How to book movie tickets online in advance? : Step by Step Guide

How to book movie tickets online in advance? : The best way to buy movie tickets online in advance is mentioned here. Movies are the best method of recreation. Anyone can relate to movies; people find their life stories similar to those of movies. Making a plan to watch a movie is the best way to spend time with your family and friends. It is important to have a break from busy schedule and give your mind some rest for which movies are the best one can ever approach. It makes you fresh so that when you get back to work you can work without any distraction. Booking movie tickets online is the best option rather than going to the theater buying more expensive tickets even without any discounts.

how to buy movie tickets online

How to book movie tickets online in advance?

Online booking is very easy it can be done by anyone. There are hundreds of sites available where you can book movie tickets with various offers. So if you are also looking to watch a movie and want to know “how to book movie tickets online?” then these steps will help you.

1. Visit various movie ticket booking websites

Booking online movie tickets is a very easy task. These sites reliable and you can book tickets of your favorite movie in few minutes. Some of these interesting sites are:

how to book movie tickets

Book My Show

It is among the leading online movie tickets booking sites. About thousands of people believe this site. Almost all genres of movie tickets are available on this site you just have to select the language. This site is partnered with 300 cinemas and around 1500 screens. They sell about 2.2 millions of tickets every week.

how to book movie tickets on bookmyshow


It is very easy to use and large numbers of theaters are available to choose from. You can choose the desired seats and the show timings and can get good amount of cash back also in your paytm wallet.

how to book movie tickets on paytm

PVR cinemas

If you are looking forward to book tickets of your favorite movie then this is the perfect site for you. All you need to do is select your movie, time, date and number of tickets. After this enjoy the movie in the theater.

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2. Visit various offers

Who doesn’t love exciting offers and discounts? These offers may include free beverages, some free tickets etc.

  • Make sure when you visit online booking sites; visit the offer section positively because many times some theatres offer some amount of negotiation.
  • If you book tickets from sites like Paytm or PhonePe you can also enjoy the amount of cash back in your wallet which you can further use to buy beverages at the theater during intermission.
  • There is a possibility that you may have a kid with you at the movie. These offers may include some sort of discount on the kid’s movie tickets.

how to book cinema tickets online

3. Choose the genre of the movie

It is not necessary to watch a Hindi or an English movie everytime. Movie can be of any language depending on the taste of the viewer.

  • When you visit online booking sites; search movies as per your preference. Select different language (Tamil, Telegu and Bengali etc) to find the perfect movie for you to watch at the theatre.
  • Many times movies in some other language are also dubbed in either Hindi or English or any other language which you understand. This makes it easy for you to book tickets for the dubbed version and enjoy the movie.

how to order movie tickets online

4. Choose the movie

After selecting the genre of the movie; select the movie of that particular genre which you have chosen. The movie can be related to anything; it can be a comedy film, a biography of someone very popular, a science and astronomy related film, a fictional film, a horror film or a love story. You can also choose a film as per the reviews.

how to book film tickets onlineSometimes movie which you want to watch may not have good reviews; in that case either you can consider the reviews or you can go with your choice of film.

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5. Choose the Cinema theater

Now it’s time to choose the theater. You can make your choice as per the ratings provided. It is a very important step because you don’t want any kind of disturbance while watching a movie for which the theater should be in good condition.

  • Sometimes people choose the appropriate theaters as per the offers provided. If you get good offers you can approach that theater to ease your expense.
  • Not only offers but you have to take care of the distance of theater from your house. If it is quite far it maybe very uncomfortable to drive or else you can also miss some part of the movie.

how to book movie tickets in advance

6. Choose the proper timing

It is the most important factor while booking for a movie. You don’t any sort of work to interrupt you while watching a movie with your dear ones.

  • Choose the right time for the movie. It should be convenient as per your schedule on daily basis otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the movie which will impact your family and friends also as is can be distracting for them.
  • If the theater is a bit far from your home; your timings of the show must be such that you won’t be late for the movie and it won’t be missed.

how to purchase movie tickets online

7. Availability of the number of tickets

Plan to watch a movie with friends and family can be a sudden or a planed thing. So you must make sure to book the proper number of tickets so that there is no chaos at the last minute. While checking out the seat availability on these sites; be very careful because you might skip someone in the process.

how to pre book movie ticketsIf possible look out for the seats in a single row or in the adjacent rows so that your family can be together in the theater and enjoy the show.

8. Choose the payment option

After you have booked the number of tickets, selected the genre of the movie to watch and selected the timings of the movie; now it’s time to pay for the tickets. Tickets can be of different rate on different online payment apps. The difference can be because of the offers provided or the cash backs. Be very careful while doing the payments as you can miss some offers or skip an entire step without which the payment won’t be treated as completed.

how to book cinema tickets in advance

9. Print the confirmation page

  • Once you are done with all sorts of payments; there will appear a confirmation page which is the most important step to claim the completion of the process.
  • Sometimes there is a possibility that there is no confirmation message is received; in that case either you can check any error in the payment details or you call the customer care for any help regarding the payment issue.

how to book movie tickets online using debit card

10. Take the printout of confirmation at the theater

  • Once you got the confirmation message you can either take a screenshot of it or you can take a printout of that page so that you can enter the theater and enjoy the movie.
  • Sometimes we forgot to take that receipt to the theater; in that case your booking will not be considered and you won’t be able to enter the theater. Most of the times people gets disheartened by this because all their expenditure is now a waste.

how can i book movie tickets onlineSo these were some important steps which you should keep in mind while booking a movie ticket online. I hope now you have got understood “How to book movie tickets online in advance using debit card, credit card, net banking and payment wallets?”.

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