10 Best Free Classified Sites to Post Free Classified Ads Online

Post free classified ads online on the best free classified sites that are explained here. There are many top free classified websites available on the internet. Whenever we search for some best free ad posting sites the search engine displays the free classified websites list for ad posting with having hundred of top sites. But tell me one thing. Is it possible that all the best online classified sites delivers the expected results? Well No, Due to this a person who wants to post free classified ads online on internet just get confused among hundreds or thousands of top websites listed. At the end person post free ads online on a site that is less popular or delivers medium results.

Well, don’t worry I am here to help you with this problem with only 10 most popular classified sites. If you want to post free classified ads on some best free classified ads sites. Then kindly read this article till end. As here I am also going to discuss some tips also. So, you can get more numbers of views on your free ads without payment of any extra charges.

How to post free classified ads online on internet?

Well for knowing how to post free classified ads online on internet read the below steps. Classified advertisements is type of an advertisement that is posted to buy/sell/rent/hire products and services. The traditional method of posting free classified ads was to advertise on the newspaper classifieds section. Whereas in the modern method, the free classified ads are posted on some most popular classified ads sites. So, you can also post free classified ads online on internet using those top classified sites by reading the below steps:

  • Visit to any of the best classified site mentioned in the below list of top 10 classified sites
  • Do free sign up by using your email address or social media accounts.
  • Complete your profile by filling required details in it.
  • Read the terms and conditions before posting free ads on any of the best free classified site discussed below.
  • Click on Post Ad or Submit Ad option.
  • Write title of your advertisement.
  • Select Category and sub category in which you want to place free classified ads.
  • Write description of the product or service in the classified advertisement description box.
  • Add images that represents your product or service in the best manner.
  • Enter the price of product or service on which you are willing to sell it.
  • Choose the location where you want your advertisement to be displayed when website is visited by the visitors from the chosen geographical location.
  • Fill your contact details so the person interested in buying the product or service can contact you easily.
  • Select your Ad plan. Freebies can select free ad plan.
  • Click on Publish Ad.
  • Your ad will get published after final review by the administrator of the website.

So, this is the best way to post free classified ads on the top online classified sites.

Types of Online Classifieds Categories:

Here are some basic types of online classified categories where you can post buy and sell classifieds ads online to advertise for free.

A) Fashion Classifieds

It is a category that people use for buying and selling clothes and fashion accessories on internet. Fashion product sellers can advertise clothes for sale and fashion accessories for sale by posting free fashion classified ads in it. Buyers reach to the ads posted in subcategories like sunglasses for sale, shoes for sale and jewelries for sale, etc.


Fashion suppliers can use below mentioned best fashion classifieds sites apart from using some best online shopping sites for increasing their sales of fashion products. People also buy and sell used clothes on fashion classifieds by posting and visiting used clothes for sale ads in it. So, you can sell clothes that are new as well as the old ones. All you need to do is post free ads in fashion classifieds category to sell clothes. Whereas for buying clothes you need to visit the ads posted by sellers.

B) Job Classifieds

Job employers often use some best free job classified sites to post free job classified ads online. As the best job portals and job boards are not enough to advertise job vacancies for free. There are many free job posting sites available on the internet. Most of job seekers visits to some top job classified sites that are discussed below. Job seekers can search for different jobs like data entry jobs, hotel jobs, travel jobs, work from home jobs, internships, training, reception jobs, teaching jobs, cook jobs, security jobs and accountant jobs etc.

best job classified sites

Unemployed people visits to free job classified sites listed below to search for part time jobs and full time jobs. Job providers publish free job classified ads in job classifieds categories to increase the reach to job seekers. As job hiring becomes effective when lots of people apply for job vacancies.

C) Property Classifieds

You can post houses for sale, houses for rent, lands for sale, apartments for sale and apartments for rent ads in property classifieds categories. Home buyers and tenants often visits to some best free property classifieds to search for homes for sale and rent. So, if you are planing to buy or sell home online then visiting to a property classified site will be the right choice. Tenants use some best sites to rent a house. As it becomes easier for them to find houses for rent by owner near them.

property classifieds

D) Personal Classifieds

Well personal classifieds is a category that is used by adults for fulfilling their personal desires. People can make friends and can search for singles near them easily. So, now online dating has become very much easier. Because some best free dating sites have brought singles more closer. To remove boredom from your life you can use some free personal classifieds websites. They are very popular to post free personal classified ads online on internet. Some of the below mentioned top free classified sites have personal classifieds category.

personal classifieds

The sub categories are like women seeking men, men seeking women, men seeking men and women seeking women, etc. Mostly people use this personal ad section to find hookers near them.

