How to get more followers on Instagram in 2020?

How to get more followers on Instagram for free? : Here is the answer. Instagram has gain a lot of popularity over the past 10 years. About thousands of people are on Instagram to socialize with new people. It is a complete package; it has informative posts, fashion related post, humor related posts, technology related post and many more. You can become an Instagram influencer by posting interesting and creative post everyday. Instagram is the mostly preferred social media site above “Facebook” and “WhatsApp”. Nowadays Instagram has become a status symbol; if you have a good number of followers you maybe termed as the coolest person among your friend circle but if you are not on Instagram or you have fewer followers then you can get troubled by your friends. Instagram is quite a good site and if you want to increase your follower rate then here are some tips which may help you.

10 ways to get more followers on Instagram

Here are the 10 ways to get more followers on Instagram for free:

1. Trending hashtags

Hashtags are something that can give complete overview of the post that you have posted so its trendiness, freshness, creativity is definitely a matter of fact. These hashtags define your interest and it can make the audience relate to your interests.

how to get more followers on instagram fastOne must make sure that the hashtags must be new, original as they play a major role to increase your exposure scope and attract more people towards your page. Trendy doesn’t mean creating any word or phrase as a hashtag. It must be logical, it must be related to your post and must be eye catching.

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2. Collaboration

Collaboration means an agreement between two or more people to promote each other’s talent. To grow your page it is important to make people know about it. Collaboration can help you to advertise your content to various other people. People love when their favorite Instagram influencers collaborate with each other and post new content on your page.

how to get more followers on instagram for freeBy doing this more and more people will be attracted and there is a possibility that other influencers may also start following you. It will increase the sense of professionalism in you and will help in adding up followers on you page.

3. Regularity

When you decide to become an Instagram influencer the basic step you should keep in mind is to be regular in posting your content. Posting for at least twice a day will make the audience bound to your feed. If regularity is important then freshness and genuineness is also important.

how to get more followers on instagram instantlyPosting foolish content on your page will reduce the number of people following you. Hence quality should be preferred over quantity. So posting interesting posts at least twice a day can help you to increase your Instagram followers.

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4. Like other’s posts

No matter what interest you follow on Instagram but every post that has originality and effectiveness in it; have the right to be liked. When you explore different things on Instagram you get enormous bunch of interesting content, if you find it good then like it. Liking other’s content will also attract them towards your feed.

how to get more and more followers on instagramThey will explore your page and maybe like your feed too. Keep exploring new things, liking stuff and increase your followers.

5. Run various contests

People love getting shout outs on Instagram. Try to run various contests time to time. It will create a constant interest of audience on your feed. These contests can be related to anything.

how to get followers on instagramYou can also set some prizes for the winners, by this people will advertise your page to their friends and this will indirectly create a network by which more and more people will start following you.

6. Follow others

It is good to have healthy competition but that doesn’t mean that you don’t encourage other content creators because of your ego. Every Instagram influencer has a talent of their own, you should follow them if you are impressed and by this you can get a chance to explore something new.

instagram followersWhen you follow other content creators they will also visit your page and they maybe start following you. By this there is a possibility that, that creator’s followers also request to follow you.

7. Create a good bio

When you create your page on Instagram the first thing that you fill is your bio. Your bio has each and every detail about yourself and your interests. If you don’t have a creative bio people might create a boring perspective about you.

how to increase instagram followersIt is necessary to have an impactful bio as it will create a good image of your feed and the content you post daily for the audience.

8. Tag people in your post

People will love when you mention them in your post. Everyone loves attention as everyone wants to promote themselves on Instagram. There might be some posts that describe anything directly or indirectly about anyone.

how to gain followers on instagramWhen you tag that person on that post he/she maybe tag someone else on the same post. Like this the views will keep on increasing and your Instagram followers may also increase.

9. Do not support cyber bullying

There maybe sometimes when people get jealous of you and they start some sort of bullying. This type of trolling is called cyber bullying. Haters going to hate all the time no matter even if you post the best content for them. You should take stand on such miss-happening not only for yourself but for others too.

how to get many followers on instagramWhen you support others who is facing cyber bullying will not only make you feel satisfied but also it will create a good image of you on Instagram and more people will try to be in contact with you by following you.

10. Post should have questions

Once you started posting interesting content on your page it is important to know the interest of people like what type of content they want to see, what are their thoughts on certain topics etc. Posts which have questions in it is quite an effective way to achieve all these.

how to increase your instagram followersThese things will attract more people towards your page. You can become a successful Instagram influencer only if you take care of your punctuality and audience’s needs.

So these were some important points you should keep in mind in order to increase you Instagram followers.

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