How to get girl’s whatsapp number for friendship?

How to get girl’s whatsapp number for friendship? Read it’s answer in this article. Boys always have a question in their mind that “how to get girl’s mobile number?” Because they want to take friendship with her to the next level. Well, don’t worry. Here I am going to tell you some best ways to get girl’s phone number easily.

Boys sometimes need a good chatting companion to talk. The feeling of loneliness in boys give rise of desire to get girl’s whatsapp number for doing friendship. Chat apps like whatsapp are the best for chatting with people. You can share your feelings while chatting with someone. A friend who is just away by a message can get you out of the loneliness. As you can spend a great time by having conversation with them.

How to get a girl’s whatsapp number for friendship?

Here I am going to tell you how you can get a girl’s whatsapp number for friendship? Because after then you can start doing chatting with her on whatsapp to make her your friend. It is very easy to get girl’s whatsapp number. For getting a girl’s whatsapp number, you only need a strong reason for this otherwise You should have enough courage to ask her directly about the mobile number.

How to get girl's mobile number for friendship
Here I am going to tell you how to get girl’s mobile number for friendship. So, read this article till end.

Suppose you meet many girls in your office, college or any workplace but you don’t have their mobile number. Then do you know how to ask for a girl’s mobile number ? If not then read this article till end.

You can get girl’s mobile phone number by following these methods:

1. Ask her to share media file

girl's mobile number
To get girl’s mobile number why don’t you ask her to share any file related to you both guys.

To get girl’s mobile number you can ask a girl to share or send a media file on your whatsapp. You can pretend like you need any important file, document, video or photograph that she have already. You can ask her to send the group image, study notes, time table, receipt’s copy any any website link, etc.. Keep in mind that here you aren’t directly asking her to give whatsapp number. You just need to make her ready for sharing the particular file on your whatsapp number. In this situation you can give her your’s number.

2. Ask Girl directly to give her phone number

girl's mobile number for friendship
You can get girl’s mobile number for friendship only by becoming courageous.

If you are willing to try this way. Then you should have enough courage to face her. In this method, you have to ask her phone number directly without any hesitation and fear. Well, she won’t going to punish you for this. The worst thing that might happen with you is she might reject to give her mobile number to you. By the way you don’t have her phone number already. Then, why not to give it a try. Let her know that you want to do friendship with her. This is the reason you are asking her whatsapp number for friendship.

You should ask girl in a gentle manner while asking for her mobile number. In such a manner that she feel safe to give her mobile number to you. Many girls don’t give their mobile number soon. Because after getting girl’s phone number boys irritate them by continuous calls all the time. Due to this girls also need to face problems as they also live in home with their family members.

It’s good if you have a supportive reason while asking for her mobile number. Otherwise, you can ask her for giving mobile number in following manner:

If you don’t mind may I get your mobile number ?

how to get girl's whatsapp number?
Most of boys don’t know how to get girl by using gentleness as a key.

This manner of asking about phone number represents about your polite nature. It also brings some sense of safety in girl’s mind. She also comes to know that you don’t want her to feel embarrassed by you. That’s why you are asking not to feel bad for this question. So, this can increase your chances to get her mobile number.

She can also ask you about the reason to ask her the mobile number. So, be prepared to answer her. Just give a reason on which she can easily rely. Don’t give any stupid reason as this can create your bad impact on her. So, give some genuine reasons. If you are having no reasons but have enough courage. Then, simply tell her that you are interested in doing friendship with her. That’s why you are asking for her mobile number.

3. Help her in some work

girl's phone number
It is easy to get girl’s phone number if you are helping her in any work.

People ask me several times that “how to get girls whatsapp number for friendship?” Well, I always advice boys for offering help to girls. Every girl wants a helping hand. Every person wants others to help them. To being in touch with a helping partner forever they can get connected using mobile numbers. If you provide help to any girl in her work. Then this will develop her trust on you. Before you ask her for mobile number, might be she can ask you for your mobile number. Because then she can easily get your help in future situations also. It’s always good to help others. This can create a good image of yours in their mind.

4. You can get her advice or ask her for help

girl's whatsapp number
Ask girls to help you in some work. It’s easy to get girl’s whatsapp number when she do work with you.

Do you know that people like more to speak instead hear. Yes this is very much true that people like speaking more instead of hearing. Because of this they feel themselves more special and good when they have chance to speak. I want to give you an advice that for getting girls in life just start speaking less and hear more. Whenever we listen someone carefully, it shows them that we are giving respect to them. You can also take help of girls. Don’t hesitate in asking for girl’s help. You can know about areas in which she have good knowledge. This gives you chance to start asking related questions. You can also take her advice on different topics. Start showing your interest in the topics in which she have good knowledge. You can also ask for her mobile number to take her help and advice later.

5. Make a mutual friend

girl's whatsapp number for friendship
Make a mutual friend who can help you in making relation with her. You can get girl’s whatsapp number for friendship with help of a mutual friend easily.

In some situations we like a girl but as we are not her friend we can’t ask for friendship directly. To become her friend you need to do friendship with one of her friend. After making a mutual friend you can easily do friendship with her as now you have a common friend. Your common friend can act as a mediator in doing friendship with her. So, in this way you can become her friend too and later you guys can hang out together and can exchange your mobile numbers or can also make whatsapp groups as well.

6. Create your need

female mobile number for friendship
This method is used by those smart males who want to get female’s mobile number for friendship. They create their own need for female. So, female needs to contact them by getting their mobile number.

Do you know I have learnt one great thing in my life that is – “Make your own game and Win it”. Yes, My dear friend it is possible to create your need for others in some situations. Then the girl will get stuck by herself in the situation that is created by you. Then she is definitely going to contact you. If she knows that you are good in getting her out of the problem. So, start creating your need for people. This ideas is going to work for those only who are smart enough in creating situations.

7. Become her social friend

girl's mobile number on facebook
You can follow her profile on social sites like Facebook, Instagram and twitter,etc to get girl’s mobile number. By chatting you can become her friend and can ask for mobile number.

You can find the girl you like on social media websites. There are some top 10 websites that people generally use for meeting new people as well as maintaining social reach with known people. So, find her on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or on twitter. You can start following her profile and can start with commenting on her posts and later can chat with her using messaging feature. After she becomes quite comfortable in chatting with you then you can ask her mobile number. If she don’t give you her number then tell her that you enjoyed her company and wanted to take it to the next level. You can give a reason like you are leaving that social platform but still want to be in her contact.

8. Ask girl to hang out with you

girl's contact number
You can get girl’s contact number by asking them to go out with you for fun.

Well everyone loves to go out whether a boy or a girl. So, you can ask the girl with whom you want to hang out. There many be reasons of going outside like for watching movies in cinema, coffee at cafe, fair, lunch at restaurant and many more. Ask her to meet you at any place for doing fun. Well, I like to meet girls for having ice creams outside. In this way if she agrees for going out with you then you can ask her mobile number. You can tell her about the place of meeting and timing to meet.

Get girl’s mobile phone number using below websites

If you don’t have any girls in your friend circle for doing friendship and making your whatsapp friend. Then, you can also talk with stranger girls using some best free chat sites and can ask about their mobile number or can get directly by visiting their profiles. Because many girls keep contact details updated on their profiles. There are some best dating sites that have millions of men and women registered who are looking for some dating partner. So, visiting those dating sites can be helpful in connecting with girls.

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