10 Rules of Successful Students : How to keep track of everything and stay calm?

Every person determines success in his or her own way. For some people it is a specific achievement, for others, it is a recognition. One may consider as a success not the reaching of the main goal, but the process of achieving it. In this case, the path itself brings pleasure and gives a sense of success. The latter ones value the process more than the reward. But, to succeed, you must do something. Student development is best facilitated by constant work on self-improvement.

Here are 10 rules for becoming a successful student :

1. Think about what you are already doing to succeed? The first step – awareness of your condition – will help you develop a plan of action and determine the goals to achieve. A little trick – trust the envy, that may appear, it will be able to show what you are missing.

2. Make a plan. Planning a day saves you time. But create not only to-do lists but also lists of important information. For example, note down your achievements. That will not only come in handy when writing your resume but will also motivate you in the future.

3. Don’t dwell on the defeats. Tim Sykes, a well-known stockbroker, has failed dozens of times. When asked how he still managed to succeed, he replied:

“What else was I supposed to do? I kept going!”

4. Make learning a habit. All you need to do for that is to study 21 days in a row, and by the 22nd it will become commonplace. Besides, if you don’t always have enough time, live by the rule of 20 minutes. Devote that amount of time to any cause every day – it’s the easiest way to make a habit.

5. Ask for help. Involve friends and classmates for a bigger task or assignment. For example, when it comes to term paper expert writers could give you sound advice on how to choose the right thesis statement. This will help you cope better and will save you time and energy. Don’t be afraid or ashamed, when you don’t know something or don’t have time for smaller assignments.

6. Don’t neglect the sleep. It is better to sleep well than to spend the night studying. It is during the sleep that information passes from short-term memory to long-term. Besides, you should limit time-consuming social networks.

7. Determine your main goal. It will be necessary to spend at least one hour each day working on it. Take your dream and make it a reality!

8. Learn some new stuff every day. The main goal is essential, but multifaceted development is important. It will be more interesting to learn if you start learning something outside the box.

9. Look for the bigger picture. Studying is not only held within your alma mater. Find some extra-curriculum activities, like internships or volunteer work. You may join the debate team, or write for a student’s newspaper, whatever works for you. You can find some tips about these activities here.

10. Find a base for development. Sometimes all we need is a guide, a mentor, or an environment, where we can dive into self-realization. Find out what’s your personal reliance is and what motivates you the most and surround yourself with it. As much as you can.

The university is a good platform for success. Pay attention to what it can offer you. It has many possibilities for the development of the students. After all, the most important steps to success are university steps.

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