Best website to read well written articles in 2020

The best website to read well written articles is mentioned here. There is no age for reading and learning. Reading good things cherish your soul. This is well proven fact that good readers always give out positive vibes. Many great people and experts say that reading is indispensable for all those who live in a quest of rising and attaining heights than the ordinary. Books are inimitable travelling magic which can develop positivity in beast. Reading good articles helps in good mental stimulation, stress reduction, vocabulary and knowledge expansion. A good article is always the one who lets us learn something new, efficient and increase our understanding and thinking process.

10 best websites to read well written articles

Here are the best websites to read well written articles mentioned below:

1. Brain pickings

Brain pickings is a website where a well known writer and blogger, Maria Popova pens down her thoughts, experience and knowledge about various fields like different cultures, history, internet things etc.

best website to read articlesSome of the very popular articles from brain pickings are:

  • Life, loss and the wisdom of rivers
  • Singularity: tribute to Stephen Hawking
  • The difficult art of giving space in love and secret of good marriages

2. Farnam street: feed your mind

Fs.Blogs is a place which lets you know how the world works. This website lightens up the thoughts of Shane Parrish from Farnam street media Inc. This website displays the ways to make important decisions and live a better life.

best site to read articlesEnlisted are the most famed articles from this site:

  • The danger of comparing yourself with others
  • Big things start from small
  • Resonance: how to open door for others

3. Nautilus

Largest area of science and development articles and research papers is the nautilus online magazine. This magazine is a combination of science, philosophy and culture. John Steele in April 2013 laid the base of this magazine under the company

best sites to read articlesFamous blogs include:

  • Human Microbiome
  • The case for eating jellyfish
  • Newborn planets and hints of infant moons

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4. Long Reads

The best place for good imaginers to show up and post their writings on longreads founded in 2009 which display stories. Other than stories you can watch interviews of famous personalities, book reviews, commentaries, audio stories and personal essays too.

best websites to read articlesMost famous stories from this site include:

  • My brothers keepers
  • Survival of the richest
  • Hunters house

5. The browsers

Curated by Robert Cottrell, the browsers stands as the biggest platform for reading stories, podcasts,
audio and video story telling. This website was started in 2009 and now provides newsletters with 5 most finest articles to their subscribers daily.

best websites for reading articlesSome of the good articles are:

  • Mixed race superman
  • The way to the see
  • Do generals matter?

6. Inside

Inside is the website set up specially for the young readers which include interesting fun articles with the combination of newsletters, blogs, technological articles. Jason Calacanis the CEO gives great facilities to the subscribers. they provide all categories of work like cybersecurity, streaming and about media etc.

best sites for reading articles

7. Redeff

Jason Hirschhorn’s REDEFF newsletter and website is a combination of all genres of reading like media, business and culture.


8. The Atavist magazine

The atavist magazine displays the block buster stories every month with daily articles on today’s
problems, news functions, interviews etc. founded by Jafferson Rebb.

read articlesFamous contributions from this magazine are:

  • Blood cries out
  • Things fall apart
  • Barbarians at the gate

9. Wired

An American magazine that focuses on the relationship between technology, culture, economy and
politics. it is started by Conde Nast and have their headquarters build up in San Fransisco. Wired website was launched on November 20, 1992 which has now become the most read and visits website in San Francisco.

read articles onlineSome great works are:

  • The walking dead
  • Breakthrough through technology

10. Longform is the website usually for fictions for children and story lovers. It stands as a great
platform for the creative writers to show up their articles and get featured with the website.

websites to read articlesSome good stories from longform are:

  • You can’t quit cold turkey
  • Satan’s accountant
  • My time as a bounty hunter

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