Best website to buy refurbished or used laptops in 2020

Best websites to buy refurbished or used laptops are mentioned here. Laptops have transformed the era of computers. It is impossible to treat computers as a portable device but now laptops have made our lives easier. They are portable enough to carry it at any place. Refurbished laptops are pocket friendly as not everyone can afford new or latest laptops at that time buying refurbished laptops is the best option. Where there are merits there are demerits also. It can have lower cost but poor battery and performance. It might have virus in it or maybe it is in very bad condition. When you are using a refurbished laptop sometimes it becomes less capable of running a new software in it. So if your budget is also limited and you are looking for a high quality based laptop here are some websites to fulfill your needs.

10 Best websites to buy refurbished or used laptops

Here are the best websites for buying refurbished or used laptops mentioned below:

1. 2Gud

One of the best websites to buy refurbished laptops whose logo is “naya jaisa naye se sasta”. On this website you can get thousands of high quality used laptops. Everyone loves discount and 2gud offers maximum discount up to 81%. You can filter your choices by price, processor, brand, screen size; operating system etc. category can also be changed from laptops to its accessory, components, routers etc.

refurbished laptopsThis website is a hub for laptop brands like Dell, HP, Apple- Macbook, Lenovo etc on low prices. It provides star ratings to ensure whether it is worthy to buy that laptop. Sometimes the laptop might stop working in that case warranties are also available up to 12 months. Multiple payment options are also available with easy 10-day return policy.

2. Laptopwala

This website is preferred because it provides door to door service to their customers. Here you can buy used or furbished laptops and their accessories for over 10 years. They are specialized in selling used laptops. And have sold upto thousands of laptops till now to dealers and customers all over the world.

used laptopsBy providing quality products with exceptional service at lowest price it is quite popular among customers. Not only laptops but second hand computers, mobiles, servers are also sold by them. They have a separate query box on their website where customers can complaint about any electronic device.

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3. Amazon

One of the famous online shopping websites also provides refurbished laptops. One of major reason to prefer this that it is popular and also provide maximum discount of 35%. Laptops brands which can be seen here are Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer etc. This website provides maximum warranty of 6 months and delivery is completed in 9 hours.

second hand laptopThey provide an honest review from different customers to know the quality of products also no cost EMI is available. If any customer is not satisfied with the product then they provide 10 days replacement offer. You can enjoy the service of free home delivery with different colour options for laptops.

4. Bestbuy

Another famous website is bestbuy here you can buy used laptops. On this you can get some famous laptop brands like Apple-Macbook, Lenovo, Dell, Acer etc. Since you have a low budget so this website provides lowest possible price with star ratings to know the quality of products.

used laptops for saleYou can also enjoy their service of return and exchange. Upto 300 used laptops are available on this website and have warranty of 6 months. It is basically available in U.S, Canada and Mexico.

5. Laptop Mag

This website showcase both regular and refurbished price separately for the customers. By clicking on the benchmarks you can see the battery life, weight, hard drive capacity of the laptops. Before posting laptop’s information on their website each laptop is test by the company.

refurbished laptops for saleThe maximum discount provided on a laptop is 13%. You can avail the discount by using a coupon code provided for some laptops. This website makes sure that though laptops are used but they are in good condition.

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6. Shopclues

Shopclues provides thousands of refurbished laptops at a maximum discount upto 90%. They provide us best deals with famous laptops like Toshiba, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple-Macbook and many more. Here on this website you can sort laptops by price, popularity, discount etc. Filters are also available for brand, price, system memory, operating system, availability and hard disk capacity range.

used apple laptopsIf there is any problem in the device you can use 6 months warranty offer and 10 days return policy. Shopclues is a very trusted website among customers and to visit this website log on to shopclues.

7. Newegg

This website is available in almost every country. Here you can buy refurbished laptops at lowest possible prices. This website provides maximum discount upto 52%. You can find all sorts of laptops like regular, gaming etc. Both online and offline payment modes are available for the customers.

refurbished hp laptopsIn case of any malfunction 20 days return policy is available. You can trust your choice by reading all the reviews or you can also provide feedback for a device.

8. Onestock

This website provides sorting on the basis of bestselling, on sale, price, customer rating etc. filters are also available for brands, memory, processor, hard drive capacities, screen size and many more. Customers can prefer ratings to know more about that device.

second hand laptops for saleOnestock has quite a good collection of laptop brands like Acer, Apple-Macbook, Dell, Lenovo etc. though this website has no discount information but it provides lowest price for laptops. Over thousands of customers are linked with this website.

9. EBay

One of the best websites for providing used laptops and have about thousands of refurbished laptops available. You have to pay some extra shipping cost for that device. You can use the filters available as per price, sale, brand, shipping cost etc. This website provides moderate price for the device.

buy refurbished laptopsSome of the brands which are available are Dell, HP, and Apple-Macbook. It provides customers with 10 day return policy and a maximum warranty of 6 months. It is quite a trusted website for buying used laptops.

10. Walmart

Walmart” is one of the most visited websites to buy used laptops. This website provides no extra shipping cost for a device. Customers can buy used laptops at moderate price. Sorting and filtering are also available on the basis of brand, sale, accessories, memory, hard disk capacity and screen size.

buy used laptopsFor final check customers can prefer honest reviews by people. Brands which are available on this website are Dell, HP, Apple-Macbook, Acer, Lenovo etc. Customers can get their order in maximum 2 days.

So these were some of the websites to buy refurbished and used laptops. There are a lot of used laptops available for sale on them. So, just visit these best websites and find your choice of laptop among second hand laptops available for sale.

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