Best food delivery app of 2020 : Top 10 Online Food delivery apps of 2020

The best food delivery app is mentioned here. We all have craze for fast food, and we often go out for lunch and dinner just to satisfy our soul. Many of us are foodie, and we love exploring different places to eat and also goes out or even if we are unable to go to the restaurant or café, we place an order by installing some applications. Internet has major back role in this. And made our life much better. Otherwise we had to struggle at new places for finding the cafes or restaurant to dine out. Sometimes we do not get time to cook, the only alternative we have is placing order from the food delivery apps. Moreover, a food is the basic need of human body.

Hunger has no watch and no sense of time. So you may feel hungry  anytime and anywhere but when you have accessibility of food delivery apps, you have no worry about the food. So here are some of the best food delivery apps which delivers the best quality food in a short period of time.

10 Best food delivery apps

The best food delivery apps are mentioned below:

1. Swiggy

Swiggy is a mobile application in India in which you can order food and food will be delivered at your place. You can order the food according to your wish, there is huge variety of restaurants from where you can put up your order. Swiggy started its operations in 2014 in Bengaluru. It is a connection of chain between the customers and the restaurants.

cheapest food delivery appThis has made the task of ordering as well delivering food a lot easy to customers and for restaurants too. Swiggy is the cheapest food delivery app, you can order from swiggy anytime and anywhere.

2. Zomato

Zomato is available across the world like it is available in nearly 25 countries all over the world. It offers the best food from best restaurants nearby you. This also provides the rating of the restaurants, so you can see the ratings of the specified restaurant and then order the food accordingly.

top food delivery appsYou can also get some benefits, if you are a new user or its daily customer. You’ll be given free gifts like free coupons and some discount offers on the food. These top food delivery apps also work as a social network as facebook, twitter for foodies. You can get different variety of food from different restaurants.

3. Food panda

Food panda is a popular online ordering food application which is being operated in 43 countries. It offers you extremely cheap offers on food. It is more famous because of the offers that he offers to the customers. And it has flexible payment options, you can make payment from debit, credit or cash on delivery.

best online food delivery appThis best online food delivery app is available for both ios and android. You can use easily and conveniently on your mobile phones. The company has its headquarters in German and Berlin. And it has nearly 40,000 restaurants in cities to deliver food to its customers quickly.

4. Uber eats

This application is popular for ordering and delivering food quickly. You can find its subsidies in major cities of India like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and many more. It is also popular because of the cab facilities that uber gives.

top 10 food delivery appsIt is among top 10 food delivery apps that helps people to order food from their favorite restaurants near to their place. Uber eats delivers the food in very short period of time. You can use this app in android as well in ios mobile phones. It gives access to the techniques. If you trust your uber drivers to drop you on time then you can also trust uber eats delivery boy, he will also deliver the  good quality food on time and at your doorstep.

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5. Just Eat

This one here will help you to track the best restaurants near by you. You can discover the best food on this app. You also get some rebates on ordering food from this app. You can install the app from play store and can use it either in android or ios mobile phones.

best food delivery app with offersIt is the best food delivery app with offers for foodies. It offers you the food from the best restaurants near your location. The company offer across 82,000  local restaurants in the cities. You can add up the choices or filter the food choice according to your wish. You can also pay through cards or cash mode of payment.

6. GrubHub

Grubhub will deliver you the best quality of food from the best restaurant near by you. This site is also good for the vegans, this site will provide you the best food for vegans. You all the food facilities available in grubhub.

best food ordering appYou can search your food through the list of the local restaurants. This best food ordering app provides you the menu list of every restaurant, so you can grab the best deal and your order will be delivered on time by the grubhub delivery boy.

7. Deliveroo

Deliveroo enables the customers to order from those restaurants which charge some fee from the customers on delivery at home. Deliveroo will help you to deliver the food from your favourite restaurants and with some speedy connection between the customer and the restaurant. It also offers you the best deals and some discount offers on the food that you order.

best app for food deliveryIt is also a social network which provides customers to track all the cafes and restaurants. This best app for food delivery provides you the list of all the restaurants with ratings and reviews. You can try any restaurants which suits your preference. You can also develop your knowledge about different restaurants and their speciality in food.

8. Doordash

Doordash is an established and popular food app. The name itself tells that the food will be delivered at your doorstep. The main motive of the Doordash is to deliver the food on time and to serve its customers the best quality food. This site will help you to track the best restaurants from where you can order the desired food near you.

top 10 food ordering appsYou can track all the best restaurants as well as café near you and their menu card too. So you have different options to have food from different cafes. You don’t have to worry about the food, as how will be the food. Because you can see the ratings and reviews about the restaurants and can then order the food by using these top 10 food ordering apps.

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9. Postmates

This app is quite different from other food delivery app. Here in this this one, the food valet works when you place an order from the postmates app, the food valet will receive the order and then heads towards the restaurant to place and pick your order. the customer can pay via cards or cash on delivery. This delivery app also has different variety of food from various restaurants.

most popular food delivery appThis is the most popular food delivery app that can help you out to find the best restaurant and bar. It  not only provides food services but also facilitates for alcohol delivery. So you have all the food and drinks facilities available in just one application. And it offers you different options of food cuisine to choose.

10. Holachef

Holachef delivers the food made by the expert chefs in the best restaurants. It is available on both ios and android mobile phones. It offers the best deal and offers on the food to its urban communities. This application is also  beneficial for the vegetarians, it provides different variety of vegetarian food.

top apps for food deliveryYou can have different kinds of veg food here, all the vegan food nearby you.  Not only in India but you can track the restaurants and cafes on this app. These top apps for food delivery has access across the world, so if you are in London or in any other part of the world you can find the best food on holachef.

I hope this article was informative for you. So, download the best food delivery app now for ordering food online.

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