What is a domain name and how to buy a good domain name?

A domain name registration is very important and first thing that a website owner do to create his/her website online presence on internet. Domain name is a true identity of the website over internet. On Internet, everyone gets information by reaching to the right links. These links are further created on the domain name of the website. These links are of different webpages that a website haves.

The all links of a particular website have one similar thing that they all are built on a same domain name and are related to it.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is the identical string that reveals the authority and control of information presented over internet.

It can also be said as “Domain name is a human readable link that ┬áis helpful for visiting websites on internet.”

What is Domain Name System

How domain name works ?

Domain names are covered under a system known as Domain Name System or DNS. It can be referred as an address book of links present on the internet. Domain Name System helps visitors to reach the information resources present on internet.

Difference between Domain Name and Sub Domain Name

Domain Name is the higher level domain and sub domain name is the lower level domain or is part of the main domain name.

For Example: Interestingfactsaboutlife.com is a domain whereas if there is interestingfactsaboutlife.com.in than it is a sub domain name.

What is a Domain Name Extension?

Domain Name extension is the last part of any domain name. It is the next part of top domain written after top domain name.

Domain Name Extensions
Some basic Domain Name Extensions.

For Example: .com, .in, .au, .us, .info, .gov, .org and .net etc.

Comparison between domain name extensions:
  1. .com Domain Name Extension

This domain extension is used for websites targeting the whole world. Not a particular country.

2. Country wise Domain Name Extension

Some websites also uses country domain name extensions like domainname.au, domainname.us and domainname.in etc. This type of domain name extension targets specific country. Although they can be visited from other countries too but are specific in nature.

3. .gov and .edu domain name extensions

.gov kind of domain name extensions are bought for government related websites. Whereas educational websites prefer to get .edu domain name extensions.

Is Domain Name Registration Sufficient to run a Website?

domain registration

No, a domain name registration isn’t sufficient to run a website because domain name is not a webspace where you can store your data, information, images and other content.

A domain name always require some webspace behind where all information can be stored and for this hosting is used. You can read about what is web hosting in my related articles. I have explained it well and what kind of cheap hosting plans you can use as a beginner is also described in it.

Domain name registration is not sufficient to keep our website on internet. We require web server also to get webspace where we can store data and information under the domain name.

How to buy a Domain Name or get a domain name registration?

domain name registration

To get a domain name name registration you can use some best domain name registration websites that work as a domain name registrar on the internet. Some of top domain name registration websites that I know are Godaddy, Bigrock and Wix etc.

You can easily visit to these domain name registration website and sign up as a new user. Perform domain name search by using there tools. They tell you whether the domain name is available or not. Some domain name are taken by other people also. So, aren’t available. If the domain name is available to be used than you can buy domain name by adding them into cart and making purchase of desired domain name.

How to purchase a good domain name?

how to buy domain name

Well here I would love to share my personal experience with you in getting a good domain name. In terms of branding people love to buy short domain name that are easily to be pronounced and remembered. Whereas other people buy domain name that explains there work and few people also buy domain name with keyword for which they want to rank on search engines and get most of traffic for free.

I believe that getting a domain name that is searched lots of time or have high search volume on search engines is helpful here. Getting a domain name matching to your work and already being searched over internet with high volume is definitely going to help you in reaching large audience automatically with a powerful branding technique because here audience can easily get connected with you.

It takes few weeks and months to get in search results for a domain name if used good SEO techniques. As it starts ranking in higher SERP’s (Search engine ranking positions) it automatically starts attracting matching audience looking for information related to it.

To get a good domain name that is searched heavily in any niche where you want to work on requires keyword analysis.

Cheap Domain Names VS Expensive Domain Names

Less searched keyword related domain names are comparatively cheaper than high search volume keywords.

Cheap Domain Names

For Example: Movies.com will be expensive than LatestMovies.com

You can also target long tail keyword if short tail keywords are costlier like movies.com will be more expensive than latestmovies.com as because of it’s high search volume. So, you can target long tail keywords to get domain name at cheap prices. Like getting a domain name as latestmoviesreview.com would be cheaper than above two domain names.

Getting a domain name with keyword doesn’t means that you will get Top SERP’s in search engines. It can only be achieved with good seo techniques and high engagement by the visitors. It means that might be it can be possible for latestmovies.com to rank higher for “movies” keyword instead of movies.com if they are much popular and have worked good on their SEO part.

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