How to answer “Tell me about yourself” in a job interview?

How to answer “Tell me about yourself” in a job interview? : Here is the answer. Interview is a give and take of thoughts and ideas between the interviewer and interviewee. Once you are ready, take deep breaths and be relax. Do not feel nervous and don’t be shy. Stay positive and confident. Everything’s will be fine, once you enter the room. At first we feel nervous but after the introduction part, you’ll feel comfortable. Answer all the questions asked, confidently. Avoid describing your resume word to word. Be concise, try to answer the question in 3 to 4 sentences. Don’t rush into deep stories,  connect your skills to the job description.

How to answer “Tell me about yourself” in a job interview?

The interviewer usually asks “tell me about yourself”, he/she puts up this question to know your communication skills and  your interest. So try to avoid answering it in long stories. Here are few ways you can answer this question.

1. Who are you?

At first, describe yourself by telling your name and place, your interest and hobbies. Start with a sentence introducing yourself saying who you are. Tell the interviewer about the occupation of your parents. You strengths and weakness. Every employer want their employee to be passionate and dedicated towards the work. Dedication brings positive vibes and loyalty. When you are dedicated, you give everything you have. When you’re dedicated, you learn time management, discipline and passion.

tell me about yourself interview


I have recently completed graduation  in commerce or I recently graduated in computer engineering.

2. Mention you past experience

Explain your experience with your previous job. Tell them about your workload and how did you manage your work. Your previous experience will indicate whether you are a valuable asset for the company or not. If you are a fresher, you must tell them about your skills and if you were an intern in some company. Develop your skills, it can be communication skills, writing and reading skills, computer skills, graphics etc. work on your skills if you want to work in good companies.

how to answer job interview question tell me about yourself


I am an English teacher with 4 years of experience in the teaching industry.

3. Achievements

Make three to four sentences explaining about your achievements. Everyone has some achievements in life, describe them to the fullest. Exaggerate the moments of your achievements. This statements will tell the interviewer about your capabilities and skills that you acquire. Achievements basically means, who you are as person and what are your interest and strengths. The more capable you are, the more you are able to work.

tell me about yourself interview answers


  • I have specialization in teaching business English to corporate
  • As a trainer, I have trained many executives from different MNC’s.
  • I also train new recruits to deliver better lectures in the classroom.

4. Talk about why you need this job

When you come up to this, don’t give negative comments about your previous job. Like don’t say my boss was rude, my colleagues are not cooperative etc. This will give a negative impact about your work. You need to answer this in a positive manner to present in such a way that you are not stressed from your work life rather you enjoy it but you are searching for some more productive instrument to enhance your skills.

tell me about yourself interview question


I am very particular about my schedules and always manage my time efficiently. As I am a bachelor and willing to take any kind of opportunity in your company that will allow my skills to grow.

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5. About the role

Tell them about what you know about the particular role. Having knowledge in whatever field you are working is essential to know. Grab more and more information about the work. when you are knowledgeable about your work, the interviewer will find the potential in you. Job knowledge leads to better work decision. When the employee does not have accurate knowledge of how their job will fit in the work picture of the organization, this leads to carelessness. Knowing about your work, will give you clarity in your work and will lead to responsibility. Not having knowledge about the work and still you are ready to give an interview, this will give a negative impression on the interviewer.

tell me about yourself example


I understand that for this role, you are hiring financial manager and I am aware that for this role you need someone with good skills and abilities.

6. Highlight your personality

Employers want employees who can get the work done right at the first time. If you can do the work on time, check the errors in the work, maintain and follow a to-do list, you can confidently highlight this fact in your interview. Your personality traits matter a lot in the job. This point sums up all the points mentioned above. You need to have a detailed knowledge about your work, be on time and manage your time efficiently. Everyone in the company likes to cope up with the employees who are loyal and are cooperative in the work assigned to them. be a good learner and a doer.

tell me about yourself sample answer

7. Introduce your hobbies and interest

You can introduce yourself by adding up your skills, hobbies and interest in every field. Like if you love dancing, singing, cooking etc tell them you have special skills and interest in such fields too. There are several events and functions organized by the company, you can participate and show them up your talents. As we grow, we have less opportunities to show off our talents in our hobbies, as we get busy in our daily work life that we don’t have much time to devote on such activities. So that’s a good point in describing yourself and telling them the activities in which you are good at. Don’t be shy and nervous. Answer the question confidently and with loyalty.

how to answer tell me about yourself interview question


You love animals and taking care of them is your hobby, so you can say that I love animals and playing with them is my hobby. Last month, I adopted a golden retriever named joy. Moreover, I am  a certified dog trainer, I spend my weekends in training dogs.

8. What you can do for them

Tell them about your motivation and your abilities that you can do for them as an employee. An employee can generate all the possible opportunities and seek confidence. You can practice the same. Give the interviewer the confidence that you will do the work with your generosity. Resolve the errors before they arise, here you can also tell them about your qualities and accomplishments in the particular field.

how to answer tell me about yourself in an interview


I am a social butterfly and love arranging fun in everything assigned to me. I will do my job with proper attention and with responsibility to do my work on time.

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9. Be concise

Nobody likes to hear long para about anything be it you or your favorite thing. When you answer something short and accurate, people will start giving you some attention. But on the other hand if you are not concise and you answer giving long explanations, people will unfortunately get rid of you and at some point will stop listening to you. So in the same manner, when you go for an interview, try to be concise and do not start telling the interviewer long stories about yourself or about your personal details.

how to introduce yourself in interview sample answer


Hi, I have been engaged in the teaching industry for about 3 years. I was recently working as a high school English teacher. With my leadership abilities and communication skills, I was able to develop the healthy environment in the school.

10. Introduce yourself by referencing the job’s needs

Tell the interviewer about yourself by keeping in mind the needs of the job. When you’ll come to know about the needs of the job, start coping with the requirements. This will make you more analytical and proactive in your work.

tell me about yourself interview question and answer exampleInterviewer want the interviewee to be well organized and creative. Develop your skills and be enthusiastic. Be positive about your work and also try to be an initiator in the work field.

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