headaches

Today’s youth is commonly found to be juggling with this type of headache. Since our lives today have become very hectic, the working class population usually has to deal with a lot of emotional stress, fatigue or muscle and joint pain. This is what is known to trigger tension headache. Thus, it is advisable to practice Yoga as it will relax your brain and enhance your overall sense of well-being.

what causes tension headachesSome people may even benefit by taking a short nap or a light snack. Do not get yourself overworked and avoid slipping your meals in order to avoid this kind of headache.

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2. Ice pick Headaches

Sometimes, when people eat something cold, they tend to experience a sharp and sudden headache. So, if you suffer from such headaches, then you must eat slowly by taking small bites and warming the cold food a little.

what causes headaches everyday

3. Cluster Headaches

Typically, this kind of headache is more likely to develop in middle-aged men with a history of smoking. Although, Cluster Headaches are uncommon, they cause severe pain and are more likely to occur in men than women. Pain during this type of headache occurs on one side of the head.

what causes cluster headachesThe eye on the side that pains becomes red and watery. Individuals may even feel nauseatic and sensitive to light and sound. Verapamil (which is the most effective medication and works by relaxing the muscles of your heart and blood vessels), Lithium, Topiramate are a few drugs that are recommended by doctors to fight cluster headaches.

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4. Migraine

Migraine pain is more prevalent in women as compared to men. According to neurologists, migraine occurs due to the changes in brain’s blood flow and nerve cell activity. Those who suffer from migraine experience intense headache, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Changes of weather, stress, fatigue, intake of dark chocolate, skipping a meal, taking alcohol, lack of sleep or oversleeping are believed to be a few factors that trigger migraine pain.

what causes migraine headachesThis pain is on one side of the head, which begins around the eye and temple and subsequently spreads to the back of the head.

5. Medication Headaches

Sometimes, the drugs prescribed by doctors list headaches among their side effects. In case the pain gets serious or unbearable, you must consult your doctor before deciding about discontinuing the medication.

what can cause headaches

6. High Blood Pressure

Generally, people with high blood pressure do not complain of headaches. However, if your blood pressure is 180/120 mm Hg or higher than that, then you are likely to experience a severe headache.

what causes headaches and dizziness everyday

7. Reasons like Dehydration and Anaemia

According to experts, if your body is devoid of sufficient water, the blood volume in your body drops. This implies that less oxygen gets transported to your brain, which causes pain your head. Anaemia (which is mostly found in women), refers to the condition in which there is deficiency of haemoglobin in the blood and hence there are not enough RBC’s (red blood cells) in order to properly transport oxygen throughout your body.

types of headaches and causesThis leads to fatigue, pallor, difficulty in breathing and headaches (in case of severe anaemia).

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8. Sinus Headache

Sinus is a hollow space in the bones of the face or skull leading to the nasal cavity. This causes pain over the forehead. In such a situation, it is advisable not to stoop forward as it can lead to an increase in the pain.

what causes headaches behind the eyes

9. Headache due to Exercise

Sudden, continuous exercise at a stretch can also lead to severe headaches. Therefore, warming up of the body is necessary before you indulge in any physical activity.

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10. Changes in Body Clock

Drifting off from your normal schedules can lead to headaches because your body clock takes time to adjust to changes. For instance, sometimes travellers complain of nagging pain in the back of their heads if they wake up super early to catch a flight/train.

what causes headaches in back of head

So this was all about the causes of headaches. I sincerely hope my readers find this article educative. Thank you.

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