How to propose a girl : Proposal Ideas : 10 Best ways to propose a girl

Do you know how to propose a girl in such a way that their are very less chances to get rejected. If not then this is the best place to know about some best proposal ideas that really works. In this article I am going to tell you the best way to propose a girl that you can use to propose your crush or a dream girl.

Well it is very easy to start liking a girl or get attracted towards her. As when we start liking someone we don’t express our feelings in starting. But as our feelings towards her get stronger with time than a boy feels that he must propose her.

To propose a girl requires courage because their is chance of failure and rejection too which we don’t like because no one wants to get rejected.

proposal ideas

So, When a boy thinks to propose a girl he is already having some fear and in that situation he don’t know how to propose a girl so she accepts her proposal. For this reason he asks his friends to suggest him some proposal ideas that works.

Today I am going to help you like a friend by telling you the best way to propose a girl. So, kindly read this article till end. As I don’t want you to commit any mistake due to which you need to face rejection.

How to propose a Girl ?

To propose a girl means to take freindship with her at next level. It means you are taking a chance to convert your freindship into a relationship.

Before proposing a girl you must keep some things clear in mind because there are some things that can even destroy your relationship with her. I am telling you those things that you must consider before proposing a girl :

  • Before proposing any girl know about her relationship status. Might be she is already committed with someone else.
  • Don’t be in hurry to undergo relationship with her. Try to take your freindship at a level where you both can trust each other. After taking her to that level you can easily say her those 3 magical words that are very popular 😋: I Love You ❤️
  • It is not necessary that she will accept your proposal. So, Don’t feel bad if she says “No”. Neither try again to propose her because this will loose your self attitude as well. If you aren’t going to propose her again after rejection by her side. Might be she is going to propose you later thinking that you are not a stubborn guy like others.
  • Don’t beg for her love if she says “No”. Just leave the topic because no love can be made by pressurising love partner. One sided love hurts more. So, give some more time to your freindship instead putting pressure on her to accept your proposal.
  • Take a new look on the day when you are going to propose her. You can wear clothes that she likes or can get a new hairstyle. So, be in a new Avtar. Might be she is going to impress by seeing you in the new look that she likes you to be in.
  • Don’t miss behave with her if she says “No” because sometimes girls get afraid due to sudden surprises. Might be she want some more time to think about it.
  • If you have any doubt of rejection by her on the day when you are going to propose her. Just postpone the proposal date because it’s better to choose another date instead getting rejected. Sometimes people aren’t in good mood. So, it’s important to know that what is her mood when you are going to propose her.

best way to propose a girl

10 Best ways to propose a girl

Here are some best way to propose a girl that you can use for proposing the girl whom do you like.

1. Be Yourself

be yourself

Whenever you are going to propose a girl just be yourself. Be simple, sweet and shober. Avoid being completely changed for her. Because if she likes you then she will accept you as you are. Sometimes boys commits this mistake that they try to become what they aren’t and believe me girls hate this because might be you are going to change again for any another girl. So, propose her in a way that you can do easily.

2. Take her on Candle Light Dinner


Proposing a girl on candle light dinner is not a bad idea because candle light dinner is very romantic. People generally comes in good mood after having some food because people don’t feel good when they are hungry. So, you must make her mood good before proposing her by taking her to a romantic dinner place.

3. Take her to Place Where you met her for the First Time


Do you know that we feel good when we visit to some place where we have visited before also. Because the place is known to us and we feel safe at that place. So, instead taking her to a new place for proposing her just take her to place where you met her for the first time. I said this because new place is always a strange place for person where person feels uncomfortable and fear too. Going to a place where you have gone with her before will make her feel more comfortable and relaxed.

4. Propose a Girl on Special Day


Well every girl want to go in relationship on some special day. A special day can be like her birthday, new year night, valentine’s day or the day when you guys met for the first time. Make her feel special to get her.

5. ProposE A Girl During a Movie Break


Theatre is a place where most of couples undergo in relationship because here you can watch a romantic movie. Well, believe me environment have it’s own effect. You can’t propose a girl on any funneral 😁. Romantic movie creates a romantic environment and thus it increases chances of your success.

6. Propose A girl by T-Shirt


This is the best way to propose a girl as you needn’t to speak also. You can wear any printed t-shirt that explains your feeling for her when you meet her. People are using this way of proposal from many past year where they meet girl by wearing a printed t-shirt with photo of her or you guys both. You can easily get printed t-shirt by online shopping sites or can get a customised printed t-shirt from clothing store near you.

7. Take her for a Picnic in Park


Fresh air makes mood good. Yes this is a fact that people become happy when they visit to a park because of beautiful ambience over there. Sitting in grass is also what makes you feel comfortable and than you can just take her hand in your hand and say what you feel for her. It sounds 🔊 romantic. Well it is truely a nice way as people feel good sitting in park. So, make her mood good before telling her about your feelings for her.

8. Propose a Girl using Radio


This way of proposal is very special. To Propose a girl on radio you need to contact nearby radio centre. They generally do this kind of helps by charging few bucks. Tell her how much you love her by either going live on radio or by sending your own voice recording to radio centre. Don’t forget to inform her to turn on the radio at right time. So, she don’t miss your surprise proposal.

Sometimes it is risky also as might be your or her knowns also hearing the radio at same time. So, use first name and don’t use last name while proposing her.

9. Gift Yourself in a Gift Box


This way of proposal is trending nowadays. Well I love this way among all best proposal ideas explained here. As it is something that is unique. You can buy a big box to gift her yourself. In this you would require help of your freind. Just sit in the large box and get it wrapped by your freind and ask your freind to drop the gift box at place where you have invited girl to meet you. Don’t forget to do holes in the box so you get proper oxygen otherwise you are going to your harm yourself.

Call her few minutes before she reach to that place and say her sorry that you aren’t able to come because of any reason. Ask her to take gift that you have sent with your freind.

As your freind will give gift to her sent by you. She is going to be surprised by a large box. Just imagine when she will open the gift and will find you as her gift. It will be the most romantic moment of her life and she is going to feel special by such a great gift that nobody have her before.

10. Propose her using Banner

Best way to propose

You can also propose a girl by using printed banners. Take her to a place where you have already hanged or fixed some banners expressing your love towards her. Use good images of her or your together photos in banner with some good love quotes.

So, these are some best ways to propose a girl. I hope it’s now clear in your mind that how to propose a girl. Just use this kind of ways and I wish she accept your proposal without any delay.

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