10 Best Websites for finding jobs in Dubai

Best Websites for finding jobs in Dubai are mentioned here. UAE is known as the land of many opportunities. You can easily find a job there if you are motivated or you are smart enough or following the right job hunting strategies. Since the last decade a lot of top job portals have been created to make your job search easy and worthwhile. These best job search websites let you register on their website for either very low charges or sometimes absolutely for free! So, welcome to this article where I am going to tell you about 10 best job websites that can help you to find a job in Dubai.

10 Best Job Search Websites in Dubai

Here are the best websites to find a job in Dubai mentioned below. You can register for free on these best job search engines websites.

1. eFinancial Careers

Are you a proffesional in Finance, Accounting and Banking? If yes, then this is definitely the best place to find jobs for you. You can register on this best job search website for free by just providing your e-mail address. This is among the top websites to find a job in different sectors like Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, Risk Management, etc. The job search website allows you to draft jobs.

best job websites in Dubai

You can apply for job alerts and updates on this website to get information about latest job vacancies. You can create your profile with a picture of you on this job search engine. The website is most popular for its amiable features like providing tips on how to make your profile more attractive.

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2. Dubai City Company

The best thing about Dubai City Company is that this best job search portal claims to be the fastest job hunting website in Dubai. While exploring the website you will be taken to a page where you can drop your CV.

best job sites in Dubai

This best job search website can search best jobs available in different job category faster than any other online job portals in Dubai. Through DBC you can explore the Arab culture and extend your contacts.

3. MEP Job Gulf

There is no other place to go looking for a job than MEP Job Gulf if you are an Engineer or interested in Construction Industry. They can provide you the best recruitment facilities and can help you explore your options.

best job search websites in Dubai

This best job portal website is pretty famous for providing all sorts of online courses like Metallurgy, Mining, HSE courses, Finance/Accounting, etc. The faster you drop a CV on this top job search website, quicker are your chances to get a job in Dubai. Take a quick look at this website before looking for other top job portals in Dubai.

4. Khaleej Times

This is a best job classified website that allows employers to post job advertisements. It also send updates about facts related to the country’s stock exchange like Dubai Gold rate, draft rate, etc.

best job search sites in Dubai

It is also one of the most visited websites from where you get job updates and learn about vacancies. Try this website to know about job updates of Tourism, Hotels and Bank etc.

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5. Gulf Talent

Gulf Talent is a beautifully organized and designed website. It asks user to register themselves in order to find a job in a couple of days. This is  well known for being one of the fastest job hunting portals.

best job portals in Dubai

The  Gulf Talent team also do a review of the CV that job applicants can upload for free. In fact, it can also provide you the guidelines on how to make your CV even more interesting than it already is. The website proudly flashes its top employers like Parsons, WSP Careers, Ernst & Young, etc in front of job applicants.

6. Bayt

One cannot think of other websites before Bayt. The website hosts a large number of well-known recruiters like Al Tayer, Emirates, Raqmiyat, Al-Futtaim and much more. One of the best things about Bayt is that it actually provides jobs in other countries around the Gulf like Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, etc.

best job classified websites in Dubai

Visit this website if you have plans for part-time jobs. Hundreds of clients update reviews everyday about how they found a full time or a part time job through Bayt.

7. Dubizzle

Dubizzle has a wide network of job employers and applicants as it’s a best free job classified portal. On this website you can rent a place, do some shopping for your family also. Job hunters are offered more than 50 sectors from where they can choose their dream job.

best job classified sites in Dubai

Companies like Careem, Uber and Cross Over are hiring both experienced and fresher applicants. You can enjoy the privilege of keeping a track of applied jobs and can get advises from expert consultants about your CV by using this website.

8. Monster Gulf

For those who have not yet heard about Monster Jobs Portal, it is high time to use this internationally acclaimed best online job portal that job seekers use to find their dream jobs.

job websites in Dubai

Monster Gulf, as the name suggests, this website operate in Gulf countries and connects you to high profile companies who offer good salaries to their employees. Visit on Monster Gulf today to learn more about how to reach more recruiters by updating your profile.

9. Nadia

Nadia is one among the oldest online job portals which you can use to look for exciting jobs. You can also search exciting courses to learn on this website to improve skills. The website lets you register for free and asks you to lets you update your CV online.

job sites in Dubai

Through Nadia one can enjoy the facility of doing wage and compensation surveys. Other employer services include HR policies and job descriptions, web advertising, advertising and screening campaigns and Psychometric Testing and Analysis. I am sure Nadia will not disappoint you!

10. Total Jobs

It is an amazing website that looks simple and is very powerful. Its wide network offers you tons of job sectors to choose from. Alongside creating a profile and dropping a CV, Total Jobs also lets you utilize their Career Tools which is simply amazing career advice by well renowned consultants.

best job search engines in Dubai

You can also enjoy the online courses if you to do. Some of courses are related to areas like Project Manager, Data Analyst, Electrician, Welder, Plumber and lots more.

How to apply for jobs in Dubai?

Every year hundreds of people from all over the world especially from Asia travel to Dubai in search of better jobs and to choose a better life. Dubai is undoubtedly one of the richest and most prosperous countries in today’s world. It is very much true that for a country to flourish financially, it needs large scale developments of its industries.

How to apply for jobs in Dubai?

Dubai is the living proof of how planned the country is and how well maintained. If you are looking for an opportunity to apply for jobs in Dubai, this article may help you. Below I have specifically listed 5 important points that you can remember to apply for jobs in Dubai.

1. Simple but Strong

Always remember that only creating a CV will not suffice for the different kinds of jobs for which you want to apply. Your CV needs to be well updated. It should represent your area of specialization and those qualities which are accordingly with the needs of the companies you are apply for. Creating a very glossy CV is not always a good idea as most of the times the renowned companies use automated recruiting software that only select a handful of CVs that matches with their expectations. In other words, you should sound confident and humble in your CV.

2. The Internet

It is solely because of the Internet that job hunting in Dubai or other foreign countries has become so easy and quick. Explore websites like Bayt, Gulf Talent, Khaleej Times, etc to quickly get updates about latest job vacancies in Dubai. Some of the best job search websites will check your CV and readily choose a selection of the best jobs that match your CV. While other top job portals will also provide you with consultations from experts and offer courses that you can learn up fast before applying for jobs.

3. Key Skill

No one can beat the skill that you have inside you. You can use those skills to talk to your recruiters and can hold their attention for as long as required. You should have good communication skill. Note that a person without good communication skills will not get proper response from any company whatsoever. You need to show your recruiter that you are skilled enough to talk about anything and everything even if the topic is irrelevant of your designation. For sometime communicating might be difficult but if you dare to work on it, it will do wonders!

4. Influence

It becomes absolutely necessary that you should be outspoken. Just creating a CV or keep watching on the screen will not help at all. You need to be smart, take control of situations and show your boss that you are the right person for that particular job. You need to make the worst times your best and make it your strong point. Try to help others and seek help from them as you do so. This builds your reputation and can bring early promotions.

5. Patience

Dubai is a multi-industrial city. Hence you will find good competition everywhere in all fields. This might happen that out of the first 20 jobs applied by you in Dubai you can face rejection in 19 jobs. This does not mean that you should leave hope. Rather you should make the best of this setback and take time to increase your skills, update your CV and never stop looking for more jobs online. If you stay dedicated, no one can stop you from achieving your dream. So stay motivated and keep in touch with your mentors who are already established for proper guidance.

Thank you for spending time in reading this article!

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