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Fun facts about me is an article written by me – Jessica. Here I am going to share some fun facts about me that are really funny.

Fun Facts about me Introduction

I have been asked several times to write fun facts about me. So, I submitted this kind of post here with you. By reading these fun facts about me, you can know me in a better way.

I would not take much more time. So here we start.

Fun facts about me

  1. I love ramen noodles and I can eat them all day.
  2. I hate the smell of rain.
  3. I once met Emma Watson in a bathroom.
  4. My first dream job as a child was to be a mother.
  5. When I was a kid I had an imaginary little sister and her name was Sarah and she’s based off of a famous painting.
  6. I don’t follow pop culture at all and if something’s really popular I automatically don’t like it.
  7. I’m one of those I have never seen coulis or The Breakfast Club.
  8. I don’t know why I’m laughing if I’m driving really early or late at night. Here are some interesting facts like that lol.
  9. I love listening to a.m. news.
  10. I despise fruit smoothies with a passion yet my favorite food of all time is an acai bowl which is a fruit smoothie in a bowl.
  11. I have a very weird obsession with golf and I don’t play golf and I know nothing about golf.
  12. My dream is to go to the Masters and I have masters attire that like I love.
  13. I can ride a bicycle no hands.
  14. I love falling asleep to the sound of white noise.
  15. When I was in senior kindergarten I literally thought I was magical.
  16. I wanted to be Matilda when I was a kid. You would love to read some amazing facts.
  17. I met mary-kate and Ashley and I got to ask them a question on MuchMusic and that made my life.
  18. I absolutely despise being barefoot.
  19. I’m very insecure about my sense of humor because it’s very dry and very awkward.
  20. I never laugh when other people are laughing.
  21. When I was a kid I used to do sketch shows I would do this one reoccurring show where I played a husband and my wife was a broomstick and her name was Georgina.
  22. I think sunflowers are the creepiest thing in the world.
  23. The word cartilage disgusts me.
  24. I don’t like thinking about noses and kneecaps.
  25. When I was in high school I learned how to say you’re welcome. Because up until that moment I have parents that were not born in this country, English was their second language and I have been saying it “you welcome” the whole time.
  26. I love anything vintage. Do you know about some weird facts like these.
  27. I secretly wish I was living in the 1950s or the 60s in Palm Beach growing up.
  28. It was my goal to have braces a cast a retainer and glasses I got all of those in order for me to get that cast.
  29. I pretended to break a finger while I was on vacation in Slovakia and I got a cast and I was so excited about it was so special that no one was allowed to sign it.
  30. I wanted a retainer so bad when I was a kid that I would put ice cubes in my mouth, go to the park and talk to people just. So that it would sound like I had a retainer.
  31. When I was a kid I always made my friends play very creative interactive games most of them were like kind of improvement games actually but one of the games was we would ride on this scooter and one person would be a driver and someone else would be waiting at a stop and we’d pick up the person.
  32. I’m obsessed with a lot of baby names that start with “M” like Maison, Maya and Meela.
  33. I don’t know why I have a lot of pretty books that I like to keep on display.
  34. I once drove Robert Pattinson’s rental vehicle and I found his eye drops and gave them to my friend who was obsessed with him.
  35. At the time I was sleeping on a flight once and was woken up by people screaming because there’s a woman trying to open the exit door while in the air she thought it was the bathroom.
  36. I don’t like talking to people next to me when I’m in a plane I’m an introvert. But now I am trying to talk with stranger using some webcam chat sites. So, I can become extrovert.
  37. I don’t like the smell of lavender.
  38. I like getting adjusted at chiropractors and if you live in Michigan you should go see dr. Verdi he’s great.
  39. I played Belle in a theater production of Beauty and the Beast when I was four and I dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast I wore lipstick and I hated the feeling of lipstick.
  40. When I was in senior kindergarten I learned how to blow a bubble with gum we literally had a special day where that’s all we did and I forgot my gum and I had to chew mint gum and it was disgusting at the time that being said the only type of gum that I like today is mint gum I like the original flavor of most products keep it simple.
  41. You know I can do a British Southern and Eastern European accent but I wish I could do an Australian.
  42. People say I have really good skin guess.
  43. I only like to write in blue ink.
  44. I’m a very light sleeper but I can sleep anywhere.
  45. I don’t move when I sleep.
  46. I’m fascinated by scuba diving but it’s also terrifying and I’ve done it twice.
  47. I like playing uno.
  48. I can eat with chopsticks very well.
  49. I’m obsessed with playing mini golf.
  50. I love to visit best websites for everything and also share the same information with my readers.
  51. I love the scent of gly so mad when I see people cheering it just makes me laugh.
  52. I love heat so much that once I was in a hot tub by myself and I almost passed out because I stayed in too long.
  53. If I’m driving in a car by myself I typically have the heat cranked up to like at least 85 to 90 degrees.
  54. I once accidentally set up my own blind date. Well I am good in giving relationship advice as well.

Fun Facts About Me Conclusion

These all facts were fun facts about me. I guess these facts helped you to know me in a better way. To know more about me kindly subscribe this blogsite.

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