Best Video Sharing Apps like tik tok : 5 Tik Tok Alternative apps of 2020

Best Video Sharing apps also can face ban sometimes is now clear after Tik Tok that can be banned in India. Yes it is pretty much true that now many users might be get unable to use Tik Tok app in the following days. This happened because sources explains that now it’s no more on the internet. Google have removed the Tik Tok media app from it’s play store is something that people have started talking on. Well Here in this article I am going to tell you why tik tok can face complete ban and what are some best video sharing apps like Tik Tok that are also in risk of loosing their place from google play store. There are many tik tok alternative apps that are quite preferred for creating and sharing short videos. They are just similar to tik tok available on Google Play store till now.

Now why the Indian Government don’t give consideration over removing them too is still a querry for the people who are against apps like tik tok ?

Before I tell you why tik tok got banned in India let me tell you some basic things.

What is a short video sharing app ?

Video sharing apps are used on mobile phones to share short videos on Internet. Short video sharing app allows users to share videos of shorter duration thus they are popularly known as short video sharing app. You can’t share long videos on Internet using this app like youtube. As on the short video sharing app the length of video should not exceed much longer. Youtube allows users to share long videos and short videos both that can be of duration in hours and minutes.

What is Tik Tok App ?

Tik Tok is a Chinese video sharing app that has been taken down from the app store in past few days. Tik tok is a free short video creating and sharing app that allows users to create short videos and share with their followers. Users can watch videos of another people on it if they follows them on this app. So, if you have good creativity and want to put that creativity on work than you can use some legal apps available on internet. This makes it clear that Internet is bring opportunities for many creative people too. You can checkout top 10 apps that people like to use. They are considered as best apps like this one by clicking on the above link.

Why Tik Tok may face ban in India ?

Indian Government have request Google Play Store and Apple to remove tik tok from their app stores. Well now let me tell you that tik tok app have it’s own community guidelines. If you are a tik tok user then you need to follow those guidelines. Otherwise as per the Tik Tok policies your created video can be removed by Tik Tok.

Indian Supreme Court still feels that it must be banned in India as well as other apps like Tik Tok are also in risk to be banned. Now the question arises why it should be banned ? I guess I am right.

Following reason can be behind banning this app:

  • It consumes time of large audience and people so it might be a time killing app for you.
  • People can share harmful content also on it this makes it some less reliable in terms of internet safety protection protocols.

When We asked some of the users they told us that it is giving an opportunity to people for showcasing their skills and creativity to other users.

Adults as well as young ones are creating videos using these kind of apps and are sharing them on internet this have many demerits too. As might be video creators are showing their creativity on it but what of viewers who are watching videos on it? Is this not the killing of talent by allowing them to involve in watching the videos that have some percentage of copyrighted material too ?

Well as we all know that video creators are always helped by video creating apps by providing them a platform to use their creativity for earning money also. But when it comes on sharing than sharing the content that is harmful should be avoided.

Apps like Tik Tok have their own community guidelines

Now Tik tok although have good community guidelines structure and policies that safeguards the interest of users. Like you can watch videos of other users by following them as well as video sharers also share videos by their own wish. Tik tok have more than 50 millions of users registered on it. Tik Tok team have communicated that around 6 million videos have been removed in past few months. The reason behind this is that they violated the tik tok community guidelines.

Many Indian parents are against Tik Tok. As they feel that apps like these are taking their children on some different path. The path on which the parents might don’t have much surety of seeking their children success. Well regular video creation is considered as killing the time by some users as well. So, they want government to consider other apps like tik tok to be also removed from play store that are discussed below.

5 Apps like Tik Tok (Best Short Video Sharing App)

Here are the following short video apps like tik tok that are often called tik tok alternative apps. People use to create and share short videos on internet using many best video sharing apps available on internet. Here is brief introduction about these similar apps like tik tok that might be soon removed from google app store but till now the are still active:

1. Like Video App

For entertainment and joy purpose like video app is very popular among video creators. Vide creators can make video using sound of dialogues from movies, songs and trending jokes. This app is similar to Tik Tok and you can explore new content on this app everyday. People like to create videos using it and then share them with the community members on it.

2. Vigo Video App

Vigo is the next most popular video sharing app after Tik Tok. It allows users to create videos using many types of filters and stickers that attracts the viewers mind toward videos. You can share videos after creating as status as well as on some best social media sites like facebook, twitter and instagram etc.

3. Dubshoot

Start dubbing your next video shoot with dubshoot. It is a free video sharing app. It allows you to create videos using dubbed music and sound effects. You can entertain your followers by creating video using it. It is very easy to use as these other apps like tik to. It makes it the best tik tok alternative. Because it provides many similar features like tik tok provides to their millions of users.

4. Funimate

For doing fun funimate can be your favorite short video creation app. Having a mate like funimate can release your boredom. As you can share videos with your connections on it. People can follow you if they likes content created by you.

5. Video Sharing App

Video sharing app as the name indicates can be used for sharing videos. You can only share videos having video duration less than a minute. Tik Tok is also a short video creator and sharing app like this one. So. using this video sharing app was also found quite similar to the Tik Tok.

Tik Tok Alternative Apps Available on Playstore

You can download these best tinder alternative apps from the Google Play Store easily. All you need to do is visit to the app store and sign in using your email address if you already have an account on the app store. Otherwise you can do free sign up on them as most of the best mobile apps stores allows you to register for free. After signing in just search for these best free video sharing apps by their name and download them. After completion of download you can install them and start using these apps.

Now let’s see how Indian government takes action against these top tik tok alternative apps. Whether they are going to be removed from play store or not. Well their community guidelines may be strong enough for their existence on app stores. That’s the reason some video sharing apps are still available on app stores.

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