Best Massage Parlour in Delhi of 2020 : Top 10 Massage Parlour in Delhi, India

The best massage parlour in Delhi is ESPA. Here in this article I am going to tell you about Top 10 massage parlour in Delhi, India. No other experiences in the world is as best as travelling but as we all know, when we travel we a lot of our energy are drained. For such purposes you need a good massage, now a good massage doesn’t mean only a simple oil massage or just relaxing but a good massage means the whole body massages which touches your soul and leaves you relaxed.

Suppose you are mentally drained, searching for peace, have various phobias due to past life or have any other related issues then a complete massage can let your free from all these stress and lets you feel at peace and rejuvenate. Massage of your body helps the energies to flow into your body and makes your tired body energized. It cuts off all the negative emotions and induces only positive emotions.

In a chaotic and busy city like Delhi massage is really recommended if you really want to escape even for a short period from this chaos. Delhi has many spas to pamper you and treat you with care but if you are looking for the best and top rated ones then have a look at these top ten massage parlours in Delhi which you can visit to have the best of experience and treatment.

Top 10 massage parlours in Delhi

Here is the list of top 10 massage parlour in Delhi to get a body massage in Delhi now:


ESPA is the best body massage parlour in Delhi. You’ll find this massage parlour at the Leela Palace, Delhi spreading over two levels, just right at the centre of the busy capital city. The inhouse designed Royal Leela Facial is one of the best beauty treatments here. If you want to experience the essence of massage then try their signature massage named Kizhiswedana Wedana Synchronised massage.

best massage parlour in east delhiESPA also offers a Bespoke therapy which is a marma point massage by applying warm poulitices mixed with indigenous herbs. This massage helps to rejuvenate the skin and blends into the skin like magic.

2. Aheli Spa

Aheli Spa is located at the Roseate Hotel, Delhi. If you spend just one session at the Aheli Spa then it will not only rejuvenate your body but also calm your mind. The spa treatments done here are a fusion of Indian Ayurvedic system and modern massage techniques.

best body massage parlour in delhiAheli Spa is mostly famous for two treatments that is Aheli Signature treatment and Ayur Shanta treatment. These two treatments are of high demand from the guests.

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3. Asian Roots

Asian Roots spa in Delhi is mostly known for its excellent services. The Asian Roots spa follows the guidelines of Day Spa Association in USA for which they got most of the fame. They offer many therapies but among them the most popular and must try one is Asian Root Indulgence which is a four hours therapy and during these four hours you’ll experience complete pampering.

best massage parlour in malviya nagar delhiThis therapy process starts with body spa and scrubbing after which organic facial, manicure and pedicure and concludes the process with a soothing French hair spa. I would recommend you to visit this another best body massage parlour in Delhi to get your body relaxed.

4. Sawadhee

The Sawadhee is a traditional spa in Delhi having interiors over 5000 square feet. Seven private suites are available here which includes a Jacuzzi. If your body is tired and you need to boost your mind then you must try the Sawadhee Signature massage which uses the herbal balm and aromatic oils to give you the best therapy and let your tired body rejuvenate.

best body massage center in delhiAnother massage therapy the Lotus Signature combines Thai and Swedish style for therapy. Sawadhee spa offers their best facial spa named Vitamin Concentration Skin Facial, this spa treatment is mainly recommended for the ones facing skin problems and other skin related issues such as pigmentation and dehydration.

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5. Aayna

This particular spa in Delhi is a contemporary and well designed spa which is divided into six various groups which are Muscle pain, Poor Circulation, Stress Insomnia, past Life Blockages and Depression. The Past Life Blockage is based on the reincarnation theory and is one the best treatment offered by the Aayna spa.

best massage parlour in north delhiThis particular therapy releases all the energies which are blocked from your past life including phobias, traumas and body pains. Though many might find this treatment to be old school or unorthodox but then it’s got quite popularity and customers.

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6. Kairali

A well established spa centre under Ayurvedic treatments. This spa is best for quick massage treatments, rejuvenation and other specialized therapies.

best massage parlour in west delhiKairali is not a full hospital venue but keeping aside spa treatments and massage, this place even provides training for Holistic Ayurvedic Lifestyle.

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7. Zehen

It’s a luxurious message centre in Delhi focusing on holistic wellbeing. Before any treatment customers are accessed properly based on present physical strength and mental health after which the treatments are customized accordingly by expert advisors and massagers. The whole treatment package includes fitness routines, spa therapies and gourmet food diet.

cheap body massage parlour in delhiSome of their top rated and popular treatments are reflexology, aura reading and chakra balancing. The most stunning part is Zehen’s food diet menu which is based on full balanced nutrition is made by Manish Mehrotra, one of India’s finest Chef. Visiting to this top massage parlour in Delhi is totally worthy for body maintenance.

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8. Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga and Meditation centre

This particular yoga and health organization, teaches and offers therapy sessions and massage treatments in more than 30 countries and one including in India, Delhi. In Delhi this centre offers Yoga Meditation Class, Half Day Yoga Meditation Workshop, Reiki Therapy, Transcendental Therapy, Healing Massage Therapy and Personalized Life Transformation Programs.

top 10 massage parlour in delhiThe meditation and yoga class takes place in the green Lodi garden among the blissful nature. The treatments here let you release all the negative emotions and help you attain inner peace.

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9. NeoVeda

NeoVeda spa follows the concept of New Ayurveda ie the ancient Indian knowledge being modernized. The contemporary ambience here lets you feel the heaven of peace and tranquility. If you want to relax, revive or wish to spend some quality time alone. The treatments here are done using exotic aromas, essential oils and floral fragrances. These floral fragrances are designed in such a way to let one experience mind to body relaxation and peels away regular stress.

best massage parlour near me in delhiNeoveda is over 7000 square feet including a gym and a spa which offers both traditional and international treatments. So, I hope you must visit to this best massage parlour in Delhi and in fact refer this to your friends too.

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10. Ayur Thai Spa

This spa centre is located just at the centre of South Delhi. It is known to be one of the best spa available in South Delhi. Different kinds of spa treatments are available here such as body massages, body polishes, body wraps, facials and foot massage. There are four multitherapy rooms along with a customized therapy rooms for couples. The surrounding ambience and the rooms are decorated with soothing lights, mesmerizing music and the place has well maintained discipline and etiquette.

best massage parlour in karol bagh delhiThai oil massage and Thai dry massage done here are inspired directly from Bangkok. Such inspired massages are a fusion of stretching, pumping, squeezing and compression strokes. After such a massage the energy flows into the body and you’ll feel revived and energized.

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