10 Best Websites to learn languages for free of cost

Best Websites to learn languages for free of cost are mentioned here. We all speak to each other and it is necessary to do in everyone’s lives. Speaking words builds an understand ability that helps in the communication between two or more individuals. Similarly, languages are really necessary in everyone’s life as it builds the context to communicate with other people.

Developing communication makes a person more human and separates human being from the things that cannot speak. Hence it is important for a person to know at least one language. The knowledge of language depends upon where a person belongs from and what is the main language spoken in his/her community. The reason behind sharing these most visited websites is that we want students and non students to learn languages for free of cost. You can use these top websites to learn almost all languages of the world for free of cost.

Some individuals may speak 2 or more languages, there are some individuals that even speak up to 7 languages, this separates them from the rest and makes them a bit more superior compared to the other people in society.

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Most of the people study different languages to become translators. But what of people who do not know more than 1 language and need to learn more in the need to get a job etc. Then having no knowledge of other languages can become a problem. Hence you can use the below 10 best websites to learn languages for free. These best language websites can help a person to grow skills and at the same time even educate.

10 Best websites to learn languages for free of cost

Here are the best websites to learn languages for free of cost discussed below. You can use these best language websites to learn languages for free of cost by using an internet connection. Millions of people use the below mentioned top language learning websites.

1. Live Lingua

This website is the best place to learn languages for free. It has the largest collection of free public books and courses that helps people to learn different languages as quickly as possible. A user can get access to thousands of audio books and free recordings that is really helpful to learn foreign languages.

best english learning websites

The website offers about 130 different languages to learn. An individual can use the study material published on website to learn a new language for free in no time.

2. Learn A Language

LearnaLanguage.com is an external linking website that has various links that divert a person to different websites. These best language websites can help people to learn over 19 different languages at the cost of nothing.

best spanish learning websites

The website have study material like vocabulary lists, conjunction charts along with the verbs of the various languages. The website also offers different courses that give a person an added advantage to learn a language.

3. Open Culture

Open culture is the best free e – learning website. The website have the free best cultural and educational media resources on the web. It is considered as amazing in teaching languages. OC have a lot of content to offer people who are interested in learning new languages.

best free language websites

The Open Culture maintains a lot of free courses in more than 48 languages across the web. By having good content on website, this makes a person more confident in learning different languages. Hence this is the reason behind keeping Open Culture in the list of the best websites to learn languages for free.

4. Surface Languages

No, no not, this is not what you are thinking of it, surface languages is a website through which a person can deeply learn and understand the language that they desire to learn. Surface Languages maintains a great database of its free online learning resources.

learn languages free

There are different types of courses available on this website which guides and explains how a person should learn a specific language. This language learning website is really nice and helpful to those who want to learn a language properly.

5. Internet Polyglot

This website also offers the same services that are offered by other extensive best language websites. Internet Polygot website helps a person in developing his or her skills that are extensive in learning a language.

best english language learning websites

A person can choose the language of teaching and the language that they want to learn. This wonderful website not only saves time but is also efficient and straight to the point when it comes to teaching a language to a person.

6. Streema

This is a wonderful website that has all the things that a person requires while learning a language. Streema is a website that has a streaming service and has a lot of content by which people can learn by looking at videos and understand how to pronounce a certain word.

best language websites for students

At this time Streema, gives personal guidance that will help a person to enhance his or her knowledge on the specific language.

7. FluentU

A website that helps a person learn a language while looking at tv, Yes it’s true. This is a new type of website where a person can learn language by watching videos by connecting it with other display electronics at home.

best german language learning websites

The website targets the user to watch videos of different genres that give him the exposure of all sorts of content from movies to documentaries, cartoons, music videos etc. By this continuous on and off of the fluctuating content the user can grasp the things that are necessary for learning a new language.

8. YouTube TV Channels

Another great way of learning languages is to learn by visiting the public platform popularly known as YouTube. It is generally very helpful in guiding people not only for basic purposes but also for educative purposes.

learn languages online free

YouTube TV is a really good platform to enhance the knowledge by learning a specific subject. Watching YouTube TV is a way by which one can get access to study material of learning many languages. This can make learner a master of a specific language in no time.

9. EdX

It is another best website to learn a language for free. EdX is an open online course portal that helps people to learn the desired language of his or her choice.

best free language learning websites

This is a best free language website that practically guides a person in the initial stages and later on he or she would have to buy additional services that are required to finish the course. Many of the courses are still free and you can check them out.

10. Alison

Alison is one of the most authentic and genuine language websites that help people to learn a language with ease and develops their habit of regularly visiting the website so to develop skills of a person over time.

best websites to learn languages online free with audio

This website is easy to use and if a person wants to master many languages at once but do not know where to learn languages and how to learn languages then it is the right website.

These are the best websites to learn English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Fula, Italian, Malay, Manding, Northern Sami, Swahili, Danish, Dutch, Gbe, Mandarin Chinese, Tamil, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Somali, Soninke, Tswana, Turkish, Bengali, Armenian, Aymara & Quechua, Berber, Catalan, Chichewa, Croatian, Greek, Hausa, Hindi, Korean, Lingala, Nepali, Samoan, Slovak, Songhay-Zarma, Sotho, Swati, Swedish, Tamasheq, Tigrinya, Ukrainian, Venda, Wolof, Xhosa, Guarani, Bulgarian, Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic and other languages for free of cost.

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