E) Vehicle Classifieds

The vehicle classifieds section have sub categories like car classifieds and bike classifieds, etc. People buy and sell vehicle online visits to this category. You can visit to free vehicle classifieds category of the below mentioned best free online classified sites. Well vehicle classifieds consists of sub categories like used cars for sale, used trucks for sale, used bikes for sale and used bicycles for sale, etc. In short you can find auto parts for sale as well as used vehicles both. It is very easy to buy and sell car online using car classifieds sub-section. As many people buy and sell second hand cars online nowadays by the help of free car classifieds section.

car classifieds

F) Pet Classifieds

We are in a modern era where people adopt a pet for free from best pet adoption websites. Thanks to the site administrator who are working hard to save life of pets. People always see darker side of sites but what of these type of activities. The below top classified ads sites are contributing their share in saving animals. You can post free pet classified ads on best pet classified sites that are described below. The websites allows users to post ads like dogs for sale, dogs for adoption, cats for sale, cats for adoption, puppies for sale, puppies for adoption and birds for sale, etc. You can buy and sell dogs online by posting free ads.

pet classifieds

Although many top websites have now turned their pets for sale section into pets for adoption section. So, nothing can be more good then this I guess. As now you can adopt a pet for free.

G) Service Classifieds

Now you can advertise your business for free using online classified adverts instead paying for classified ads in newspaper. As buy and sell free classified ads sites allows users to post classified advertisement in service classifieds category also. By doing classified post in services classifieds you can reach to the targeted customers easily. Business owners uses the below mentioned best free advertising sites for free business advertising purpose. So, to advertise a business for free using service classifieds is one of the best way.


H) Electronic Classifieds

In electronics classifieds category, You can checkout classified ads like used TV for  sale, Used Mobile phone for sale, Used computer for sale and used laptop for sale, etc. This category is for posting ads related to electronic items only.

local classifieds

10 Best Free Classified Sites

Here is the list of 10 best free classified sites. You can use these top 10 classified sites to post free classified ads online by following the method discussed above. As all of the best free classified websites discussed below have the similar process to post free ads online on internet. Now, checkout this list of best free advertising sites :

1. Free Ads Time

Free Ads Time is a best global classified site operating worldwide. This website is very popular in list of best free ad posting websites explained here. It is very easy to use and have good layout. Buyers and sellers can chat with each other as they can do on other best free advertising websites mentioned here.

free classified sites

2. Wall Classifieds

Wall Classifieds is the oldest free classified website in this list of best free ad posting sites. To do free advertising online using internet, wall classifieds is a site that is very popular between ad posters. Because it is the only site with highest web traffic in list of top 10 free ad posting sites.

best free classified sites

3. H1Ad

You can post free local classified ads on this free local advertising site. It is popular worldwide for free ads posting. They remove the old ads timely. So, viewers can come across to only fresh ads posted on their site.

post free ads online

4. Gig Antic List

In this best free classified sites list for free ads, Gig Antic List is the only website that is the most popular for free service classified ads. The free internet advertising sites like Gig Antic List are helping small and medium size businesses to grow in this competitive market era.

free classified ads

5. Finder Master

Finder Master is on the fifth rank in this best free classified websites list for ad posting. The name is quite easier to remember. Well the site is also very easy to use. You can post free classified ads online in almost every country. Because this site is a global classified website. It operates in all countries in the world.

classified post

6. Classifieds Factor

To checkout buy and sell classified ads on Classifieds Factor you need not to do free sign up. As a guest visitor can see ads posted on this site without sign up also. At the time, user wants to advertise for free. Then doing sign up is something that is mandatory. Similar to other most visited sites for classified ads explained here.

free classifieds

7. Advertise Era

People ask me several times that “Where to advertise for free?” Well my answer to them is that they should visit to some top free classified sites like Advertise Era for this purpose. It is very popular among top sites that people use for online shopping.

free ad posting sites

8. Ad Ologames

To post an ad on Ad Ologames all you need to do is just do a free sign up. Then post online classified ads on it. Ad Ologames allows users to post free classified ads online on their website. This is one of the strategy of Ad Ologames to attract visitors on their website.

best free classified ads websites

9. Ads Shopolop

It is among the most popular classified ad sites that sellers use to post free local classified ads. Visiting to a local classifieds site is more good to target people from local areas instead global areas. You can post free ads without registration on classified sites easily. Make sure that your identity is revealed to ad visitors only when you have done registration before.

post free classified ads without registration

10. Digital Marketing Hints

Digital Marketing Hints is among the best free local classifieds sites that allows you to advertise your product and service locally. People post free online classifieds to advertise their products and services in front of people who leave in nearby locations. It is among the best free online advertising sites that are especially designed to advertise anything locally.

free classified ads sites

So, these are the 10 best free classified sites to post free classified ads online on the internet anytime.

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