How to impress a girl on the first date in 2020?

How to impress a girl on the first date? : Here is the answer. Dating is all about meeting people, sharing thoughts and to know other person at deeper level. Making a date successful completely depend upon the two individuals who are going on a date together. It is quite a good way to know each other. Earlier it wasn’t that much accepted but today for youngsters dating has become important for knowing more about their partners. It can definitely be considered as the first step of relationship as it develop comfort and trust among two individuals after which they can commit each other. Dating can be done both online and offline but offline is preferred more by people as there are risks of fake accounts on the internet. There is nothing wrong in dating someone in fact you can analyze that person well before getting into a relationship. So if you are nervous about impressing a girl on a date, here are some important points which will definitely help you.

10 best ways to impress a girl on the first date

Here are the best ways to impress a girl on the first date mentioned below:

1. Manners

Manners are one of the most important things which a girl notices when she is on a date with someone. It can create a good impression on the girl or it can make that girl feel disgust about the person with whom she has come on a date.


Some really important manners are:

  • Turn your phone off so that it could not interrupt the conversation between both of you.
  • Let the girl also speak so that it doesn’t look disrespectful.
  • Offer to pay the bill to showcase your generous behavior in front of that girl.
  • Compliment her (can be for anything) she will feel excited for the whole date by this.

2. Make her feel special

It is quite obvious that girls expect a lot from the person with whom they are going on a date. When you take a girl out date it is your responsibility to make that moment special for her. She should remember it as the best moment of her life.


Make her feel so special that she could not resist herself thinking about that time again and again. It is said that first impression is the last impression so make each and every moment beautiful for her. Make sure your full focus should be on that girl and you must not be distracted.

3. Try to know her more

One of the most important aspects of dating is to try to prevent silence on a date. One must make sure to develop interest to know more about her as a person, this can help to test the compatibility of each other.

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Many times it is seen that by putting a little more effort to know about her can determine her nature whether she is opposite to you or just like you. Girls love to get attention especially on a date so this can give you some extra points and that girl might ask you to spend more time with her.

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4. Have fun with her

Sometimes date can be a little boring (due to any reason) in that case you must make sure that the girl should not feel like there is no topic left for discussion, this thing, might create stress in the atmosphere.

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Always be happy and positive around her, enjoy her company, enjoy her topics so that she can make herself comfortable with you. Have a constant little smile on your face this can make the date memorable for that girl.

5. Be polite and calm

Always have this thing in mind to be soft in terms of your tone. You should sound a bit sophisticated on a date. Being rude can make that girl terrified with your behavior and whole date can become a nightmare for her. Try to prevent awkward moments by not saying anything stupid or hurting her unintentionally.

best way to impress a girl on the first date

Have a sense a respect for that girl with whom you are going on a date. You will never want anyone to treat you badly similarly that girl will also don’t want you to treat her badly. Hence you should be polite with her and make her feel happy.

6. Be a good listener

Don’t make your date a big mistake by being a chatterbox and not letting the girl speak at all. Have patience and wait for your turn to talk. Pay attention to what she is saying this can give you a little hint about her as a person.

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Do not just sit and stare at her without anything in mind, nod your head when you understand her this will make her feel that you are understanding what is she trying to say. It is seen from a study that good listeners have quite attractive personality.

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7. Be honest

Honesty is the best policy even for a date too. Girls hate this when someone lie to them especially on a date. Be honest with that girl in terms of your past relationships; don’t hide your current scenario from her so that she could trust you further.

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It is important to win your trust by your honesty to make her realize that you are a trustworthy person. This will help you to take this bond further ahead which you have built with that girl on the date.

8. Don’t show off

One of the major reasons to turn out a date into a disaster is to show off unnecessarily. Always be yourself on a date, don’t show your fakeness in front of the girl. Girls have sixth sense by which they can easily sense fakeness among people.

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Girls love simplicity; they will appreciate even a little effort from your side to make them happy. Showing off can make them realize that they have wasted their time with you on the date.

9. Appreciate her

Every girl is special; every girl has a talent of her own. It is your duty to appreciate the way she is. Appreciating the way she has dressed, her looks, her hairs etc will make her more interested in you. She will enjoy your company and the date.

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This must be your objective to make her feel beautiful, encouraging her for everything so that she could be more confident and expressive. All these things will give you the benefits to be with her forever.

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10. Give her security the first priority

It is your responsibility to choose a better place to spend time with her on a date. You should get her and drop her at her house safely. By showing such caring nature will add more chances for another date with that girl again.

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Note that security is the first and foremost thing for a girl so you should respect that and make sure that she is safe with you.

So these were some points to remember when you are on a date with a girl.

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