Best Matrimonial Sites in India 2020 : Top 10 Matrimony Sites in India of 2020

The Best matrimonial website in India is mentioned here. Nowadays, finding a perfect match is not easy with a huge youth population, it is next to impossible to meet every person who would like to marry you. Earlier there used to be advertisements in the newspaper which were very helpful in selecting the right person who meets the characteristics or even is from the very same community, caste and all those things which have to be considered while looking for a groom/bride. With all the developments and modernisation, advancement in technology as well there is another option of choosing out the perfect groom/bride for yourself.

All these sites which have been created are either as per religion-wise or community-wise or just universal. These matrimonial sites have been setting up some real trends in the market and making the end of all those shop based market agencies for marriage purposes. With so many religions, communities and castes etc, there is a wide range of matrimonial sites on the internet which help in making out the perfect match. And they all have been quite successful in achieving out their aim.

To ease up things while choosing the website here is a list of few of them.

10 Best Matrimonial Websites in India

The best matrimonial websites in India are mentioned below:

1. Shaadi

With all other Websites being active in matrimonial services is one platform who is active as well as much successful in matchmaking. This site doesn’t require any registration fee to see up the partners but if you wish to go further with it then a package which suits your requirements has to be bought to have a clear view of the other person.

best matrimonial website in indiaAll the details which are made available on this site are genuine and trustworthy. If you have found a perfect match through this website they give you certain discounts on your wedding as well.

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2. Bharat Matrimony

The pioneer of the online matrimonial website is Bharat Matrimony. This website is for all over India allowing its members to search for partners of all religion and communities. The registration for using this site is free, it doesn’t have any such policy of buying out any package to search the person of the desired requirements. Users can directly link their account with Facebook or Google and get in touch with the interested partners via live chat.

best marriage sites in indiaHowever, if the person wants to get in touch with certain elite personalities then they do have to purchase the package. The foundation of this website is based on a true story. The founder of the website himself met his wife through an online matrimonial website only, which turned out to be a successful marriage along with this successful matrimonial website.

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3. M4marry

India’s largest website for Malayalam people has helped in meeting the hearts of million people across India.  This website is much easy to access and provides with genuine details of the person.

top 10 matrimonial sites in indiaThis website has two different memberships and as per the taken membership, the member is allowed to have that much access to the information of the other person or maybe even have a live chat with them, or share their photos, horoscope with them. They have 365 days of live customer service available.

4. Jeevansathi

This Indian Website is a growing website as compared to the other ones. provides up with free registration and has a very minimal amount of membership fee. It helps in choosing out the groom/Bride as per religion/ caste/ community/ status/ city/ NRI/ Occupation. also protects the photograph of the registered member.

best marriage websites in indiaIt doesn’t have a large amount of successful number as compared to other Indian matrimonial websites as they have been in service from much before then this one was launched. They provide out with the best match as possible.

5. Divorcee Matrimony

Life is full of giving out second chances if the first one wasn’t the fir for you and sometimes the things do apply in case of marriages as well. So what your first marriage wasn’t a successful, or it’s fine if you get divorced because you are not happy with your spouse. Taking knowledge of this and how society reacts on hearing that a divorcee wants to get married this website is specially designed for those who believe out in working of second chances.

top matrimonial sites in indiaWith providing 100% security protection to the person profile this website is helpful for all the divorcee woman who is not accepted by the society on hearing about second marriage.

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6. Mangliks

Under Hindu, Religion Mangliks are considered to be some cursed people, who are meant to be with Mangliks only. If they are married to a person who is non-Manglik it destroys the life of the groom especially and his family. So for such a case, there has been an update and support for them also.

top matrimony websites in indiaEspecially when a girl is Manglik it is considered she is cursed and getting a perfect match for her becomes difficult so to overcome this there is this site which is only meant for Mangliks whether be it Boy or Girl.

7. Second Shaadi

The all-new Growing website with a bit expensive package rates, this website is for those who wish to have a second marriage either because they are divorced or have lost one of the spouses. The packages although are expensive in the start but as moving further with the membership the do become a bit cheaper.

best free matrimonial site in indiaAs said earlier life is about Second chances if first isn’t successful then we definitely can go with it. Everyone deserves to be happy and if they are ready to give a second chance they should be granted one with happy faces and not putting on objections upon their character.

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8. Vivaah

Just as the other ones this website is also a still growing website and provide with 100% security services to their customers. It has certain features of hiding your name and address and age providing out full privacy however a limitation is there upon the number of images that can be uploaded by a person for that profile.

most popular matrimonial site in india

9. Simplemarry

This website is a personal initiative by the Times Of India Group for finding out the best matches possible to spread their hands over matrimonial matters as well. The registration process is same as just any other website, they just have to register into their portals like email id, cell number, and your family preferences, about your qualifications, caste, education, appearance, occupation and residence address etc. This site provides all types of security to the members of their site.

top matrimony sites in india

10. Marathi matrimony / Bengalimatrimony / Kerelamatrimony / Tamilmatirmony

Yes, they all belong from the head of the matrimony the Bharat Matrimony. Being the sub-heads of Bharat Matrimony by having such religion-wise matrimonial site is just to provide up with them the benefits that one can find all types of Marathi, Tamil, Telugu in just one site but by having different subheading names.

top ten matrimonial sites in indiaChoosing the right person even on matrimonial site is still not easy you either have to, in the end, see the person or been be live with him/her.  While choosing out you have to make sure that profile is 100% genuine or not. There have been cases of money extraction by women who fake out all the marriage and take the compensation for hurting out her life from the marriage. So everything has its pros and cons with the increase in types of services provided by such sites there is a medium of doing out a bit crime as well.

When choosing online be careful of the choices you make and don’t regret them later because the purpose of such matrimonial site is to make people happy and not hurt.

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