Top 10 Banks in Bikaner of 2020 for opening Savings Account

The Top 10 Banks in Bikaner of 2019 for opening Savings Account are mentioned here. Savings Account is a must, to keep your money in a secure locker and then get some interest over it while it is just kept at one place. Private Banks in Bikaner are always in a search of having more and more customers being a member at their bank, and because of this, they provide such high interest over the savings account that can be up to 10,000 and without paying any tax. Many of us are not even sure about what these Savings Accounts do. It is really not a big deal or that hard to understand what is the purpose of having a Savings Account. The only objective of having a savings account is to not keep money at home and let it be safe in the locker.

Top 10 Banks in Bikaner for opening Savings Account

Few of the Banks that give out good interest in opening a Savings Accounts in Bikaner are

1. HDFC Bank

Provides the best for its Premium ones, they get up to 33% of savings with every shop at the brands the bank has it’s tie-up with. They give the most Loyalty Points to its customers and provide with the actual premium services as well.

The premier banking includes:

  • Investments in equity & mutual funds
  • Tax payments
  • Insurance
  • Portfolio management services

hdfc bank bikaner

Best Saving Accounts from HDFC Bank

  • HDFC Savings Max Account
  • HDFC Regular Savings Account
  • HDFC Basic Savings Banks Deposit Account

As per the kind of the savings account you have, the rate of interest you will get depends on that only.

2. Kotak Mahindra Bank

The latest coming of Kotak 811 Account has been much successful, as compared to the opening of a normal savings account. The major benefits that this account provides are something that makes this bank the Highest Saving Interest Account.

kotak mahindra bank bikanerBelow are the features-

  • Paperless accounting process
  • High-Interest Rate of up to 7%
  • Zero Balance Account
  • Open through one Link

So with this Account, everything is eased out as on the click of the fingers.

3. ICICI Bank

Known for it’s the best work in the technology platform. This Bank has its speciality in providing the services like check transactions and balances, transfer funds, open MF, FD, RD PPF and NPS accounts, pay bills and insurance premiums, book tickets and even manage your Demat portfolio with their iMobile app.

icici bank bikanerThey have different options under the Savings Accounts according to the amount that has to be deposited in the Account. However, they do not give any Loyal Points to their customers when they use out their cards as per their needs.

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4. IndusInd Bank

This bank provides up with a good Saving Interest Account of 7%-8%. However, it does fluctuate according to the amount of Fixed Deposit that we wish to do. But for senior citizens, it is fixed as of not with the interest rate of 8%.

best savings account ratesThey give out good schemes for those who are a shopaholic and are much easy to handle as well. They provide a good banking system and are much cooperative with their customers, they listen out to the queries and try to work on it as soon as possible.

5. AXIS Bank

Axis Bank hasn’t been providing much of the services in the Savings Account but gives an interest up to 7% and increases with if the account is for senior citizens. It has much-limited customers but has been awarded in certain categories:

  • Best Contact Centre in customer experience awards 2018
  • Best Loyalty Program in the financial sector for the two consecutive years 2018
  • Best rewards program for the fifth consecutive year 2015

It is known for Good Services.

axis bank bikaner

6. Citi Bank

This bank is one which is all around the world providing out much easy access to each of its customers. It believes that the services of its users are their first priority. They give out services in 23 states in all over India and with a global presence as well. It allows high amount of transaction in a day. Customer services from their side are remarkable and give out genuine help on a prior basis.

citi bank bikaner

Different types of saving accounts by Citi Bank

  • Citi banking Savings Account
  • Citi Priority Savings Account
  • Citigold Savings Account
  • Citigold Private Savings Account

However, they have a low rate of interest of up to 3-4%.


They have interest rates even on low balance in the account that is of 6%, which is almost greater than 2.5% of what the other banks provide on having a low balance in the account. However, their Rate of interest ranges to 7%. They do not charge any further amount incase you are not able to maintain your minimum balance account along with this there are no monthly charges as well on maintaining the bank account.

idfc bank bikanerA major drawback from their side is that they have very limited services available in Bikaner.


This bank is best suited for the students who wish to have Saving Accounts. This Bank has services which are almost available in every corner of Bikaner. They have a very low maintenance balance for the account and a rate of interest that is up to 3.5%.

sbi bikanerThey have all kinds of services to provide an easy channel of operating. It can be either through online website, YONO app, Branch, Netbanking. However, into my personal consideration comparing with other banks, they can provide a much more high rate of interest.


This Bank hasn’t been much heard of for in my eyes, but one thing that I have heard about it is that it allows you to choose the account number by yourself when you wish to open a Savings account. Also, it has good offers when you open an account and a locker together as well. But a major drawback is that it only has high-interest rates applicable only on monthly balance greater than Rs. 1 Lac.

best savings account


This bank has the option two types of Savings Account which are mentioned below-

  • Yes Bank’s Customizable Savings Account
  • Yes Bank Smart Value Savings Account

The maximum amount of rate of interest that it offers is up to 6.25%. comparing it to the other banks is much low than what they have to offer. It is flexible in what account options you want to have like the setting up of the minimum debit from the account and much more.

high interest savings accountThese top 10 banks in Bikaner have the best to offer to its users, you can always call and ask for more benefits at the bank’s customer service care and decide which one suits the most for you. Hope you are able to find the best saving account variant from the list above. You should always be careful about choosing which one you want to go for, and in case you have less amount of idea what Saving Account is about then must do well research first and then decide-out.

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