German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever : Which dog is better?

Dogs are the most loyal animal on this entire planet. They give us compassion, passionate love, loyalty, care and also teach lessons. Humans can have a selfish behaviour but on the contrary any dog can hardly be selfish to any human. Additionally, they are only known for the loyalty that they keep towards the owner. Having dog as a pet is more inclined towards the benefits and advantages than drawbacks and disadvantages.

So let me draw your attention towards the most lovely and renowned dogs those are: The German shepherd and the Labrador retriever. These are the most fashionable, adorable dogs/puppies when it come to dog species. Let’s just have a comparison between the Two almost equal dogs.

German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever

Here we begin with The German shepherd versus Labrador retriever.

1. Size Difference

The size of German shepherd is sexually Demographic. That means the males and the females have different sizes altogether. An absolutely grown German shepherd will generally be at the height of 24-26 inches tall. And females will be 22-24 inches. Talking about the Labrador retriever size, it is  22.5 inches to 24.5 inches only for the retriever but for female retriever the size is from 21.5 inches to 23.5 inches. Size differs from dog to dog and upgrowth to upgrowth. Therefore if you are looking for a short or a tall, a male or a female from German shepherd and Labrador retriever, you can choose according to your wants as the information is given above.

2. Shedding

This breed shed once around in a year. That is called as a profile shedder. On the other hand, shedding of Labrador retriever is as they shed a little by little hair almost all year long. They are specifically known for shedding a lot of hair throughout the year. This happens just as spring is starting when the temperature starts raising, these animals will shed their thick winter coats for a thinner one, to help them stay cool during summer. And then again, just before winter as the weather begins to get colder. There are many non shedding dogs that people like to prefer for keeping them as a pet.

3. Training

German Shepherd: peace breeds of dogs have become a little hard to find. beIN clueless about why they stopped breeding these loyal, intelligent and adaptable dogs. After being socialised and trained well, they can be an unforgettable and loving companion. These dogs or basically, any dog, just needs the right trainer and when they are provided trainer these dogs become vigilant, can even be tempered, self-assured, docile and highly intelligent. This list of qualities they acquire after training make them great companions and protectors.Labrador Retriever: these are one of the most bought and popular breeds of dogs out there they have a strong physique and an active temperament, which makes it one of the more tireless breeds. Swimming, playing or a walk with someone, the Labrador is trained for everything, and if you want a breed that you don’t need to train a lot then these are the best options for you because they are born active and ready to learn.

4. Life Expectancy

German Shepherd’s life expectancy is 9 – 13 years.An healthy German Shepherd that is properly vaccinated well, usually live between 9 and 12 years, 13 max. But reportedly, there have been one too many of those that have lived well past 13 years.Does a German shepherd ever dies at it’s early age(i.e. before 9 years)? Yes, this could occur due to early infections or any deadly diseases. The most common diseases seen in these breeds (that can cause death) are hemangiosarcoma (cancer of the spleen) or osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Labrador Retriever’s life expectancy is a little more than the German Shepherd, it’s between 10-14 years. The earlier study showed that the mean/average age of death of over 500 Labradors was 12.25. The later study gave a mean/average age at death in a group of over 400 dogs as 12.5 years. They are having almost same life expectancy as of Australian Labradoodles.

5. Personality

The German shepherd dog type is happy to be with and especially with the children. But they are not the same when it comes to strangers. They are almost opposite to strangers. Also these are the once that are easy to have training on. A few rare German shepherd might a have quality of antisocializing or not mingling but that is not the case with each of the shepherd. The Labrador retriever are with a happy and cute little face all the time. They are very adorable. They are especially friendly, out going and high spirited companion to be with. Therefore, choose your dog wisely.

6. Exercise Needs

The exercising of the German shepherd should be heavier than any other dog. This is a very enthusiastic and highly active dog. And as a result they need more time to exercise. It is considered that the ideal time for a German shepherd to exercise is for 2 hours. That helps the dog to stay healthy and active for a longer time span. Talking about the Labrador retriever exercise it totally depends upon the owner of the dog and the environment in which the dog is kept in.  What people have to know that is this dog doesn’t only require walk as an exercise need, but some will require no exercising or will require less amount of walks at an average of the day.

7. Price

German Shepherd’s are comparatively costlier than the Labrador retriever. It’s price in India varies by and largely depending on the breeder, from an average price of Rs. 15000 to Rs. 20000. A German Shepherd puppy is much costlier than a full grown dog and the breeds of the German Shepherd that are trained to be show dogs work dogs are way costlier than any of these normally breeded dogs. A fully trained German Shepherd classically breeded shoots up to 4.5 to 6 lacs per show dog or work dog.

As said before about the German Shepherd, the puppy version of the Labrador retriever is a little more costlier than and the full grown dog. The price of a puppy will vary from breeder to breeder, varying from Rs. 55000 – 70000, and if you do adopt the dog from an animal shelter or through any of the rescue group, you might get the dog for a cheaper rate or in some cases even free. Where as the German Shepherd are not usually kept in animal shelters because of its aggressive behaviour sometimes, so you’ll have no other option than buying/purchasing the breed.

8. Intelligence

German shepherd are known to be the smartest dog in the entire world. Not only this, they are known to be the 3rd smartest dog in 138 categories of the breeds. They are most obedient and working intelligence. They can successfully fulfill the demand and obey the owner at their best. Their intellectual and intelligence ratings are just higher than any nearby dog. Labrador retriever has an high intelligence. To have your Labrador retriever in control it is important for you take care of him and take him for the right amount of exercising.

9. Health Problems

health issues are faced by every living being on this planet there for dogs are no different dogs to face health issues and the life and it is the responsibility of the owner to cure it as soon as possible health issues are differentiated in many types there were the German shepherd has health issues like Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloats,. Diabetics, allergies, pancreatits, thyroid issues, nose infections, cancer and dental health problems. These are the main health problems faced by a German shepherd. Labrador retriever health issues are cancer, joint problems, obesity related problems, inherited and environmental. As on result make sure you take care of your dog.

10. Temperament

German Shepherd’s feel the need to please their owner by making them feel happy and obeying. German Shepherd instant reflex is is protecting and with proper training and patience, they make great helpers and workers.

The German Shepherd personality is the aloof kind, alternatively/rarely aggressive. They’re self reserved dogs; As we know dogs have friends too. German shepherds shy away from making friends immediately, but once they bond, they’re extremely loyal, playful and free. They’re easy to understand and approachable, without being frightened, one can caress or pat them with ease; But when threatened, they can also be strong, aggressive and attacking, which makes them excellent watchdogs. The Labrador retriever’s behaviour & personality is playful and intelligent with a friendly temperament that makes them ideal for first-time dog owners or a little older dog owners.

They are filled with with high energy levels, and they’re really prone to give extra attention, love and affection to the owner. Some of these show little aggressiveness when they are puppies; But overall, Labrador retrievers are shown to be very friendly and less harmful dogs. They’re kind and loving when un bothered but strong enough to oppose any attack or threat, making them an old person’s great companion.

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