Best way to advertise your business in 2020

The best way to advertise your business is mentioned here. Promoting business means how to get the word out, though running a business might be costly. But to make money you need to spend money, so to promote your business you need to advertise it correctly and strategically attracting the customers. Although, if you are just in the process of starting up a company then you don’t really need to spend a heavy amount on advertisements just to stand in the competition. These advertising processes might consume your time and money but it’s of worth when it makes your business successful.

Top 10 ways to advertise your business

Here are some proven 10 ways to advertise your business which you can use as an advice to advertise your business.

1. Marketing plan

You’ll just simply waste time if you don’t have a strategic marketing plan before advertising your business. The main thing is not how much of a big or small your business is but how clearly and easily your business reaches people. You need to find through which medium you will be able to reach customers of various age groups, as for example you want to reach customers of age groups between 37 to 45 years so your main focus should be to know whether you’ll get in touch with them through Facebook, Twitter and social media advertising or through pamphlets and newspaper advertising.

best way to advertise small businessIt is all how to plan and execute it, also know whether customers are ready to search keywords of your business online or look for coupons in the newspapers. Whether you want to reach them at the start of their buying cycle or either advertises your business when they take out their credit cards to purchase. Take a haul and plan the whole marketing process thoroughly, so that instead of facing confusion you know what your next step will be.

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2. Signing for email service

Sign up for email service and send newsletters and promotional offers of your business through emails to the customers. Note that you have their permission to send them business related emails. To attract customers it is advised to attach any product for free and testing along with the emails, like a free eBook or booklet which contains all the sample products you want to advertise. If you don’t have anything to give away then you can simply give a tip book which can include easy hacks to life.

best way to advertise a businessFor example, if you’re a gym coach advertising your gym academy then you can provide a free tip on “how to lose weight in a week” if the customers signs up your newsletter or you can just give discounts for signing up. An email service lets you contact customers and they in turn are updated with your products.

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3. Paid social media ads

Advertisement has taken over a large part of social media in today’s world. We can see ads in whichever social media sites we use with millions of people advertising their business or skills or talents or products, etc. Now, if you see that your competitor is using ads on social media to promote his business then you simply can’t just compete with him because through social media ads profit margin raises up to 30-40%.

best ways to advertise onlineUse the paid option of ads in social media to advertise your business faster. Estimate a budget under which you’ll pay the advertisers for advertising online. Look out for websites where you know you can get a large amount of customers such as Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

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4. Make use of YouTube

YouTube is online video sharing platform where people can create their own channel to post videos or even watch over millions of videos. YouTube has over billions of users and you can reach them through one video. Open an account in YouTube and create a business channel. In this channel you’ll post videos of the different products you are selling, advertising them individually.

best ways to advertise for freeRemember to use high quality cameras to shoot your videos; the customers should have a clear view of your videos without any disturbances. For this, you need to invest a bit more of money on video editing software.

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5. Sponsoring events

If you come across events and conferences which are related to your business then it is the best way to promote your business and generate leads. Many a times conferences allows at least one representative from the company to be the speaker as a part of sponsorship and you can use this opportunity to promote and pitch up your product and services.

best way to advertise locallyAs seen from many conferences, the company offers great deals and discounts to people who all help to generate leads.

6. Create a blog

Blogging is considered as the most commonly used platform to advertise free of cost. To write is free of cost but you need to know the basic SEO knowledge to write a customer friendly content. Use the keywords carefully, you cannot just write a very big article with no point of focus and just jabbering about your product or neither you can write too short.

best way to advertise a new businessWrite in a way that all the specifications of the particular product are mentioned; try to use more of bullets and subheadings. Customers like to read to the point rather than wasting time on lengthy paragraphs. If incase you don’t know how to use SEO for your content then you can contact someone who can write blogs for you.

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7. Work with influencers

Certain influencers might be costly but some are free of cost. Like you can gather people online either on Instagram or Facebook and they can give your brand a shoutout. For example you can ask your family members or friends to click a picture using your product and share it online to gather more customers.

best way to advertise my businessIf you are ready to invest enough money for the promotion of your business then you can contact celebrities or other high profiled persons to give a shoutout to your brand. You can also give them one of your products free of cost instead of bribing them with money.

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8. Communicate with vendors

Communicate with vendors from whom you purchase your business products. Give them your business card and ask them to contact you if they are interested in your services and products or whether they are in contact with the people who are interested.

best way to advertise your business onlineIf incase they have bulletin boards available in front of their shop then you can ask them to advertise your business there.

9. Encouraging user generated content

Promoting business through user generated content is a very crafty way of promoting business. When you make the audiences post content or review regarding your brand, you are helping them to turn into micro influencers for your brand. People using those social media platforms can come across your business content.

best way to advertise your business for freeEncourage the users to use the link of your website along with their content, so that other people can get direct access to your website. Or either you can make them write stories based content with your website link added.

10. Making sure your business is available in searches

Small businesses can create their own Google My Business listing and claim them. It will make your listings and reviews show up on search before the website. This means that they are more valuable than any website with good SEO.

the best way to advertise your business for freeYou can increase the incredibility by showing the star ratings and positive reviews. Make sure to add amazing pictures and videos to make it look attractive.

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