Why a girl needs to leave her home after marriage and boy not ?

Here in this article I am going to tell you why a girl needs to leave her own family and home after marriage while boy’s don’t need to do so.

So, if you want to know why boys don’t leave their family and home after marriage while girls need to do so. Then this article is going to be very helpful for you as we don’t want you to face any query related to relationships that a person makes in during his/her whole life.

Mashlow’s hierarchy of needs to understand human needs fulfillment

According to mashlow’s need hierarchy theory human beings have different types of need that they want to fulfill for being motivated and living a happy life.

Why should a girl leave her home after marriage

These are six levels of need that a human wants to fulfill in his/her life. It starts from lower level to higher level.

Basic needs fulfillment is the first priority

why a girl has to leave her home after marriage

The first thing that every human being needs is food, water and air to live. That are considered as very basic need. It is also referred to physiological needs of human beings.

Can human being live without water or food ? Obviously not. So, these are the basic needs that every human being need to fulfill for living life from birth to death.

As we know thinking is a continuous process and when we achieve lower level targets then we look for achieving the higher level targets.

Towards second prior need fulfillment

So, after completion of basic needs of human being. They need to fulfill the second level of need hierarchy theory.

If you are thinking why their is need for human being to fulfill the second level of need hierarchy then let me tell you my dear friend that after having food to live, security is the second need of human being. Having a shelter or home makes us feel more secured. After feeling sense of being secured person becomes happier and more motivated as per the motivational theory. Later human being move on fulfilling upper level of needs.

The point to focus here is that protection is the second prior need that a person wants to fulfill after completion of basic needs.

why girls go to husband house after marriage

Now let’s come back to our main topic on family. Having a family brings sense of belongingness as this is the third need of human being.

Woman can fulfill the basic needs of children easily

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After marriage and having children boy becomes father and girl become mother of their own children. Now, parents starts fulfilling the basic needs of their children also since from birth by feeding them. A woman can fulfill the very basic need of children that is food by breast feeding. So, parents also plays an important role in fulfilling basic needs when we are kids. It can be said as a human being’s entire needs can only be fulfilled if they get support and help from other person for the fulfillment of needs.

In today’s world to feed your children you need to do work and have to earn money. So, you can get food for your children.

Now for earning money either man or woman, one person from the family needs to go out and work. Whereas the another person needs to stay at home for caring their baby.

Why a girl should go to husband’s house after marriage

Whether it is an ancient custom that girls goes to their husband’s house after marriage but their is always a reason behind due to which customs are designed and followed. To understand this traditional custom we need to understand the role of a girl and a boy in a family.

Role of bread earner and care giver in a family

A family always needs a caregiver as well as a bread earner both.

why a girl goes to her husband's house after marriage

Well either father or mother anyone can play these two different roles.

But from ancient times father plays the role of 🍞 bread earner and mother acts the role of 🤰care giver because kid stays for 9 months in female pelvis. Due to this a female is more caring than a father towards kids. So, father needs to play the role of bread earner.

A father goes outside to earn bread so he can give a secured life to his family. Boy is considered as member who provides security and protection to the family. From ancient times it is believed that a boy is stronger than a girl. Whether in terms of body or feelings because their upbringing is done in such a way that they face outer world more than a girl.

Elder parents needs a protection provider

why a girl goes to her husband's house after marriage

Now every parents needs a member among other family members who can provide protection to them in their older age also. So, for protection in the old age time when bones become weaker parents prefers to stay with boy child more than girl. Because boy acts like a protection provider as they are strong. They also act as bread earner so parents keeps boy with them who can earn bread for them.

Due to this instead of sending boy far away from home after marriage it is preferred to send the girl at his husband’s place.

Why a boy don’t need to leave his home after marriage?

For more protection it is preferred to give protection in hands of person with having blood relations. So, instead getting boy from the another family inside the house and giving protection in his hands the own’s boy is preferred more. It doesn’t mean that boy from other family are not trustworthy as caregivers should also be trustworthy enough for being a part of family but this is just a factor of safety. So, it is just avoided. Girls are good in caring as discussed above so for caring purpose of parents, a husband brings wife to his own house.

Contribution in balancing life

This creates a proper balance in life as well as every member’s needs also get satisfied.

So, now I hope it’s clear for living a happy life without any problems parents send their girl away from home after marriage.

What’s happening in present scenario

In present scenario anyone from husband or wife can become a bread earner as both are allowed to work and earn money but when it comes on caring than girl are considered as more caring than a boy. So, the responsibility of caring of other family members is given in the hands of woman instead man.


From the above mentioned facts we have drawn 2 major reasons due to which girls leaves their own home and parents after marriage and boys don’t:

  • Girl act as a caregiver and can fulfill the basic need of children. So, they stay at home instead going out to earn bread.
  • Boy acts as a bread earner and protection provider so are kept at home and lives with parents.

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